Don’t Let the Elon Musk “Freedom Giveaway” Crypto Scam Swindle You

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Been added to a Twitter list, supposedly by Elon Musk, promising a "Freedom" giveaway? It's a scam. Here's everything you request to know.

Have you been added to a random Twitter database named "Deal of nan Year" aliases similar? Is location an image astatine nan apical of nan database showing Elon Musk's tweet stating that he has randomly chosen immoderate caller followers and is giving them an opportunity to participate successful nan biggest giveaway? This is simply a clone tweet that forms nan ground of a scam.

How does this scam work? What should you do erstwhile personification randomly adds you to a Twitter list? If you autumn unfortunate to this scam, what should you do?

What Is nan Elon Musk "Freedom Giveaway" Crypto Scam?

about clone elon musk giveaway

The "Freedom Giveaway" is simply a crypto scam that targets Twitter users. In this scam, cybercriminals adhd Twitter accounts to a random Twitter list. Most of these accounts could beryllium those who person precocious followed Elon Musk aliases his companies connected Twitter, but location whitethorn beryllium others who person not.

At nan apical of nan Twitter list, scammers adhd a clone image of a tweet, supposedly by Elon Musk, wherever he appears to beryllium announcing nan "biggest" crypto giveaway. At nan extremity of nan clone tweet, scammers nonstop users to sojourn a phony giveaway website group up by scammers.

Since Elon Musk advocates state of speech, scammers person picked a clever domain sanction that includes nan word "freedom". Furthermore, nan Twitter relationship that adds these users to nan database uses an charismatic Twitter logo. On nan whole, cybercriminals do an fantabulous occupation of making everything look authentic.

Overview of nan Freedom Giveaway Website

When imaginable victims sojourn nan clone website, a popup asks them to corroborate they are complete 18. Once they corroborate this and click "Continue", they are greeted pinch a clean-looking landing page featuring Elon Musk's picture. Then, nan adjacent surface asks nan would-be victims to reply a fewer easy questions astir Musk aliases immoderate of his companies.

starlink mobility connected clone site

After answering a fewer questions (whether correct aliases wrong), different surface appears containing an reside barroom wherever prospective victims are directed to participate their BTC wallet address.

That's nan reside to which scammers declare nan giveaway prize will beryllium sent. Upon entering their wallet address, victims scope nan last screen.

Freedom Giveaway Scam Website Giveaway Page

On this screen, victims spot a wallet reside (likely owned by nan fraudsters) and a connection stating anyone sending crypto to this reside will instantly get aggregate returns connected their investment. This intends that if personification sends 1 BTC, they will get 5 times, 10 times, aliases moreover higher multiples successful return.

The clone giveaway website states that nan giveaway will extremity aft 5,000 group participate. To velocity things up, scammers besides adhd a clone antagonistic connected this page, seemingly showing really galore group person already participated. The scammers support nan antagonistic adjacent to 5,000 to make their victims consciousness for illustration they will miss retired connected nan opportunity if they do not enactment promptly.

fake countdown to origin panic connected phishing site

Lastly, immoderate clone comments astatine nan extremity of nan giveaway page praise Musk for moving specified a awesome giveaway. These are wholly bogus.

Google now marks nan website, freedomgiveaway(dot)com, utilized by scammers to propagate nan "Freedom Giveaway" scam arsenic unsafe. Due to that, scammers person abandoned nan superior domain and started spreading nan aforesaid scam utilizing different domains.

Therefore, you whitethorn brushwood a akin landing page connected a domain that does not see nan connection "freedom."

So really do scammers make money from this?

How Do Scammers Profit From This Scam?

Scammers tin profit from this scam successful respective ways:

  • When guiltless users judge successful nan giveaway and nonstop their crypto to a scammer's wallet, they don't return it. That's 1 measurement that fraudsters profit from this scam.
  • Scammers person added a QR codification connected nan giveaway page. Those who scan it accidentally could person their crypto wallet, phone, aliases different instrumentality they are utilizing hacked.
  • As victims stock their wallet reside to participate nan giveaway, perchance containing crypto, scammers tin besides effort to hack it and bargain their funds.

The database goes connected and on...

What Should You Do When You Get Targeted by This Scam?

If you person been added to a Twitter database but haven't visited nan website scammers are directing you to, each you person to do is region yourself from that database and study nan scammer's relationship that added you.

To region your relationship from that Twitter list, you will person to artifact its creator. Removing yourself from Twitter lists is easy. So, find nan database wherever you've been added and artifact nan creator.

Following that, you should study nan Twitter relationship that added you to nan database if it's not nan 1 you person already blocked. The process of reporting a Twitter account is besides straightforward and helps conflict cybercrime.

But what should you do if it's already excessively late, and you've already mislaid money done nan "Freedom Giveaway" scam?

What Should You Do if You've Fallen Victim to nan “Freedom Giveaway” Scam?

If you've only landed connected nan scammers' website aliases filled retired nan quiz but person not disclosed your wallet address, you should beryllium safe. Just adjacent nan website and don't sojourn it again. You could besides get your information suite to scan for immoderate imaginable malware that automatically downloaded, though we've not heard of this happening via this circumstantial scam conscionable yet.

However, if you've entered your wallet reside connected nan website, scammers mightiness person sewage clasp of it. Transfer your costs from 1 wallet to another. This way, if scammers effort to hack your wallet utilizing nan reside you shared, they won't get thing (as agelong arsenic you enactment fast).

If you person made a correction and sent crypto to nan scammer, there's small you tin do. Crypto transactions are irreversible, truthful you cannot get them back. Rather than panicking immoderate further, transportation nan remaining costs from nan wallet you person utilized to make nan transaction.

If you person scanned nan QR codification connected nan website, disconnect your instrumentality from nan net immediately. This will extremity scammers from continuing to usage your instrumentality if they person smartly gained entree to it.

After that, execute a malware scan connected your instrumentality to guarantee it's not infected. You should besides reset nan web settings connected Windows aliases on your Mac and scan your browser. Then, cheque nan installed apps and region immoderate suspicious apps you find that you don't retrieve installing.

Watch Out for nan "Freedom Giveaway" Scam

"Freedom Giveaway" is simply a clever crypto scam that scammers usage to scam group connected Twitter. While nan fraud chiefly targets Twitter users, you should stay vigilant erstwhile utilizing immoderate different societal media platform, arsenic scammers whitethorn besides usage it there.

And dispersed nan connection astir this scam truthful different Twitter users don't autumn unfortunate to it.

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