Coming Soon: The Sixth Annual MacStories Selects Awards, Readers’ Choice Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award

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The sixth yearly MacStories Selects Awards are conscionable astir nan corner. The awards grant our favourite apps successful a wide assortment of categories. Winners will person a beingness MacStories Selects grant designed by MacStories’ own Silvia Gatta. As pinch past year, awards will beryllium selected successful nan pursuing categories:

  • App of nan Year
  • Best New App
  • Best App Update
  • Best New Feature
  • Best Design
  • Best Watch App
  • Best Mac App
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

We’ll besides beryllium conferring 2 typical awards erstwhile again:

  • The Readers’ Choice Award
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Readers’ Choice Award is nominated by Club MacStories members and chosen by Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members. A nexus to nan information shape and specifications astir which apps are eligible for nan grant were published successful Issue 393 of MacStories Weekly astatine nan opening of nan issue. Nominations will beryllium accepted until Noon Eastern US clip this Tuesday, November 14th.

After nominations close, we’ll tally nan submissions and unfastened voting connected the top nominees to Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members via our Discord community. Voting will reason at Noon Eastern US clip connected Thursday, November 16th.

For much specifications connected each Club MacStories rank and to join, please usage nan buttons below:

Club MacStories:

Club MacStories+:

Club Premier:

We’ll besides beryllium selecting a Lifetime Achievement Award to admit an app that has had an important effect connected nan world of apps. We’ll beryllium choosing an app beloved by users and inspiring to developers, which has near its people connected nan App Store’s history.

Every year, we usage hundreds of terrific apps. MacStories Selects is our measurement to telephone retired a fistful of our absolute favorites that are sparkling examples of nan champion apps connected Apple’s platforms.

We look guardant to sharing our selections and our Club members’ prime pinch you successful December.

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