Fitbit’s best-looking fitness tracker just dropped to $79 ahead of Black Friday

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Fitbit Luxe.
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If you’re successful nan marketplace for a fashionable fitness-tracking device, see nan Fitbit Luxe, a petite locator pinch plentifulness of features aimed astatine monitoring workouts, slumber and more. It’s currently available for conscionable $79 up of Black Friday, nan lowest value we’ve seen. 

While astir Fitbit models nether $150 are plastic, nan Luxe sports a polished stainless alloy case, truthful it handles and looks much for illustration a portion of jewelry than a tech wearable. Wrist candy aliases not, it’s packed pinch exertion to equilibrium retired the bully looks.  

Fitbit Luxe — prestigious & capable

While immoderate brands, for illustration G-Shock, person embraced nan conception of fittingness trackers that don’t look for illustration fittingness trackers, location aren’t a batch of classy-looking search devices retired there. 

The Oura Ring 3 surely fits nan measure — and I find nan Whoop 4.0 to beryllium beautiful cool-looking too. But those 2 are oddball outliers: One is simply a ringing and nan different has nary screen. 

Fitbit Luxe review

Bing bling, baby.  (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Enter nan Fitbit Luxe. Similar successful size to nan (also) budget-friendly Fitbit Inspire 3, nan Luxe boasts a colour touchscreen, slumber and accent monitoring functions, and nan expertise to way 20 different beingness activities. There's nary GPS, but nan instrumentality keeps tabs connected a user's bosom rate, steps taken, burned calories, and more. 

Best of all? It doesn’t shriek retired “Hey, I’m search my wellness and fittingness goals,” not that there's thing incorrect pinch that. The metallic hardware connected nan strap is an particularly bully touch. 

Fitbit Luxe early Black Friday deal

Other Fitbit & smartwatch deals

This is acold from nan only early Black Friday Fitbit deal to beryllium had. There are besides rather a batch of running watch deals circulating, arsenic good arsenic deals connected Apple Watches, Garmin watches and more. 

Need thief choosing which wrist wearable is correct for you? Check retired our useful guides to the champion fittingness trackers and best smartwatches of 2023.  

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