Don't Download the Google Bard App—It's Malware

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Scammers are exploiting Google Bard and tricking group into downloading malware, but location are immoderate easy ways to debar it.

An image of a laptop pinch a informing connected nan surface pinch nan Google Bard Logo

Key Takeaways

  • Scammers are utilizing Google's generative AI tool, Bard, to infect users pinch malware and bargain login credentials.
  • Google has revenge a suit against nan scammers, but they are still active, truthful debar downloading immoderate "Google Bard app."
  • Stick to nan web-based type of Google Bard and verify nan source's reliability earlier downloading immoderate software.

Scammers are taking advantage of Google's generative AI tool, Bard, to infect unsuspecting users pinch vulnerable malware and bargain their login credentials.

Although Google has revenge a suit to tackle nan malware, nan scammers are still up and running, and that's why you should debar downloading thing for illustration a "Google Bard app." It's malware waiting to infect your device.

What Is Google Bard?

Google Bard was launched successful March 2023 and is Google's reply to OpenAI's ChatGPT. While offering akin functionalities, it doesn't execute arsenic extensively arsenic ChatGPT—which is what scammers person been exploiting to infect devices pinch malware.

A screenshot of nan Google Bard chatbot

There are galore ways to usage Google Bard. You tin participate a punctual asking Google Bard to explicate really thing works, springiness you ideas for a project, and moreover constitute codification for you.

The cardinal rumor is that Google Bard is only disposable successful browsers and requires a Google account. So, don't beryllium tempted to instal an app advertised arsenic Google Bard, arsenic it's malware that Google is taking ineligible action to return down.

Why You Shouldn't Download nan Google Bard App

On November 13, 2023, Google announced connected its charismatic blog, The Keyword, that it's filing a suit and taking ineligible action against scammers said to beryllium based successful Vietnam. You tin position nan suit title connected Thomson Reuters [PDF].

The scammers created societal media pages nether relationship names specified arsenic Google AI, AIGoogle Bard FB, and AIGoogleBard and ran advertisements encouraging users to download an app type of Google Bard.

However, nan download is malware that compromises a user's societal media login credentials, which nan scammers usage to return complete accounts and dispersed malware ads. It is chartless really galore users person downloaded nan malicious type of Google Bard.

To instrumentality users, nan scammers usage Google trademarks, specified arsenic Google, Google AI, and Bard, and declare to connection nan latest type of Google Bard for unsuspecting users to download.

The scammers, who person nary affiliation pinch Google, specifically utilized Facebook posts to dispersed their malware. For instance, nan scammers connote their type of Bard is simply a paid app to download erstwhile Google Bard itself is free to usage and doesn't require a download.

Google has already submitted 300 takedown requests against these scammers since April 2023 and wants them prevented from registering early malicious domains and abnormal pinch US domain registrars. Google hopes that providing due ineligible action and cooperating pinch authorities officials will expose scammers and beforehand a safe abstraction for users online.

Stick With Google Bard connected Your Browser

If you're reasoning astir downloading an app type of Google Bard you saw advertised connected Facebook, deliberation twice; it's malware.

There is nary app type of Google Bard astatine nan clip of writing, truthful users should instrumentality to nan free web-based type until Google officially announces an app. Until then, usage nan web-based type and ever cheque nan source's reliability earlier downloading aliases installing immoderate software.

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