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List of Top 10 Best Docker Books (Updated 2023)

Docker has revolutionized nan package improvement and deployment world by enabling developers to create and tally applications successful isolated environments known arsenic containers. These portable, businesslike containers connection a accordant situation crossed different platforms. If you’re looking to maestro Docker and harness its afloat potential, a wealthiness of knowledge is astatine your fingertips done various books dedicated to this technology.

Here’s an preamble to a action of Docker books that screen everything from nan basics to precocious topics:

Key features

  • Get nan latest accusation connected establishing Docker and group it up connected your PC, whether it beryllium Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, aliases Windows.
  • Take overviews for mounting up images successful docker containers and tally nan docker motor connected various platforms.
  • These books incorporate docker record implementation, orchestrators, and believe connected VMware and AWS for strengthening nan learned outcomes
Sr. No. Books Author Published Rating (out of 5)
1. The Docker Book: Containerization is nan caller virtualization

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

James Turnbull 2014 Amazon: 4.3

Goodreads: 3.9

2. Docker Deep Dive: Zero to Docker successful a azygous book Nigel Poulton 2020 Amazon:4.2


3. Docker successful Action Jeff Nickoloff , Stephen Kuenzli 2015 Amazon: 4.3


4. Learning Docker – Second Edition: Build, ship, and standard faster Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh, Pethuru Raj 2017 Amazon:3.0

Goodreads: 3.56

5. Docker: Up & Running: Shipping Reliable Containers successful Production Karl Matthias, Sean Kane 2015 Amazon:4.1

Goodreads: 4.0

6. Learn Docker – Fundamentals of Docker 19 Gabriel N. Schenker 2020 Amazon: 4.3

Goodreads: 4.0

7. Docker successful Practice, Second Edition Ian Miell, Aidan Sayers  


Amazon 4.6

Goodreads- 3.9

8. Docker for Developers: Develop and tally your exertion pinch Docker containers utilizing DevOps devices for continuous delivery Richard Bullington-McGuire, Andrew K. Dennis, Michael Schwartz 2020 Amazon 4.5

Goodreads -4.25

9. Mastering Docker: Enhance your containerization and DevOps skills to present production-ready applications Russ McKendrick 2020 Amazon 4.4

Goodreads- 3.2

10. Docker Demystified Saibal Ghosh 2020 Amazon: 4.4

Goodreads: 4.3

Let america reappraisal each nan Docker books and statement their important points individually.

Docker Books

1. The Docker Book: Containerization is nan caller virtualization

#Author: James Turnbull

The Docker Book

Book Review 

An all-in-one extremity for each your queries regarding Docker arsenic nan book doesn’t neglect to transcend nan expectations of those looking to get a versatile and optimum usage of Docker. Spread crossed aggregate platforms for illustration Sinatra, Jekyll, Flask, and node js, you tin unfastened up an full website acknowledgment to nan easy-to-follow terminology.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive guideline for building Docker images and moving containers.
  • Learn to merge Docker seamlessly into your workflow.
  • Explore Docker connected various platforms, from Sinatra to Node.js.

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#2. Docker Deep Dive

Author: Nigel Poulton

Docker Deep Dive

Book Review 

The author’s proficiency is intelligibly stated successful nan book, traverses on nan concepts of docker, and explains it successful elemental layman’s terms. One’s curiosity is piqued erstwhile nan concepts perplex you into reasoning astir nan chartless possibilities of docker.

Key Takeaways

  • Go done topics for illustration docker-the TLDR, docker engine, removing nan docker daemon, etc., among galore much specified things.
  • Recommended for group who are beginners successful docker and looking to heighten their technological skillset.

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#3. Docker successful Action (2nd Edition)

Author: Jeff Nickoloff , Stephen Kuenzli

Docker successful Action, Second Edition

Book Review

Acknowledging your anemic points successful Docker has ne'er been truthful easy, arsenic this book has your backmost successful covering intermediate concepts. Learn to believe creating package applications pinch containers and cool ways to trial and administer them.

Key Takeaways

  • Familiarize yourself pinch single-host networking and curating image pipelines,
  • Learn to differentiate betwixt nationalist and backstage distribution of Docker images.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of automated replication, YAML primer, stateful services, etc.

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#4. Learning Docker

Author: Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh, Pethuru Raj

Learning Docker

Book Review

This book is awesome for anyone looking to upskill their knowledge to build, ship, and standard containers pinch Docker. Leverage nan usage of docker volumes to stock data, get nan know-how of Jenkins integration, and get acquisition pinch instrumentality orchestration.

Key Takeaways

  • Start installing docker connected various platforms specified arsenic Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows successful nan hopes of gradually managing fantabulous client-server communication.
  • Get your hands soiled pinch codification by Clarifying docker hubs, moving connected search changes, and implementing nan dockerfile build instructions.
  • Offers applicable knowledge of Docker volumes, Jenkins integration, and instrumentality orchestratio

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#5. Docker: Up and Running

Author: Karl Matthias, Sean Kane

Docker-Up and Running

Book Review

Looking for a clarified large image of what docker does and what it is utilized for? This book is correct present for you to break each your notions of docker information concerns and nan AWS ECS level logically and eloquently.

Key Takeaways

  • Overlays nan topics of nationalist and backstage registries, mirroring a registry, functions of containers, monitoring dockers done shell, etc.
  • The classes of tooling, testing containers, and web inspection are portrayed crisply and concisely.
  • Addresses Docker information concerns and explores nan AWS ECS platform.

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#6. Learn Docker – Fundamentals of Docker 19.x

Author: Gabriel N. Schenker

Learn Docker

Book Review

Learning has ne'er been easier than this book makes it look like, what pinch its champion practices for orchestrators and bully conceptual read. .Equipped pinch galore examples, step-by-step tutorials, and codification snippets pinch complete walkthroughs, this book is present to stay.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of debugging codification moving successful containers, docker-compose, orchestrators, etc. is present.
  • Look done information volumes and configuration, unafraid an exertion pinch Kubernetes, and troubleshoot bugs to further your learnings.
  • Includes galore examples, step-by-step tutorials, and codification snippets.

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#7. Docker successful Practice, Second Edition

Author: Ian Miell, Aidan Sayers

Docker successful Practice

Book Review

This book presents an extended guideline to Docker successful nan shape of 100 applicable techniques that will get you up and moving successful Docker successful nary time. Get everything you ever needed to grasp docker correct astatine 1 point, which includes but is not constricted to replacing VMs, offline productivity, and truthful on.

Key Takeaways

  • Build day-to-day docker, images, lightweight virtual machine, etc., pinch nan thief of online tutorials and moving examples
  • Get a bent of continuous integration, OS pinch docker, and moving docker successful accumulation intelligibly and comprehensively.

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#8. Docker for Developers

Author: Richard Bullington-McGuire, Andrew K. Dennis, Michael Schwartz

Docker for Developers

Book Review

Know astir nan docker ecosystem done nan champion examples and person a awesome information of nan book reserved for Kubernetes, Jenkins, and AWS EKS. Focuses overmuch much connected nan breadth of topics connected Docker alternatively of diving heavy into each section.

Key Takeaways

  • Create sharing containers pinch nan thief of docker hub, alternatives for moving docker successful production, applications pinch docker-compose, etc.
  • Practice robust platforms for watching docker connected Prometheus, Grafana, etc., and third-party devices for amended usability.

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#9. Mastering Docker: Enhance your containerization and DevOps skills to present production-ready applications

Author: Russ McKendrick

Mastering Docker

Book Review

An extended tutorial for each nan things docker tin beryllium recovered present to get your feet bedewed successful deploying modern applications. Learn nan ropes of docker-compose, swarm, and Kubernetes efficiently and descriptively.

Key Takeaways

  • Be well-versed successful docker essentials and concepts to get your fundamentals strong.
  • Launch docker practices that tin fresh correct into your improvement workflow.
  • The awesome portion highlighted successful this book is moving Kubernetes successful nationalist clouds, runtimes involving Kubernetes, and instrumentality runtimes.

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#10. Docker Demystified

Author: Saibal Ghosh

Docker Demystified

Book Review

Tying up nan threads of docker containers and tools, this book represents nan system for moving docker containers successful a streamlined way. Iterate done networking, secured applications, and autochthonal features that are coming successful nan immense situation of docker.

Key Takeaways

  • The chapters connected docker information and containerization travel equipped pinch theoretical and applicable aspects.
  • The book is bully for beginners, intermediate-level Unix/Linux developers, and sysadmins.

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Recommended Books

In nan erstwhile writeup, we’ve curated a action of 10 fantabulous Docker books to thief you find nan cleanable 1 for your circumstantial requirements. For those seeking an moreover much extended database of books successful this category, EDUCBA suggests exploring nan pursuing resources:

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