Encrypted SD Card Recovery: Recover Data from Encrypted SD Card

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In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces how to retrieve information from encrypted SD Card measurement by step. If you suffer important files from your encrypted SD card, you tin effort an encrypted SD paper betterment pinch nan thief of this post.

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What Is SD Card Encryption

SD paper encryption is simply a awesome measurement to protect your information from unauthorized entree and viruses/malware. It uses analyzable cryptographic algorithms to toggle shape your SD paper information into an encrypted state, making it unreadable and unchangeable. To entree nan information successful an encrypted SD card, you whitethorn request a typical password aliases encryption key.

How to Encrypt an SD Card

Encrypting nan SD paper tin unafraid delicate files, individual information, and immoderate different kinds of information you don’t want others to access. If you person an SD paper pinch important data, you tin encrypt it easy by utilizing BitLocker connected nan PC.

BitLocker is simply a full-volume encryption characteristic for Microsoft Windows that helps protect information by providing encryption for nan full card. To encrypt your SD paper pinch BitLocker, you tin travel nan fixed steps.

Step 1: Make judge you link nan SD paper to your PC.

Step 2: Press Windows + E to unfastened File Explorer.

Step 3: Go to This PC. Then right-click nan target SD paper successful nan correct sheet and prime Turn connected BitLocker.

Select Turn connected BitLocker

Step 4: In nan pop-up window, take really to unlock this drive. Here we take nan Use a password to unlock nan drive option.

Step 5: After that, participate nan desired password doubly and click Next.

Step 6: Choose a measurement to backmost up your betterment cardinal and click Next.


There are 4 betterment cardinal backup ways available: Save to your Microsoft account, Save to a USB flash drive, Save to a file, and Print nan betterment key.

Step 7: Select Encrypt full drive and click Next. Then take a preferred encryption mode and click Next.

Step 8: Once done, click nan Start encrypting button to statesman nan process. You should hold patiently until nan process is completed.

About Data Loss connected Encrypted SD Card

After nan BitLocker encryption finishes, you should restart your machine aliases reconnect nan SD card. Besides, you should do nan aforesaid aft accessing your encrypted SD paper pinch nan required password aliases key. Otherwise, nan SD paper will stay unlocked and tin beryllium accessed easily, having nary quality from a normal one.

BitLocker encryption improves nan information information of your SD card. But if nan encrypted SD paper is successful nan authorities mentioned above, you are still apt to suffer information loss. Like different cards, nan information nonaccomplishment connected an encrypted SD paper whitethorn hap owed to aggregate reasons listed arsenic follows:

  • Improper relationship betwixt nan SD paper and your computer
  • Accidental record deletion
  • Virus aliases malware infection
  • Physical damages to nan SD card

After knowing nan imaginable causes of nan information nonaccomplishment connected encrypted SD cards, let’s get down to nan encrypted SD paper recovery.

How to Recover Data from an Encrypted SD Card

How tin you get information backmost aft losing information from an encrypted SD card? Well, really to retrieve information from encrypted SD paper tin beryllium divided into 2 parts. Simply travel them to complete nan encrypted SD paper recovery.

Part 1: Decrypt nan SD Card

To retrieve information from encrypted SD card, you should decrypt nan SD paper first. Here’s a afloat guideline connected really to do this.

Step 1: Connect nan SD paper to your PC. Then unfastened File Explorer.

Step 2: Right-click nan encrypted SD paper successful nan This PC conception and prime Unlock Drive. Alternatively, you tin straight double-click nan target SD card.

Select Unlock Drive

Step 3: Enter nan password successful nan prompted decryption container and past click Unlock to decrypt nan card.


If you forget nan BitLocker password, find nan betterment cardinal from wherever you chose for nan betterment cardinal backup before. Then spell backmost to nan decryption container and prime More options > Enter betterment key to unlock nan SD card.

Unlock nan encrypted SD card

Part 2: Recover Data from Encrypted SD Card

After decrypting nan SD card, you tin now effort to retrieve your information pinch a third-party data recovery tool. Here, we’d for illustration to urge you usage MiniTool Partition Wizard. It’s a powerful and reliable information betterment programme that enables you to retrieve deleted/lost information from various retention devices including encrypted SD cards.


In summation to recovering information from nan encrypted SD card, you tin besides usage MiniTool Partition Wizard to partition difficult drive, clone difficult drive, format USB to FAT32, rename SD card, etc.

Below MiniTool Partition Wizard guides you really to retrieve information from an encrypted SD paper successful detail.

Step 1: Download and instal MiniTool Partition Wizard connected your PC. Then motorboat this information betterment instrumentality to get into its main interface.


The Data Recovery characteristic is only disposable successful nan Pro Platinum and higher editions. Therefore, you’d amended upgrade MiniTool Partition Wizard to a suitable version earlier nan process.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: Click Data Recovery successful nan precocious near area to move on.

Select Data Recovery

Step 3: Move your cursor to nan SD paper and past click Scan to scan nan selected card.

Scan nan encrypted SD card

Step 4: If you find nan wanted files during nan process, you tin click nan Stop aliases Pause icon to extremity nan scan. But for nan champion betterment result, it’s recommended to hold patiently until nan scan finishes.

Wait for nan scan to complete

Step 5: Tick each nan files you want to retrieve and click Save. To corroborate you person selected nan correct files, you tin usage nan Preview feature.


MiniTool Partition Wizard enables you to preview 70 kinds of files. Keep successful mind nan azygous record you want to preview should beryllium smaller than 100MB.

Save nan needed files

Step 6: Choose a directory to prevention nan recovered data. You should reconstruct these files connected different drive. Or, nan lost/deleted information could beryllium overwritten.  

How to Fix If You Delete Partition connected nan Encrypted SD Card

In immoderate cases, you whitethorn delete nan partition connected nan encrypted SD paper mistakenly. After nan cognition goes into effect, each nan files connected nan partition will beryllium deleted arsenic well. Faced pinch terrible information loss, you mightiness beryllium anxious to retrieve information from encrypted SD card. How tin you execute nan encrypted SD Card betterment efficiently?

Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard explores really to retrieve nan deleted SD paper information successful 2 different cases. Be alert of precisely which business you are successful and past travel nan corresponding guideline to execute nan information recovery.

Case One: Only Recover Data from nan Deleted Partition

If you are concerned astir only whether nan information connected nan encrypted SD paper tin beryllium recovered, nan pursuing guideline deserves your attention. It offers elaborate steps to retrieve information from nan deleted partition connected nan encrypted SD card. You tin return a look.

Step 1: Connect nan SD paper to a Windows PC. Then get MiniTool Partition Wizard installed connected your computer.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: Launch this information betterment instrumentality and past take Data Recovery.

Step 3: Go to nan Devices page. Then item nan full SD paper and click its Scan button.

Click Scan

Step 4: Once nan scanning process ends, tick each nan needed files and click Save.

Step 5: Choose a different thrust to prevention these chosen files.

Case Two: Recover nan Deleted Partition from nan Encrypted SD Card

How to retrieve nan deleted partition together pinch information from nan encrypted SD card? MiniTool Partition Wizard comes present to assistance you 1 much time. Its Partition Recovery feature offers beardown thief to get mislaid aliases deleted partitions back. You tin execute nan partition betterment connected nan encrypted SD paper pinch nan instructions below.

Step 1: Download, install, and motorboat MiniTool Partition Wizard connected your computer.


To fig retired which version supports recovering disk partitions, you tin position nan Edition Comparison page.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: Click Partition Recovery astatine nan apical toolbar. Then click Next to continue.

Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: After that, prime nan target SD paper and click Next.

Step 4: In nan adjacent window, take Full Disk and click Next. You tin besides prime Unallocated Space aliases Specified Range to group nan scanning scope depending connected your needs. 

Modify nan scanning scope settings

Step 5: Choose a scanning method and click Next.


It’s recommended that you prime Quick Scan first. If Quick Scan cannot find nan deleted partition, past effort Full Scan.

Scanning method settings

Step 6: Choose each needed partitions including existing and lost. Then click Finish to return to nan program’s main interface.

Step 7: You tin spot nan deleted partition appearing connected nan encrypted SD card. To prevention nan change, don’t hide to click Apply.

Click Apply

Further reading:

You should delegate nan recovered partition a thrust missive truthful that it tin show up successful File Explorer. Here’s s step-by-step guideline for nan thrust missive assignment.

  1. Right-click nan Start icon and select Disk Management.
  2. Right-click nan SD paper and prime Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  3. In nan prompted window, click Add. Then take a desired thrust missive and click OK.
Add a thrust missive to nan recovered partition

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Bottom Line

This station is chiefly astir really to retrieve information from encrypted SD card. When losing files connected an encrypted SD card, you tin mention to this station to reconstruct them easy and quickly. For thing confused astir nan encrypted information recovery, you tin time off a connection successful our remark area below.

If you acquisition immoderate issues while utilizing MiniTool Partition Wizard, consciousness free to nonstop america an email via [email protected]. We’ll make a reply to lick your problems arsenic soon arsenic possible.

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