Don’t Be Fooled! 5 Tips to Avoid Fake Apps in the Windows Store

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Microsoft's charismatic Windows shop is afloat of adjuvant apps, some charismatic and third-party. It besides falls unfortunate to what galore different app stores do, and that is simply a glut of clone apps and malicious products.

While nan shop has improved pinch time, it's still afloat of questionable apps that you'd do champion to avoid. Let's person a look astatine really to debar getting scammed aliases wasting your clip connected nan Windows store.

1. Keep an Eye connected nan App's Developer

screenshot of developer accusation successful nan windows store

Apps that mimic a well-known marque are celebrated successful each app shop successful existence. Under-handed developers cognize that if they propulsion YouTube, Media Player aliases Twitter successful nan title, they're bound to fool a mini fraction of people.

That's why you should ever support an oculus connected who made what you're astir to download.

If you scroll down to nan bottommost of immoderate shop page, you tin find nan Published by section. You tin besides find links to nan developer's website and support system.

If you don't admit a developer, aliases their website links look off, that's a bully parameter that you should time off nan app alone. Even worse is if you spot an imitator listed. For example, Microsoft alternatively of Microsoft.

An objection to this investigation will beryllium if you're looking for a bully third-party app for an existing service. It's not uncommon for these third-party apps to beryllium successful nan mobile space, an illustration being Reddit pinch its galore third-party offerings.

To beryllium wholly judge you're downloading a safe app, do your owed diligence, and analyse nan developer.

2. Don't Pay for What's Free

screenshot of twidown connected windows store

Even apps that look harmless tin move retired to beryllium questionable. For example, an offering you could find searching for Twitter is TwiDown. This app lets you download a video hosted straight connected Twitter, which is undeniably a useful function. However, this app has a value tag attached.

The main rumor pinch this is that ripping and downloading videos from different websites is thing you tin already do, for free, and successful dozens of different ways.

This app makes money hoping that you don't already cognize this. It doesn't thief that it uses imagery very akin to nan original marque earlier that brand was turned into X.

You tin find akin situations crossed nan full store. Be observant astir purchasing thing that promises to supply nan features, aliases further features to, services specified arsenic Facebook, YouTube, aliases Instagram.

In astir cases, morganatic third-party apps that are worthy paying for aren't really connected nan Windows shop astatine all.

3. Be Skeptical of User Reviews

screenshot of printscreen accelerated surface grabber successful nan windows store

See this program? PrintScreen Fast Screen Grabber holds a 5-star reappraisal connected nan Windows Store and seems guiltless enough. However, this programme doesn't work. It's a fake, nonfunctional app, designed to return a comparatively mini magnitude of money from you and time off you without nan action of a refund.

The only 2 reviews attached to nan programme can't beryllium viewed, and, confusingly enough, nan users are prevented from leaving further reviews.

Regardless of each that, it still appears arsenic a programme pinch a 5-star rating. If you're not paying attention, you could easy miss these specifications and presume nan programme is reputable.

This is because these reappraisal sections tin easy beryllium faked, either by bots flooding nan page aliases malicious developers inserting intentional errors into their programs to forestall personification reviews.

Always double-check these reappraisal scores.

Be wary of cleanable 5-star reviews, arsenic moreover nan champion programs will person immoderate variety successful personification experience. If you're ever successful doubt, cheque nan reviews themselves, and spot what group are really saying.

4. Check nan App's Permissions

screenshot of nan permissions required for printscreen accelerated surface grabber

App stores ever person a database of everything an app wants entree to, conveniently stored successful 1 place, truthful you tin easy disregard them all.

The Windows Store is moreover worse successful this respect than astir because, dissimilar Android, it doesn't punctual you pinch a informing telling you nan permissions required. Instead, there's only a mini informing beneath nan install/purchase button.

This intends that apps tin easy sneak successful permissions that it doesn't rather need. The supra program, PrintScreen Fast Screen Grabber, is an illustration of this. Despite claiming that each it does is quickly prevention a screenshot you've taken, it asks for support to link to nan internet.

This is suspicious, and you should ever make judge nan permissions a programme is asking for are applicable to what nan programme does. Luckily, Windows 11 will usually punctual nan personification earlier allowing a programme free entree to thing it shouldn't have, for illustration your camera aliases location settings.

5. Beware of nan Knock-Offs

screenshot of minecraft hunt results successful nan windows store

This is bully communal consciousness for immoderate app store, and unfortunately, nan Windows shop is nary exception. If you're searching for thing specific, make judge you're not getting tricked by a inexpensive knock-off.

The Windows shop is rife pinch low-quality aliases outright clone apps that capable nan results of celebrated brands.

The best-case script erstwhile falling for 1 of these traps is that you'll extremity up pinch a low-quality crippled installed, wasting your time. The worst-case script is that nan programme doesn't activity astatine all, aliases is conscionable afloat of clone crippled ads designed to chimney you into different shady programs.

If you're searching for a reputable product, it's ne'er a bad move to spell done Google instead. If you perfectly must download thing done nan Windows store, conscionable support everything listed successful mind. Check retired nan developer, beryllium mindful of reviews, and ever cheque nan permissions. If you do your owed diligence, you can't spell wrong.

The Windows Store Makes Things Easy... and Risky

There was a clip erstwhile Windows had nary autochthonal shop to browse for programs. Now, you're capable to instal almost thing done a useful app shop disposable connected each Windows devices.

This makes life easier for a batch of users but besides puts you astatine consequence if you're not decently vetting what you install.

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