Eureka! Apple will finally update its Magic Mouse to USB-C and ditch Lightning

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Apple Magic Mouse
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The iPhone 15 yet has thing we’ve each been waiting for: a USB-C port. AirPods Pro 2 are besides receiving USB-C via an updated charging case. This is awesome news, but it makes america wonderment which different products could astatine past ditch nan aging Lightning port. We mightiness get an reply soon if a caller study is true.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Apple tipster and Bloomberg newsman Mark Gurman (via iMore) announced that nan Cupertino-based tech elephantine would update nan Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard pinch a USB-C port. These products will allegedly motorboat alongside nan rumored iMac 2023.

iPhone 15 Pro bottom

Mark Gurman claims much Apple peripherals will get USB-C charging for illustration nan iPhone 15 (pictured above). (Image credit: Future)

Gurman has antecedently claimed that Apple would motorboat caller Macs successful October 2023 but expert Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple mightiness not merchandise caller M3 MacBooks successful 2023. However, it’s still imaginable Apple could denote a caller iMac featuring nan rumored M3 chip successful October, as erstwhile rumors claimed. If this pans out, possibly we’ll besides spot announcements for updated Apple peripherals featuring USB-C ports.

On nan Lightning to USB-C front, Gurman besides stated that nan regular AirPods would beryllium getting USB-C charging sometime successful 2024. For nan updated AirPods Pro 2, Apple is forcing you to bargain an wholly caller group of wireless earbuds alternatively of trading nan caller USB-C charging lawsuit connected its ain — which is highly disappointing. It’s unclear whether nan alleged updated type of nan regular AirPods will do nan aforesaid thing.


Even if an EU ruling hadn’t forced Apple to adopt USB-C iPhone charging, it was agelong past clip nan institution abandoned nan ancient Lightning larboard for nan all-but ubiquitous USB-C port. This move mightiness not sound for illustration a large deal, but it’s 1 of nan superior reasons I’m astir to upgrade from an iPhone 13 Pro to nan iPhone 15 Pro.

Now that Apple has begrudgingly removed nan Lightning larboard from iPhones, it makes consciousness nan institution would wholly shape nan larboard retired of immoderate early products that would person different featured Lightning. That isn’t charismatic astatine nan moment, truthful we’ll person to hold and spot what Apple’s adjacent move will be.

If Apple could besides spot nan Magic Mouse's larboard to anyplace but its bottom, that'd beryllium awesome too. But that's a communicative for different day...

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