Fitbit’s Much-Improved App Is Now Rolling Out

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Lots of caller features for you to cheque out.

The revised Fitbit app redesign.Google

Google has a coagulated fittingness ecosystem successful Fitbit. The institution acquired Fitbit successful 2021, and since then, Google has continued releasing Fitbit wearables and made nan Fitbit app an integral portion of its caller smartwatch releases, nan Pixel Watch and nan Pixel Watch 2. The app itself is an astonishing assets for everything fitness-related, and it moreover sewage a caller overgarment of overgarment recently. Now, Google is further improving it pinch nan summation of caller features.

Fitbit has announced important updates to its app based connected personification feedback, making for nan first awesome characteristic update since nan redesign that launched successful September. These changes purpose to heighten personification acquisition and bring much-requested improvements to nan app. Notable updates see nan summation of artillery percent connected nan Today tab, providing users pinch a speedy position of their device's artillery level. Celebrations for achieving regular measurement goals person been introduced, and they are scheduled to rotation retired to iPhone owners successful early 2024.

A fan-favorite feature, Step Streaks, has made a comeback, now disposable connected iPhone and debuting for nan first clip connected Android. If you were worried astir your erstwhile streak pre-removal, you will beryllium capable to support your aged measurement streak if you antecedently had one, arsenic it's utilizing nan aged information for nan caller implementation. That way, you tin prime up correct wherever you near off. It's weird why they were removed successful nan first place, but it's bully to spot they're back. Additionally, nan app introduces caller attraction metrics, allowing users to customize their wellness and fittingness travel further. Users tin personalize their Today surface by selecting attraction metrics that align pinch their circumstantial goals.

If it sounds for illustration you publication this worldly before, it's because you did. These changes were announced past month, but they didn't rotation retired then. Now, they are really making their measurement to devices. These changes are rolling retired starting today, truthful make judge to support an oculus retired for an update coming soon to your Android telephone aliases iPhone. If you're not seeing it conscionable yet, it mightiness return a fewer days aliases weeks.

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