Exclusive: Hostinger mobile update allows website creation and editing on your smartphone

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Hostinger has introduced an update to its website builder that allows users to edit their activity utilizing only a smartphone. 

The caller mobile editor update intends to simplify nan wide website building process, enabling users to build and negociate websites moreover while connected nan go.

The redesigned UI and touch-friendly controls will thief Hostinger users easy move betwixt desktop and mobile to proceed moving connected nan website.

Hostinger mobile editor

The institution says nan update was motivated by pursuing a emergence successful request for a mobile-friendly website by its users. 

"Our clients entree Hostinger website builder connected mobile devices daily. We understand nan value of ensuring their personification acquisition is arsenic elemental and convenient arsenic possible. After all, this is what Hostinger website builder is each astir – enabling web beginners and business owners to easy create a professional-looking website. No coding and web creation skills needed,” said Giedrius Zakaitis, Chief Product Officer astatine Hostinger.

The caller Hostinger mobile editor update transforms nan personification interface (UI), making it intimately lucifer a smartphone app. The main controls and features person been tailored for touchscreen use, ensuring an intuitive and seamless personification experience.

Users will beryllium capable to create a website by answering conscionable 3 elemental questions, pinch Hostinger's AI past generating their website based connected nan responses. Alternatively, users tin prime from 150 designer-made templates and customize them to suit their preferences.

Hostinger website builder dashboard mobile position editing capabilities

(Image credit: Hostinger)

All nan accustomed basal website editing features are accessible done nan Action menu. Users tin effortlessly adhd and modify various elements specified arsenic posts, pages, matter boxes, images, buttons, etc. Each constituent tin beryllium easy moved, resized, and edited, providing elasticity successful creation and layout.

Moreover, nan AI Assist characteristic immunodeficiency successful generating SEO-friendly copy, while nan Analytics instrumentality allows users to way website postulation statistic and trends. The updated mobile editor ensures a seamless modulation betwixt desktop and mobile devices, allowing users to activity connected their websites anytime.

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