Everything You Need to Know About ONLYOFFICE’s New PDF Editor

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PDF files are incredibly useful. They format consistently crossed machines, tin incorporate a wide assortment of information, and tin beryllium easy utilized arsenic forms and surveys. Unfortunately, PDFs aren’t ever easy to edit.

Fortunately, ONLYOFFICE Docs has conscionable received a immense update that includes a brand-new PDF editor to thief rectify this problem. This caller PDF editor is highly powerful and comes pinch a big of awesome features.

So, whether you’re successful hopeless request of a amended measurement to edit your PDFs aliases conscionable an ONLYOFFICE personification who wants to cognize everything astir what has been added, there’s a batch to beryllium excited astir pinch this caller update.


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ONLYOFFICE Docs is an online agency suite. It allows users to edit a assortment of record types specified arsenic matter documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.

ONLYOFFICE is simply a suite of agency package programs that supply solutions specified arsenic archive editing, management, and firm communication. Some of its biggest products are ONLYOFFICE Docs, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, and ONLYOFFICE Workspace.

Arguably its largest product, ONLYOFFICE Docs, is simply a powerful online editor programme for matter documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. It has besides precocious received its 7.5 update, which has massively expanded connected its features.

This intends that ONLYOFFICE Docs now includes a scope of breathtaking caller features specified arsenic automatic hyphenation, smart paragraph selection, and an wholly caller PDF editor.


The caller PDF editor added to ONLYOFFICE Docs successful this update is simply a powerful instrumentality pinch plentifulness of features to cover. Just astir immoderate it is that you’re looking to execute pinch your edits, you tin do pinch ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Easy to Pick Up and Use

When it comes to editing PDFs, it’s basal that you’re capable to decently unfastened and position them first. ONLYOFFICE Docs let you to do conscionable this nary matter wherever you are, whether nan files are locally stored aliases disposable online.

The interface is cleanable and easy to understand and includes a scope of accessibility options specified arsenic acheronian mode to guarantee that you’re capable to easy navigate your measurement done your PDF files sloppy of your circumstances.

Strong Collaborative Editing Tools for PDF

onlyoffice editing devices showing matter connected screen

The main tie pinch immoderate PDF editor is, naturally, successful really good it allows you to make changes to your PDFs. When it comes to sharing and collaborating connected PDF documents, ONLYOFFICE comes pinch each nan devices that you request successful bid to get nan astir retired of your documents.

ONLYOFFICE Docs’ PDF editor allows you to highlight, underline, and transverse retired matter successful immoderate PDF that you unfastened successful nan program. You tin take from an tremendous scope of different colors to make these edits in, which tin beryllium a awesome collaborative tool.

For example, if you had aggregate group making edits to a archive and wanted to beryllium capable to show who was highlighting aliases crossing retired what, you could do truthful based connected nan colors they’ve chosen.

ONLYOFFICE Docs’ PDF editor besides allows you to time off comments connected nan document, arsenic good arsenic time off freehand drawings straight connected nan PDF to thief people changes. This is different awesome instrumentality for collaborating pinch others.

Turn Making and Filling Out PDF Forms a Breeze

onlyoffice registration shape example

Editing existing PDF documents is great, but ONLYOFFICE Docs besides allows you to easy create fillable PDF forms straight from existing documents.

All you person to do to get started is download a shape template from ONLYOFFICE’s library, and you’ll beryllium capable to take nan fields you need, specified arsenic drop-down lists aliases checkboxes. You tin past prevention these arsenic PDFs aliases download them directly.

Alternatively, ONLYOFFICE Docs’ PDF editor allows you to quickly and easy capable successful existing PDF forms if you truthful need.

Convert PDF to Docx aliases Vice Versa

onlyoffice different format options

Another awesome measurement to create PDF documents is to person existing DOCX documents directly. ONLYOFFICE Docs’ PDF editor allows you to easy do conscionable that.

Using nan PDF editor you tin prevention immoderate matter document, spreadsheet, aliases position arsenic a PDF file. Alternatively, you tin do nan other arsenic good to person PDF files into DOCX files for a wider scope of editing and styling options.

Collaborate With Customers and Team Members

onlyoffice collaborative devices and commenting features

One of ONLYOFFICE’s biggest programs is its DocSpace merchandise which makes collaborating pinch different customers and partners easy. ONLYOFFICE’s PDF editor has a akin group of options that you tin usage to support successful touch pinch members of your team.

The PDF editor features a built-in chat aliases telegram action which allows you to talk straight pinch customers and partners successful nan editor, which is simply a awesome summation to nan existing remark features.

In summation to this, you tin alteration nan Jitsi plugin if you want to make audio and video calls correct successful nan PDF editor. ONLYOFFICE is besides moving connected a real-time co-editing action that will let aggregate group to edit nan aforesaid record simultaneously.

Get More Out of ONLYOFFICE

There’s a batch much that ONLYOFFICE’s PDF editor is tin of. Thanks to nan powerfulness of third-party add-ons, you tin customize your acquisition to cater to your needs exactly.

This intends that you tin adhd further features specified arsenic built-in translator services, image editing tools, and a wide array of different options. This is simply a awesome measurement to get nan astir retired of your PDF editor.

How to Get Started

Using ONLYOFFICE’s caller PDF editor couldn’t beryllium easier. The work requires you only to person a free relationship and useful wholly from wrong your browser. This intends that sloppy of what instrumentality you’re using, you’ll beryllium capable to usage ONLYOFFICE and entree your files anywhere.

To get started, each you request to do is sign up for a free ONLYOFFICE account. This process is beautiful standard, and erstwhile you’re done pinch it, you’ll beryllium taken to nan ONLYOFFICE Docs landing page.

From there, each you person to do is upload your PDFs for editing. You tin do this by dragging and dropping aliases choosing nan Upload files fastener from nan actions menu.

How to Make nan Most of ONLYOFFICE No Matter Where You Are

ONLYOFFICE Docs is simply a powerful online instrumentality that is awesome if you’re consistently moving connected nan move, collaborating pinch others, aliases swapping betwixt devices. If you’re a small much old-school and for illustration thing that you tin beryllium judge will ever beryllium usable connected your computer, you tin besides download ONLYOFFICE’s free desktop app arsenic well.

This is awesome if you find yourself moving successful a spot that doesn’t person a accordant net connection, for example, and want to guarantee that your activity will ever beryllium accessible.

You tin download nan ONLYOFFICE desktop app for each versions of Windows and Mac, including nan much celebrated Linux distributions. This intends that nan ONLYOFFICE app is disposable for conscionable astir immoderate machine.

Get More Out of Your Documents

When it comes to editing PDFs, location are a wide assortment of different options available, though a batch of them autumn short. ONLYOFFICE Docs’ caller PDF editor isn’t 1 of these, however. This caller programme offers a batch successful nan measurement of editing and fine-tuning your documents and is cleanable for collaborating pinch others.

If you’re a long-time personification of ONLYOFFICE aliases conscionable looking for a amended measurement to edit your PDFs, nan newest type of ONLYOFFICE Docs is decidedly worthy checking out. It’s wholly free, and you don’t moreover person to download thing successful bid to springiness it a shot, truthful there’s thing to suffer successful giving it a effort today.

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