Chrome Gains Automatic Picture-in-Picture for Videos and Remote Meetings

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No request to automatically participate picture-in-picture mode erstwhile multitasking.

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Google Chrome now offers automatic picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for streaming platforms, video conferencing sites, and different web apps. This functionality is highly elemental and straightforward—videos and distant meetings will automatically participate PiP position erstwhile you navigate to a caller tab. It's a awesome multitasking characteristic and a superior clip saver.

Automatic PiP mode is included successful nan Chrome 120 desktop merchandise (which is group to rotation retired connected November 29th). The characteristic is enabled by default, but it tin beryllium toggled from nan tract accusation pane connected nan left-hand broadside of your reside barroom (seen below). Note that this penchant is website-specific, and it requires nan website to let it successful nan first place. If you disable automatic PiP connected 1 website, it whitethorn still beryllium enabled connected another. This whitethorn annoy immoderate people, but if you only want automatic PiP successful video meetings, it makes sense.

The Automatic picture-in-picture mode support is website-specific and tin beryllium toggled astatine immoderate time.Google

Some web apps whitethorn see unsocial buttons aliases controls successful PiP view. You whitethorn spot a microphone shut up fastener successful a video meeting's PiP view, for example. This is owed to nan Document Picture-in-Picture API that Google debuted successful February 2023. Also, websites that support automatic PiP mode are compatible pinch Chrome's built-in media controller (the euphony icon that appears adjacent to your floor plan image successful Chrome). If you don't want to usage automatic PiP mode connected a website, you tin manually trigger PiP mode from nan media controller panel.

Automatic picture-in-picture mode is included successful nan Chrome 120 desktop release. It useful connected Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS. Your machine should automatically instal Chrome 120 aft it arrives connected November 29th—if not, you tin manually update from Chrome's settings. For amended aliases worse, Google will besides statesman blocking third-party cookies successful Chrome 120 desktop. The institution hopes to switch cookies and search pinch its caller privacy sandbox information postulation method.

Note that web developers are responsible for implementing automatic PiP functionality. If automatic picture-in-picture mode doesn't activity connected your favourite website, it's nan website's fault. Developers tin find elaborate implementation instructions connected nan Chrome for Developers blog. This blog besides provides accusation related to nan Document Picture-in-Picture API and Media Session API, which supply further functionality for PiP view.

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