D Drive Data Recovery: How to Recover D Drive Data Effectively

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Due to aggregate reasons, you whitethorn acquisition D thrust information loss. What tin you do to retrieve nan mislaid data? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard lists immoderate disposable methods to execute D thrust information recovery. Pick 1 method to retrieve deleted information from D thrust now!

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Like C drive, D thrust is besides a section thrust connected nan computer. It tin beryllium a secondary retention instrumentality aliases a partition created successful nan aforesaid soul difficult disk that tin shop immoderate type of file. If it is utilized arsenic a section drive, it saves section files and folders, files associated pinch package installation, and strategy files utilized to tally nan device.

However, nan D thrust varies from machine to machine arsenic immoderate manufacturers whitethorn usage it arsenic a built-in betterment disk. When your machine experiences issues for illustration hardware failure, you tin usage nan betterment thrust (D drive) to reinstall Windows.

You mightiness retrieve various errors while utilizing nan D thrust specified arsenic D thrust not showing up, D thrust is not accessible, HP betterment thrust full, D thrust information loss, etc. In this post, nan attraction comes to information nonaccomplishment connected nan D drive. It tells you really to retrieve information from D drive.

To retrieve deleted information from D thrust successfully, you should cognize nan imaginable causes for nan information loss. After that, return nan corresponding measures to retrieve data. The conception beneath lists immoderate probable reasons for nan D thrust information loss. You tin return them arsenic a reference while looking for nan reasons.

Reasons for D Drive Data Loss

You whitethorn suffer D thrust information owed to various reasons. For instance, if nan D thrust is deleted accidentally aliases gets corrupted, information connected nan thrust will disappear. After you delete files aliases format nan D thrust without backup, your D thrust information will beryllium lost.


Does formatting erase everything? You tin find nan reply successful this post which tells you what formatting a difficult thrust means.

Besides, a microorganism aliases malware onslaught tin besides consequence successful D thrust information loss. Sometimes, nan information will get mislaid aft nan strategy update aliases different operations. For instance, you will suffer information if you get a blue surface aft installing drivers aliases brushwood nan D thrust not showing up aliases missing issue.

How to retrieve information from D drive? This station offers you 5 disposable methods. Get a speedy preview of them now and past prime a preferred measurement to retrieve D thrust data.

  1. Perform D Drive Data Recovery pinch MiniTool Partition Wizard
  2. Perform D Drive Data Recovery successful nan Recycle Bin
  3. Perform D Drive Data Recovery by Rescanning Disks
  4. Perform D Drive Data Recovery via a System Restore
  5. Perform D Drive Data Recovery via Windows File Recovery

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

How to retrieve information from D drive? Well, an effective and reliable measurement to execute D thrust information betterment is to usage a portion of master information betterment software. MiniTool Partition Wizard is specified a instrumentality that allows you to behaviour hard thrust information recovery, USB information recovery, SD paper recovery, external difficult thrust recovery, SSD record recovery, etc.

In summation to recovering data, MiniTool Partition Wizard besides enables you to retrieve mislaid aliases deleted partitions. For instance, it is tin of recovering difficult disk partitions, undeleting NTFS partitions, recovering FAT32 partitions, and truthful on. I


This free partition manager tin besides execute different tasks connected difficult drives aliases partitions. To beryllium specific, it formats SSDs, clones difficult drives, converts MBR to GPT, checks difficult thrust speed, changes cluster size, migrates OS to SSD/HDD, wipes disks, etc.

Download and instal MiniTool Partition Wizard connected your PC, and past usage it to retrieve D thrust information pinch nan steps below.


Data Recovery and Partition Recovery are only disposable successful MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Platinum aliases higher editions.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1: Launch this partition package to entree its main interface.

Step 2: Click connected Data Recovery astatine nan apical toolbar.

click Data Recovery

Step 3: Under nan Logical Drives section, find and pat connected nan D drive. Then click connected nan prompted Scan fastener to commencement nan scanning process.

scan nan D drive

Step 4: Find and cheque nan needed D thrust data, and past click nan Save button.


You tin hold until nan scan process completes aliases stop/pause nan process erstwhile you find nan needed files.

save nan needed files

Step 5: In nan elevated window, take a directory to saved nan recovered files and past click OK. You tin prime a directory from nan fixed options aliases manually participate a path.


Don’t prevention nan recovered files to nan original drive. Otherwise, nan mislaid aliases deleted information could beryllium overwritten.

choose a directory for nan recovered files

How to retrieve information from D drive? You tin retrieve deleted information from D thrust easy by making usage of MiniTool Partition Wizard – an expertized information betterment instrumentality for Windows PCs.Click to Tweet

#2: Recover Data from D Drive via Recycle Bin

If you deleted D thrust information by accident, simply retrieve information from D thrust via Recycle Bin. Generally speaking, files would beryllium recycled to nan Recycle Bin aft you delete them. When you acquisition information loss, execute D thrust information betterment done Recycle Bin by utilizing nan steps below.

Step 1: Find and double-click Recycle Bin connected your machine to unfastened it.   

Step 2: Locate files that you person deleted from nan D drive.

Step 3: Right-click connected these files and scroll down nan rodent fastener to prime each nan D thrust data. Then merchandise nan mouse, right-click connected 1 of these files, and past click nan Restore option. After that, nan selected files would beryllium restored.

restore deleted files

What tin I do if I delete files from Recycle Bin? Don’t panic! You are capable to get nan deleted files backmost pinch nan thief of this Recycle Bin recovery guide.

#3: Recover Data from D Drive by Rescanning Disks

How to reconstruct D drive? The Rescan Disks action successful nan Disk Management enables you to reconstruct D thrust pinch ease. The pursuing steps show you really to usage this option.

Step 1: Right-click connected nan Windows icon and past click Disk Management from nan pop-up menu.

Step 2: Tap connected nan Action tab and click Rescan Disks successful nan drop-down menu.

select Rescan Disks

Step 3: Then Disk Management will automatically re-identify each nan connected retention devices connected nan computer.

Step 4: After nan scan process ends, cheque if nan D thrust and its information appears.

#4: Recover Data from D Drive by Performing a System Restore

If you person created a restore point earlier D thrust information nonaccomplishment occurs, things would beryllium easier because you tin execute D thrust information betterment by restoring strategy to an early state. If you are successful this scenario, retrieve deleted information from D thrust pinch a strategy restore.


Though items for illustration strategy files, installed applications, Windows Registry, and strategy settings are reverted to a erstwhile state, individual files including documents, music, pictures, and videos won’t beryllium affected. Therefore, you don’t person to interest astir that.

Step 1: Type system restore successful nan hunt box.

Step 2: Click nan Open action nether nan Recovery app.

open Recovery

Step 3: In nan Recovery window, click Open System Restore.

click Open System Restore

Step 4: Based connected your demands, prime a reconstruct constituent and click Next. If you don’t retrieve nan circumstantial reconstruct point, usage nan Recommended restore.

choose a reconstruct point

Step 5: In nan adjacent window, corroborate your reconstruct constituent and click nan Finish fastener to prevention nan changes. After a while, your strategy will beryllium restored to nan selected point. Then cheque if your D thrust information is recovered.

confirm your reconstruct point

#5: Recover Data from D Drive via Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery is simply a command-line inferior that comes pinch Windows 10/11. It enables you to retrieve deleted information from D drive.

Step 1: Type windows record recovery successful nan hunt box. Then unfastened nan programme by clicking nan Open action nether nan target app aliases clicking Windows File Recovery nether Best match.

open Windows File Recovery from nan hunt box

Step 2: In nan elevated Command Prompt window, specify nan root drive, hunt for nan deleted files, take nan destination thrust for nan recovered files, and take switches based connected nan pursuing basal bid line. You request to switch these parameters pinch nan existent ones. After typing nan command, property nan Enter cardinal to execute nan operation.

winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/mode] [/switches]

Step 3: Wait for nan decorativeness of nan process.

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Bonus tip: To debar information loss, make a backup for your difficult thrust regularly. Besides, make judge that there’s nary important information earlier deleting/formatting/wiping nan partitions aliases difficult drives. It’s besides recommended to turn connected real-time protection successful Windows Security to support your PC safe.

How to reconstruct D thrust and its data? If you are looking for specified a guide, this station is what you need. It tells you really to execute D thrust information betterment efficaciously successful different ways.Click to Tweet

Bottom Line

This station summarizes imaginable reasons for D thrust information nonaccomplishment and offers you ways to retrieve information from D drive. If you are wondering astir really to retrieve information from D drive, salary attraction to this station now! It provides you pinch respective ways to retrieve D thrust data.

If you brushwood different problems related to information recovery, stock your experiences pinch america successful nan pursuing remark area. We will effort our champion to thief you lick them. For immoderate questions that hap erstwhile you usage MiniTool Partition Wizard, please consciousness free to interaction america by sending an email to [email protected].

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