Disc Stuck in Your Xbox Series X? How to Manually Eject It

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A stuck disc wrong immoderate console tin beryllium rather worrying, but pinch an Xbox Series X, you tin trust connected a hidden characteristic to retrieve your discs.

A photograph of an Xbox Series X console successful beforehand of a greenish screen

If your Xbox Series X won't eject a disc, you whitethorn spot origin to panic. However, moreover if you can't eject a disc utilizing nan package of your Xbox aliases by pressing nan fastener connected your console, you tin still manually retrieve your stuck disc. Let's return a look.

Having to unit a disc retired of your gaming console is ne'er ideal, and manually removing a disc from your Xbox Series X is seen arsenic a past edifice by Xbox. However, doing truthful connected Xbox Series X is comparatively elemental and relies connected locating a hidden spread astatine nan guidelines of your console.

To safely entree nan disc, Xbox suggests utilizing an uncoiled paperclip to entree nan Eject Hole. To region an Xbox disc from your Xbox Series X manually, guarantee you person a insubstantial clip astatine manus and travel these steps:

  • Uncoil your insubstantial clip truthful that 1 broadside is astir 2 inches agelong and bladed capable to fresh done a mini hole.
  • Ensure your Xbox Series X is powered down by unplugging your console from nan mains.
  • Rest your Xbox connected its side, truthful that you tin position your console's base.
A photograph of an Xbox Series X resting connected its side
  • Adjacent to nan disc thrust and on nan guidelines astatine nan console's base, you should beryllium capable to spot a mini Eject hole.
  • To manually eject a stuck disc from your Xbox Series X, insert nan agelong extremity of nan insubstantial clip into nan Eject hole.
An charismatic image of nan location of nan Eject Hole connected an Xbox Series XImage Credit: Xbox

After a fewer seconds of inserting nan insubstantial clip, nan system holding nan disc wrong your Xbox Series X should manually release, freeing your stuck disc. Even pinch nan expertise to play aged Xbox games connected your Xbox Series X, triggering nan Eject hole will eject immoderate disc you insert into your console.

However, while utilizing nan Eject hole is simply a speedy and easy solution, location are immoderate cardinal points surrounding manually ejecting a disc that whitethorn forestall you from relying connected nan Eject hole arsenic a imperishable solution.

Things Need to Know About Manually Ejecting an Xbox Disc

While nan Eject hole is simply a surefire measurement of retrieving a stuck Xbox disc, relying connected nan method is simply a very inconvenient measurement to eject a disc from your Xbox Series X. After all, utilizing nan Eject hole whitethorn retrieve your stuck disc, but it doesn't rectify nan rumor causing your discs to get stuck.

For this reason, Xbox provides a fewer cardinal points astir dealing pinch stuck Xbox discs that whitethorn forestall you from dealing pinch nan problem again. To beryllium specific, these points tin beryllium defined by nan following:

  • Xbox highlights that a stuck disc successful an Xbox Series X whitethorn beryllium fixed by simply resetting your Xbox console. If discs proceed to get stuck, you whitethorn want to reset your Xbox, alternatively of utilizing nan Eject hole.
  • Xbox besides points retired that while nan Eject button connected your console whitethorn not retrieve your disc, utilizing your controller could. To do this, from nan Home surface of your console, property nan X button to Eject your disc.
A screenshot of nan Home surface action to Eject a disc from an Xbox Series X
  • If you continually trust connected nan Eject hole to merchandise a disc, it is apt your console has a hardware problem. To permanently hole this, it's recommended you send your Xbox Series X successful for a repair.

But moreover pinch these pointers from Xbox regarding really to debar relying connected nan Eject hole, you tin ever trust connected nan manual method to retrieve immoderate disc that whitethorn beryllium stuck wrong your Series X.

Ensure You Can Always Retrieve Discs From Your Xbox Series X

With a accordant and reliable method of manually retrieving stuck Xbox discs wrong your Series X, you tin remainder easy and should ever beryllium capable to retrieve discs from your console.

And pinch further proposal from Xbox, you whitethorn moreover beryllium capable to rectify nan wide rumor affecting your Xbox Series X successful nan first place.

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