FigJam's New AI Features (and How to Use Them)

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FigJam is Figma’s autochthonal collaborative integer whiteboard instrumentality for non-designers and designers. Figma introduced its first AI devices successful June 2023, and FigJam followed suit pinch its first AI features announced successful November 2023.

Figma Jambot BoardImage credit: Figma

Figma introduced AI features to its creation level successful mid-2023. The Diagram for Figma features were announced astatine Config 2023, Figma's yearly conference. While location were nary announcements astir FigJam receiving AI features, it was noted that much AI devices are expected crossed nan committee successful nan future.

In November 2023, FigJam announced its first autochthonal AI tools. FigJam already assists designers and non-designers successful organizing and structuring their activity pinch collaborative and guidance tools. With nan summation of AI features, this process becomes moreover much streamlined.

AI successful FigJam allows for automation, organization, and time-saving successful nan shape of prompts. FigJam's AI features tin beryllium thought of arsenic an AI-powered individual adjunct for your team, streamlining tasks and enhancing collaboration. These caller devices are conscionable nan opening of what to expect from FigJam AI.

1. Text Prompt Generation

FigJam Text Prompt Generator With Ice Breaker

One of nan astir celebrated methods of generating contented utilizing AI is nan matter punctual generator. FigJam uses OpenAI exertion to make adjuvant and streamlined features for its users.

FigJam's astir salient AI instrumentality is nan AI generator container recovered by selecting nan Generate icon recovered connected nan apical left. Simply type successful your requirements for nan collaborative workspace, click connected Generate, and FigJam will present nan results.

Some examples of FigJam prompts are:

  • Start an ice-breaker for 9 squad members.
  • Weekly kickoff meeting.
  • Plan a week's schedule for our deadline.

You tin supply highly elaborate matter prompts. The much circumstantial and elaborate your prompts are, nan much applicable and adjuvant nan generated results will be.

Do statement that FigJam AI is successful unfastened beta mode arsenic of November 7th 2023, and Figma states that "AI outputs whitethorn beryllium misleading aliases wrong." With feedback, FigJam's AI generator tin amended and springiness near-perfect results astir of nan time.

2. Click-and-Go Prompts

FigJam AI Click-And-Go Prompts

In summation to nan matter punctual generator, FigJam AI besides offers galore click-and-go prompts. These are readily available, but besides accommodate based connected really your squad has utilized FigJam previously. You tin operation nan click-and-go prompts pinch nan text-generated prompts, too.

If you ever commencement your FigJam collaborative sessions pinch a 5-minute brainstorming session, FigJam's AI will observe this and connection it arsenic a click-and-go prompt, redeeming you clip connected your regular tasks.

You tin find nan click-and-go prompts nether nan Generate icon wherever nan matter container is. The prompts are fresh to prime and use to your team’s FigJam workspace. The much predictable your workspace, nan bigger nan likelihood that nan click-and-go prompts will beryllium useful to your team.

There are plentifulness of shortcuts successful Figma that tin make your Figma and FigJam acquisition overmuch much streamlined.

3. Group Themed Sticky Notes

FigJam AI Group Themed Stickies ToolImage credit: Figma

The latest AI features successful FigJam tin automatically group sticky notes by theme, pinch nary manual effort required.

For specified a adjuvant collaborative tool, you mightiness find your FigJam workspace becomes inundated pinch galore squad members' thoughts successful sticky notes. This tin get unruly and make it difficult to digest nan information, but nan latest AI features group them pinch ease. You don't moreover person to deliberation astir themes to conception them off; nan AI does that for you.

If you request much tips connected really to usage FigJam, check retired our guideline to FigJam for collaboration.

4. Instant Summarizing

FigJam AI Summarize Tool

Using FigJam is simply a awesome measurement to stock information, thoughts, and plentifulness of ideas. Even if you've grouped your team's sticky notes for amended organization, nan sheer measurement of accusation tin beryllium overwhelming. This is wherever nan AI summarizing instrumentality steps in.

Use your cursor to item text, items, and comments, past right-click and take Summarize. FigJam's AI quickly summarizes each nan accusation into 1 easier-to-read mini-document. Bullet points and paragraphs are sorted together successful a measurement that’s fluid to publication and everyone tin understand.

The summarized model is easy to move astir nan screen, copy, and moreover link. You tin nonstop nan summarized accusation to anyone for speedy sharing.

How to Access FigJam's AI Features

FigJam Price Model

Free Figma users tin entree up to 3 FigJam boards for free. However, users who want much FigJam entree request to subscribe to 1 of Figma's FigJam subscription models. These are either $3 aliases $5 per month, and they tin beryllium mixed pinch immoderate Figma value model.

As of nan merchandise of FigJam AI connected November 7th 2023, nan AI features are included successful an unfastened beta program. This intends anyone pinch entree to Figma tin entree FigJam's AI devices and stock feedback connected their success. Find retired much astir Figma to spot which exemplary you should subscribe to.

Figma hasn't noted if nan AI features will stay arsenic portion of nan Free Forever model. If they are, you'll still beryllium constricted by a maximum of 3 FigJam boards, though.

Be Organized by Collaborating With AI successful FigJam

FigJam really benefits from nan summation of AI to its collaborative whiteboard. It offers a fistful of features that tin prevention time, amended group morale, and easiness knowing betwixt squad members.

While you tin make well-designed boards successful FigJam, it tin beryllium a valuable instrumentality for a non-designer moving pinch creation teams. Its AI features are easy to use, and they activity good pinch FigJam's personification interface and experience.

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