Choosing the Best Website Builder: Google Sites vs. Wix

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Choosing nan champion website builder for your marque aliases business tin beryllium overwhelming, fixed nan sheer number disposable today. While each builder has its trading points, Google Sites and Wix are among nan apical choices for creating a website.

Whether you are a newbie successful nan integer world aliases a seasoned master seeking a caller start, some platforms connection unsocial features that tin fulfill your website requirements. But really do you determine which useful champion for you? Let’s find out.

Google Sites vs. Wix: An Overview

Google Sites (which is simply a Google Workspace application) capitalizes connected simplicity successful website building. Since its redesign successful 2016, it has provided unafraid and reliable hosting for complete 800,000 wikis, blogs, portfolios, and business sites.

Google Sites homepage

Being a no-code website builder, Google Sites offers galore templates to get you started. And, it seamlessly integrates pinch different Google Workspace apps, allowing you to easy embed documents, spreadsheets, and descent presentations into your website.

Similarly, Wix is simply a no-code website builder pinch hundreds of templates and customizable layouts designed to thief you tailor your website to your interests and goals. That’s why it's unsurprising that complete 200 cardinal registered users usage it to build online stores, master portfolios, blogs, and advisor websites.

This level provides cloud-hosting services for its websites, guaranteeing reliability, accrued loading speed, and less domain concerns.

Wix Website creation page

Aside from nan above, what other do Google Sites and Wix person to offer? Let's find out.

1. Plans and Pricing

Like different Google Workspace apps, Google Sites is free for anyone pinch a Google account. The modular type provides each nan features you request for a individual task pinch mean requirements.

However, if you scheme to merge your business aliases statement into your website, you should see paying for a Google Workspace pricing plan. Starting astatine $6/month, these plans connection a larger unreality retention capacity, enhanced information controls, and a civilization business email.

If you want a civilization solution for your endeavors, you tin interaction Google’s income squad for a quote connected nan Enterprise plan.

Similarly, Wix offers a free plan, which allows you to create a website pinch unlimited pages and customize it arsenic you spot fit. You besides get up to 500MB of bandwidth and space. However, Wix displays ads connected each page of your website, and you’ll beryllium incapable to create a civilization domain name.

The premium plans unlock much features, increase your retention capacity, and destruct ads. These plans, which are Light, Core, Business, and Business Elite, costs $6, $9, $22, and $46 per month, respectively.

Wix pricing page

Its Enterprise plan, connected nan different hand, requires you to scope retired to a Wix income typical for civilization pricing.

2. Interface and Use Cases

Google Sites is celebrated for its simplicity and almost non-existent learning curve. That’s because it uses a drag-and-drop personification interface to conception your web pages retired of matter boxes, images, and videos.

Being a Google Workspace app, this level allows you to collaborate pinch friends and colleagues erstwhile designing a website. It automatically resolves each changes and conflicts, allowing you to spot updates successful existent time. Moreover, you tin time off comments and suggestions for different collaborators.

collaboration entree connected Google Sites

Furthermore, websites built utilizing this level are automatically responsive crossed different surface sizes—desktop, tablet, aliases mobile.

On nan different broadside of nan spectrum, Wix is simply a spot much versatile erstwhile you see its usage cases.

For example, if you want to make money from your website, Wix offers intuitive devices to thief you create an online store. You tin database different products, negociate orders, and navigate costs gateways each from your web pages.

These e-commerce features besides let you to customize nan taxation and shipping charges based connected your location and nan transportation location. You tin moreover connection coupons and discounts to incentivize purchases.

how to adhd shop constituent to Wix Site

To thief you marketplace your products, Wix provides an integrated email trading tool, Wix ShoutOut, which allows you to nonstop promotional materials to your customers.

3. Add-ons and App Integration

Another characteristic that makes Google Sites guidelines retired among different website builders is its integration pinch different Google applications. This allows you to effortlessly embed contented from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and moreover Maps to your website.

 Google thrust integration connected Sites

For example, if you've already set up a Blogger blog, Google Sites lets you nexus your posts to your site. This way, your blog posts are readily accessible to your website visitors.

Moreover, incorporating Google Forms into your website lets you create interactive sessions pinch your visitors done feedback forms and arena registrations.

But really does Wix stack up successful this regard? Well, nan level has hundreds of add-ons and app integrations it offers to heighten its functionalities.

The Wix app market

These apps are grouped into different categories for illustration payment, marketing, and analytics, allowing you to find apps for circumstantial tasks easily. Moreover, you only request to resistance and driblet nan app aliases click a azygous fastener to merge it pinch your website.

The prime present beautiful overmuch lies successful whether you're an existing personification of Google's services. If so, Google Sites mightiness beryllium up your alley. If not, you'll want to see nan hundreds of third-party integrations that Wix has to offer.

4. Customization and Design

Customization and creation are 2 captious aspects of website building that thief you align your website to your vision. That’s why Google Sites provides respective templates for events, schoolhouse projects, bands, aliases pet websites.

Compared to different platforms—like Wix—these templates are fewer and deficiency variety. However, they are afloat customizable, and their contents tin beryllium easy edited to lucifer your vision

Some themes connected Google Sites

In addition, Google Sites provides respective colour schemes and fonts that you tin usage to create a unsocial marque identity. It besides allows you to see interactive elements for illustration clickable buttons, collapsible texts, and carousels.

However, contempt nan above, Wix has nan edge. How? With complete 900 templates to take from—all neatly categorized for convenience—compared to Google Sites' 12, Wix leaves you spoiled for choice.

Templates connected Wix

Plus, erstwhile you see that Google Sites doesn't support civilization HTML and CSS—and Wix does—it's clear that nan second is nan amended prime for much analyzable projects requiring in-depth customization.

Simplicity vs. Versatility: Google Sites aliases Wix?

Google Sites is wide utilized for its simplicity—positioning itself arsenic nan perfect level for those caller to website development. Its user-friendliness and real-time collaboration features make this app a awesome prime for astir beginners.

In addition, Google Sites’ seamless integration pinch various Google services for illustration Google Drive, Docs, and Calendar makes it much appealing to those who already usage these services.

On nan different hand, Wix offers a much versatile attack catering to divers needs—personal, business, blogging, aliases e-commerce. Its template room and app marketplace are much extensive, providing respective options for amateurs and professionals.

One separator Google Sites has complete Wix is that it offers a free domain name—which is perfect if you’re connected a tight budget. However, nan precocious features and elasticity Wix offers are worthy nan finance if you want to springiness your website an separator complete others.

Website Building Is Made Easy With Web Builders

Of nan galore no-code website builders that present value results pinch small effort, Google Sites stands retired arsenic nan slightest analyzable platform. Meanwhile, Wix offers much customization options, allowing you to research various website styles without worrying astir coding.

However, if neither Wix nor Google Sites suits your interests, you tin cheque retired immoderate awesome alternatives for illustration WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly.

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