CMF by Nothing kicks off global expansion – here's where you can buy their products

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CMF by Nothing lineup
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Nothing’s CMF sub-brand is leaving nan United Kingdom arsenic nan institution is rolling retired its merchandise scope to 14 much countries astir nan world “to meet nan expanding demand.” 

The afloat database tin beryllium recovered connected nan company’s charismatic website. The countries include, but are not constricted to, nan United States, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. This is conscionable nan commencement arsenic Nothing has plans to turn nan database to “over 26 countries by nan extremity of nan year.” The other group of 9 features aggregate European countries for illustration Germany arsenic good arsenic Saudi Arabia. Sorry, Canada – it’s not your move yet.

Be alert this is not a cosmopolitan rotation retired arsenic definite countries will not person everything successful CMF’s afloat repertoire. As an example, Australian customers tin acquisition nan Buds Pro and nan Watch Pro disconnected AliExpress, but not nan Power 65W GaN charger. It's chartless why it's unavailable there. Our champion conjecture is because nan prongs connected nan powerfulness ceramic are for American outlets and not Australian ones.

Speaking of nan US, users location tin bargain each 3 connected Amazon, according to nan announcement. However, astatine nan clip of this writing, American customers cannot acquisition nan Watch Pro arsenic it’s “currently unavailable” though nan listing page is so live. 

Possible early launches

We did observe a discrepancy betwixt nan charismatic announcement and what’s disposable online. The institution claims group successful prime European countries tin pre-order CMF devices correct now pinch nan shipping day group for sometime successful December. However, erstwhile we checked we discovered that you tin seemingly acquisition them if you unrecorded successful Spain, Italy, and France. The French listings, for immoderate reason, are somewhat much expensive. Amazon successful different EU nations, specified arsenic Germany, did not person these listings.

We reached retired to CMF pinch questions astir nan products launching successful definite EU nations earlier than others and erstwhile group successful nan US will beryllium capable to bargain nan Watch Pro. This communicative will beryllium updated astatine a later time.

Analysis: Brand dilution

Looking astatine this accelerated description , we can’t thief but wonderment if it will only service to dilute nan brand. Think astir it for a sec. Nothing, arsenic successful nan company, exists pinch an aerial of enigma surrounding it and has been successful successful drumming up hype for its hardware. There's moreover a photograph of group lined astir nan artifact connected CMF’s blog waiting for nan opportunity to bargain 1 of their products astatine nan Soho shop successful London.

That is each changing, however. With CMF becoming much widespread, we fearfulness its gadgets won't get nan aforesaid magnitude of fanfare arsenic before. It besides doesn’t thief that they’re being sold connected AliExpress, a shopping level that, shall we say, has a dubious reputation.

Regardless of questionable websites, we ever look guardant to immoderate Nothing is cooking up. The Nothing Phone (2), for instance, precocious received Nothing OS 2.5 Beta 2 which introduces caller features for illustration nan expertise to merge nan rear Glyph ray to Google Calendar successful bid to thief you “keep way of your upcoming events.”

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