Exclusive Black Friday deal — take $400 off the near-perfect Saatva mattress

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Saatva mattress shown successful bedroom
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If you're looking to bargain nan best mattress imaginable this month, nan Saatva Classic should beryllium precocious connected your list. Not only did we complaint it nan champion wide mattress of 2023, but it scored a near-perfect standing from our mattress reviewer. 

Here astatine Tom's Guide we've scored an exclusive woody that knocks nan Saatva Classic (queen) to $1,595 astatine Saatva. That's $400 disconnected and 1 of nan champion Black Friday mattress deals I've seen. (The nexus tin beryllium utilized to return $400 disconnected immoderate acquisition of $1,000 aliases much astatine Saatva). 

Of nan firmness options, Luxury Firm is nan astir popular, and a awesome prime for astir people. Consider nan Plush Soft type if you're a lighter personification aliases a broadside sleeper pinch a penchant for a softer slumber surface, whereas Firm mightiness beryllium nan champion action for heavier personification aliases a back/stomach sleepers who for illustration a sturdy bed. 

Not judge if nan Classic is correct for you? Head to our Loom & Leaf review for a person look astatine this brand's high-end representation foam mattress, aliases our Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid review to spot really we sewage connected pinch what is astir apt nan champion replacement to nan Classic. For a comparison of each nan different models, cheque retired our best Saatva mattress guide. Also, cheque our Saatva coupons guideline for much ways to save.

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