Cracked Your Screen? 8 Things to Do About a Broken Phone Screen

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You've cracked your compartment telephone screen. Whether it slipped retired of your manus while you were connected a telephone aliases you near it connected apical of your car erstwhile you drove away, nan solid is smashed.

Fortunately, nan show still works, and possibly nan touchscreen controls too. So, what do you do now? Here are immoderate things to do correct aft cracking your phone's screen.

1. Does Phone Insurance Cover a Cracked Phone Screen?

The first point to do is cheque if your telephone security covers cracked telephone screens, and nether what conditions.

If so, arranging a hole should beryllium straightforward. In astir cases, if your telephone surface is broken, nan main problem is going to beryllium surviving without it for a fewer days. That's arsenic bad arsenic it gets (although you mightiness person to salary an excess charge).

The problems pinch cracked smartphone screens commencement erstwhile it transpires you cannot get a replacement surface connected nan insurance. When this happens, you'll request to return matters into your ain hands.

2. Stop Using nan Phone With a Cracked Screen, Use an Old Phone Instead

You person a surgery mobile surface but still request a phone. So, what tin you do? Well, a bully action is to conscionable usage an aged telephone instead.

Whether you can’t make calls owed to nan smashed telephone screen, aliases it has been sent distant for repairs, you'll request a replacement. The champion spot to find 1 is usually stashed distant successful nan backmost of a drawer.

Even if you don't person an aged telephone you tin move to temporarily, a friend aliases comparative might. Ask, and you'll person a useful replacement until you've decided what to do pinch your telephone and its surgery screen.

3. Put a Screen Protector connected a Cracked Screen

Cracked telephone screen

Wondering if you tin put a surface protector connected a cracked screen? You can, but you should only do this successful definite circumstances.

For displays wherever chips and shards of solid are loose aliases missing, adding a surface protector is pointless. It won't beryllium capable to adhere decently arsenic nan solid is successful motion. The result: you wasted money connected a surface protector.

But wherever nan ace is minimal, putting a surface protector complete a cracked surface mightiness thief support nan solid from cracking further. It mightiness besides protect your fingers from getting trim by nan crisp edges of nan glass.

4. How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

By this point, you whitethorn person travel to nan realization aliases made nan determination that getting a caller telephone isn't necessary. If you're still uncertain astir nan grade of nan damage, location are various methods to measure whether nan ace connected your telephone is simply a superior issue.

Now, nan mobility is, really would you spell astir replacing nan surface if you cracked your mobile telephone display?

Thanks to nan internet, nan chances are you'll find a DIY hole for everything online. iFixIt is simply a awesome spot to start, arsenic it provides instructions connected really to hole a surgery screen, on pinch links to nan parts.

YouTube is different awesome assets for repair tutorials. Replacement screens tin beryllium bought online, via sites for illustration eBay and AliExpress. Benefits of a DIY hole see keeping down nan costs of repair, arsenic good arsenic a emotion of accomplishment.

It's worthy keeping successful mind that without nan correct mentation and skills, you mightiness messiness it up.

5. Pay for a Broken Cell Phone Screen Repair

Uncertainty complete DIY (“can I really put a surface protector connected a cracked screen?”) mightiness lead you to an replacement solution: paying personification other to do it. But really overmuch is it to switch a telephone screen?

While you could vessel your telephone to nan charismatic manufacturer, you're going to salary done nan chemoreceptor for that option. Look astatine Apple's repair fees—it's not inexpensive to get a repair if nan cracked surface is out-of-warranty.

There's astir apt a section telephone repair shop that you tin try, and a Google hunt will show you wherever to find one, arsenic good arsenic customer reviews. Although you'll astir apt beryllium paying by nan hour, a skilled technician tin switch a surface beautiful quickly.

Check nan prices and comparison nan repair shop's competitors earlier you effort them out. Our guideline to places that hole surgery iPhone screens tin thief here.

6. Sell Your Phone to Fund a Replacement

Broken iPhone screen

Thinking astir raising costs for a replacement? Several sites will bargain your cracked phone, and moreover salary for a surgery one. These sites include:

  • SellCell
  • Gazelle
  • Gizmogul

You tin moreover waste your surgery worldly connected eBay. You astir apt won't get a batch of money for it, but what you do make you tin put towards a caller phone.

Many sites will besides springiness you in installments for buying a utilized telephone erstwhile you waste and acquisition yours in. You'll astir apt get a amended woody if you return in installments alternatively of cash, truthful support that successful mind.

With rate raised, cheque nan web's astir celebrated online stores for a replacement, specified arsenic eBay and Amazon. You whitethorn moreover find nan aforesaid telephone successful utilized but different bully condition. Just salary attraction to nan point description. You don't want to extremity up buying a damaged phone!

What should you check? Well, nan specifications should show you:

  • If nan telephone is moving
  • Does it person a functioning screen?
  • If it has immoderate scratches

At nan correct price, buying a like-for-like, second-hand replacement tin beryllium a amended action than buying a caller phone.

7. Phone Screen Broken? Just Buy a New Device!

New iphone successful a box

And, of course, nan astir evident option: buying a caller phone. Sometimes you conscionable request to admit conclusion and switch your damaged device.

Sure, it mightiness beryllium achy to walk that overmuch money. But it mightiness beryllium cheaper than buying a replacement and upgrading a fewer months later anyway. Instead of upgrading soon, it mightiness beryllium champion to conscionable do it now.

If you do determine to bargain a caller phone, don't automatically bargain 1 from your carrier. Buy an unlocked type instead; it'll prevention you a batch of money, moreover though it seems much expensive.

If you’re looking for a caller phone, return a look astatine our best fund smartphones list.

8. Just Put Up With Your Broken Phone Screen

Short of money? Not keen connected DIY solutions aliases paying for repairs? If your telephone is still working, and nan surface doesn't look to beryllium successful threat of wholly falling apart, why not conscionable support utilizing it? Sure, it'll beryllium annoying to look astatine for a bit, but you'll get utilized to it.

Saving nan money it would costs for a caller telephone is ever nice. If you're connected a statement that's soon expiring, this is your champion option. You tin ever put a portion of sticky portion crossed nan ace successful nan screen. Keep your telephone different protected pinch a protective case, and it should spot you done to nan adjacent upgrade.

Don't Let a Broken Phone Screen Ruin Your Day

While surgery smartphone displays are frustrating, ugly, and termination your phone's resell value, don't fto it formed a shadow. Firstly, if applicable, leverage your telephone security to reside nan issue. For a hands-on approach, measurement nan pros and cons of repairing nan surface yourself aliases seeking master repair services. Moreover, research options for illustration trading successful aliases trading nan phone, aliases moreover securing an upgrade pinch your carrier.

Should nary of these avenues beryllium viable, don't hide nan action to support utilizing nan telephone contempt nan blemish. The prime is yours, but support successful mind that a cracked surface doesn't person to people nan extremity of your phone's story.

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