Dell's new gaming monitor offers 500Hz refresh rate at a more affordable price

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Alienware AW2524HF
(Image credit: Dell)

Earlier this year, Dell released its high-end Alienware AW2524H 500Hz – a show we liked truthful overmuch it made our database of nan best monitors successful 2023. Now, nan institution has launched its little, cheaper brother: nan Alienware AW2524HF.

It looks nan caller AW2524HF will, astatine nan very least, beryllium 1 of nan best gaming monitors connected nan market. We opportunity this because while nan show has a batch of similarities pinch nan older model, it besides has unsocial features of its own. 

Like nan pricier model, this show consists of a 24.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) solution IPS sheet pinch a monolithic refresh complaint of 480Hz. It’s moreover imaginable to bump that number up to 500Hz, making nan AW2524HF a apical contender arsenic 1 of nan best precocious refresh complaint monitors retired there. The IPS, aliases in-panel switching, tech is peculiarly noteworthy. It offers wide-viewing angles truthful nan value stays accordant moreover erstwhile nan show is tilted. Plus, it covers 99 percent of nan sRGB colour gamut to guarantee hues and shades are accurate.

What’s much is, for illustration nan older screen, nan AW2524HF has a “0.5ms gray-to-gray consequence time” for lightning accelerated performance. Other notable features see a retractable headset hanger and TUV-certified ComfortView Plus Low Blue Light to protect against oculus strain.

Alienware AW2524HF beforehand and back

(Image credit: Dell)


That is wherever nan much notable similarities pinch nan Alienware AW2524H end. Beyond this point, we statesman to spot nan spread betwixt nan two. For starters, nan Alienware AW2524HF lacks immoderate benignant of AlienFX RGB lighting connected nan back. Additionally, nan newer surface has certification for HDR10, but not VESA DisplayHDR 400. The AW2524H supports nan latter.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) arsenic a full is simply a protocol for enhancing image quality. You tin deliberation of DisplayHDR 400 arsenic a much refined type allowing brighter output and vibrancy. Content displayed connected nan Alienware AW2524HF will decidedly look good, but it won’t apt beryllium arsenic bully arsenic connected nan AW2524H. 

In addition, nan AW2524HF includes support for AMD FreeSync Premium and is VESA AdaptiveSync certified for stutter-free gaming while its costly counterpart is G-SYNC certified. And finally, it show ditches an HDMI port. In its is spot is an other DisplayPort 1.4 input.


The Alienware AW2524HR is presently connected waste successful nan United States for $649.99, cheaper than nan erstwhile model. No connection if location are plans to motorboat nan show to different countries nevertheless we did inquire Dell. This communicative will beryllium updated astatine a later time.

If you’re reasoning of buying this, you’re going to request a bully rig to spell pinch it. Be judge to cheque retired TechRadar’s database of nan best gaming PCs for 2023. 


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