Dreamforce 2023 live blog - all the Salesforce news and updates from day one

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We're unrecorded successful San Francisco for Dreamforce 2023, nan yearly convention hosted by CRM company Salesforce.

Over nan people of nan three-day show, we're expecting Salesforce to unveil a scope of merchandise updates, pinch AI undoubtedly group to return halfway stage.

Day 1 saw Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff return to nan shape to uncover a big of caller announcements and release, including nan following:

  • Salesforce CEO: It’s clip for a caller position connected AI
  • Einstein Copilot is present to supercharge your Salesforce CRM pinch AI
  • Salesforce unveils Einstein 1, nan champion measurement to make consciousness of each your data
  • Salesforce and Google Workspace want to return your productivity to a full caller level



Dreamforce 2023

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Benioff is backmost to wrap things up, covering each nan main announcements  from this morning, and thanking america each for coming.

And that's a wrap for nan opening keynote! We're disconnected to digest everything we've heard, but will beryllium backmost soon pinch nan different main keynotes and sessions from nan time - acknowledgment for joining us, and spot you soon for much Dreamforce 2023 fun.


Canvas is besides getting an upgrade, pinch nan contented generator work now capable to propulsion successful each related income accusation to thief salespeople, marketers and much - making judge they are equipped pinch everything they request to succeed.

"This is nan early of productivity," she says.


Among nan caller features are Slack Lists, a caller measurement to way your activity pinch collaboration astatine nan core.

Launching arsenic a aviator later this year, it tin usage generative AI to bring together workflows from each your chats, meaning you hopefully shouldn't miss immoderate cardinal deadlines.

Slack Sales Elevate besides promises to usage AI to thief users prevention clip and boost ratio - bringing nan powerfulness of Sales Cloud and Slack together for maximum productivity.


Dreamforce 2023

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Next up is productivity - and to talk done that, it's Slack CEO Lidian Jones.

She's present to show disconnected immoderate caller Salesforce integrations that will show disconnected "a marque caller personification experience".

The "new Slack" has a number of changes and tweaks, including a number of accessibility upgrades - each pinch AI astatine nan core.


"This is an wholly caller measurement to build applications...you are each Einsteins now," Stokes concludes.


Dreamforce 2023

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AI is changing everything, correct down to really we build apps, Stokes notes - arsenic an AI exertion offers a caller measurement of reasoning and development.

Creating these caller apps requires a caller group of devices - and for these caller AI apps, this is Einstein 1 Copilot Studio.

This helps widen and customize precisely what you request Einstein to do wrong your business, connecting models and information from a wide scope of different sources.

Stokes shows disconnected a demo wherever further customized requests tin beryllium created and utilized quickly and simply, giving a richer customer acquisition each round.


Benioff now turns to nan early of AI - and really you tin make it successful wrong your company.

Patrick Stokes, from Salesforce merchandise and industries marketing, is present to show america more.


Benioff conscionable confirmed his swanky sneakers are made by Gucci - different Salesforce customer!


Benioff is back, chatting to Laura Alvarez, nan CEO of Williams-Sonoma astir really nan institution utilized Salesforce technology.

He besides asks her astir her dreams for AI - pinch Alvarez replying that gaining customer spot by adding worth is vital.

"The past point you want to do is wounded nan customer experience," she notes. "When it comes to customers, location has to beryllium nothign artificial astir nan experience...it has to beryllium wholly authentic."


It's now clip for immoderate customer stories, pinch commerce elephantine Williams-Sonoma up first. They're utilizing Salesforce crossed nan board, creating smarter and much engaging email trading campaigns via CRM and Einstein Copilot.


Einstein 1 is besides coming to Tableau - giving much information to much companies to thief them make smarter and amended decisions, Schmaier notes.

It's besides coming to Canvas, Slack, MuleSoft and galore much - this really could beryllium a game-changer for Salesforce users everywhere.


Dreamforce 2023

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David Schmaier, president and main merchandise officer, is adjacent up, and introduces nan caller Einstein 1 Copilot.

"This is simply a big, large woody - nan information powers nan AI, and nan AI powers your customer experience," he notes.

The caller instrumentality tin supply a immense scope of services - from providing income group pinch automatically-generated leads documents, aliases work agents pinch nan latest customer and merchandise information, aliases marketers pinch easily-tweakable campaigns - nan possibilities look endless.


Data Cloud is now free to get started, Harris notes, pinch each Enterprise, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus subscribers.


Dreamforce 2023

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Harris now digs a small much into Data Cloud - noting that Salesforce is partnering pinch astir each apical information reservoir providers to get clasp of your data, past harmonizing it and powering it into Data Cloud successful real-time.

Basically, Salesforce wants to guarantee making consciousness of your information is easier than ever - and immoderate demos show conscionable really elemental bringing together these different sources tin beryllium - astatine slightest successful theory.


"In a way, this AI gyration is really a information revolution," Harris notes, "because nan AI gyration wouldn't beryllium without nan powerfulness of each that data."

You request to bring together these "islands of disconnected data" - and Einstein 1 Data Cloud tin do this, connecting each your information wrong Salesforce, integrating natively pinch Salesforce metadata.


Dreamforce 2023

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With that, Benioff hands complete nan mic to Parker Harris, Salesforce co-founder and CTO.

He starts disconnected by talking astir really nan institution is going to support your information safe - chiefly done nan caller Einstein Trust Layer.

Primarily, this looks to support accusation protected from unscrupulous LLMs, arsenic good arsenic keeping it safe from hallucinations aliases immoderate different toxicity.


Dreamforce 2023

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The AI gyration is simply a spot revolution, Benioff notes - "we person a very different narratvie erstwhile it comes to AI - we are not acrophobic to opportunity things that different companies are acrophobic to say.

"Your information is not our merchandise - that's not what we do here," he asserts, dissimilar a batch of different companies.

"Transparency builds trust...We each cognize what tin hap is AI goes incorrect - let's support it going successful nan correct direction."


Dreamforce 2023

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Einstein 1 is unfastened to each nan Salesforce family, arsenic Benioff notes it is Trailblazers who will thief lead nan AI revolution.

This will see awesome overhauls erstwhile it comes to skills training, and Salesforce is besides investing $500 cardinal Ventures money for Einstein 1 innovators.


Dreamforce 2023

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When it comes to nan AI opportunity - "there's nary mobility that this AI opportunity is going to alteration everything...or anything," Benioff notes.

But Benioff recognizes location is an AI spot spread - noting that LLMs tin move toxic very quickly. "We recognise this is simply a phenomenal opportuniy for nan future, immoderate spot we each want to activity to get to."

The solution - Einstein 1. "We want to built nan trusted AI level for customer companies," he notes. Integrated, intelligent, auotmated, Einstein 1 useful pinch debased codification and nary code, built to beryllium open.

"This is our life's activity - this is what we've been doing for 25 years," Benioff notes.


Dreamforce 2023

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Here we spell - it's clip to talk AI.

"We want to thief our customers link pinch their customers successful a full caller way...but we recognise tehcnology is moving faster than ever...this information explosion, this burst of artificial intelligence - it's for illustration thing we've ever seen before," Benioff notes.

"This AI gyration is going to alteration who we are...but it will bring america backmost to who we are."

Einstein AI is already incredibly popular, he notes, arsenic Salesforce is already nan number 1 AI level utilized astir nan world.

"Now we person to deliberation astir - what are we doing pinch this technology?"


Marc Benioff Dreamforce 2023

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Benioff has immoderate very funky cloud-themed sneakers (Converse?) connected - he conscionable marched correct past us, acting retired a communicative from his schoolhouse days...

Dreamforce 2023

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Benioff notes that, "we're inspired to spot business is nan top level for change"- pinch nan institution still giving 1% of its equity, and contributing 8.3 cardinal hours volunteering, arsenic good arsenic moving pinch astir 54,000 non-profits.

The institution is besides donating $20 cardinal much to nationalist schools successful San Francisco and Oakland.


Dreamforce 2023

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Benioff says this is nan astir sustainable Dreamforce yet, pinch 74% of structures recycled aliases re-used.

He adds that Salesforce is nan 3rd largest package institution successful nan world - isolated from successful Japan, wherever it is #2.


Dreamforce 2023

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"We're going to person thing but nosy times complete nan adjacent fewer days," Benioff says, thanking everyone pinch nan accepted Mahalo.

"We've been connected these stages now for 25 years...there's a batch of bully days, and a batch of bad days...but we are profoundly grateful for you," he tells his employees.


After a little preamble - and immoderate euphony from nary different than Dave Matthews, it's clip for nan main event.

Following an intro video narrated by early Dreamfroce keynoter Matthew McConaghey, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff takes to nan shape to rapturous applause from an adoring crowd.


Dreamforce 2023

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As is tradition, we person nan accustomed Hawaiian invited - a very belief commencement to what will beryllium a very tech-heavy morning...


Dreamforce 2023

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We're seated and fresh for nan keynote, and it's a typically Salesforce-y commencement to nan day - ukelele music, Trailblazers successful agleam golden blazers, and Disney-esque elephantine mascots welcoming group successful (Astro is ever our favorite).

Half an hr to go...


Speaking of AI, we've already had a look astatine immoderate of nan large news to travel retired of Dreamforce this greeting - nan institution has released Einstein 1, a supercharged AI level that brings together information from each your various platforms to create intelligent and useful suggestions.

You tin publication our afloat article above, but nan motorboat is simply a cardinal parameter that AI is going to beryllium a awesome taxable astatine Dreamforce this year.


Today's opening keynote is owed to footwear disconnected astatine 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST, and you tin travel it unrecorded connected nan Dreamforce website here.

As usual, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff will lead proceeding, but we're expecting a big of typical guests, and for AI to play a cardinal role.


Good greeting and invited to our unrecorded blog covering Dreamforce 2023!

Salesforce's yearly convention is ever a item of nan B2B exertion calendar, and we're present successful San Francisco to bring you each nan news and updates.

So what are we expecting this year? Short answer...AI, and tons of it. Salesforce has ever been astatine nan forefront of AI innovation, truthful we're expecting a full heap of AI to thief its customers astir nan world.

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