Can the AOA’s Blink Land Game Help Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain?

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Want a nosy reminder to protect your eyes from integer strain? Blink Land is simply a crippled that's designed to thatch bully oculus wellness habits.

Woman acquisition integer oculus strain from extended surface time

Many group walk extended clip connected integer screens, whether that’s moving a 9-to-5 computer-based job, scrolling societal media, aliases gaming. Thanks to regular extended surface use, integer oculus strain—aka machine imagination syndrome (CVS)—is thing galore are astatine consequence of.

To help, The American Optometric Association (AOA) has developed Blink Land—a mobile crippled to thief you study about, prevent, and cognize really to relieve oculus strain. Here, we look astatine what integer oculus strain is, talk its causes and treatment, and explicate really to play Blink Land to thief protect your eyes.

Common Causes of Digital Eye Strain

Woman experiencing integer oculus strain

Digital oculus strain—sometimes known arsenic machine imagination syndrome (CVS)—is a communal information that is caused by prolonged surface use. Digital oculus strain is characterized by a group of uncomfortable symptoms that chiefly impact your eyes and vision.

If you’re wondering what oculus strain feels like, nan symptoms tin see tired, itchy, sore, aliases burning eyes, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, barren eyes, and neck, back, aliases enarthrosis pain.

Causes of oculus strain tin include:

  • Prolonged surface use. Extended integer surface usage requires a accordant effort for our eyes to focus, and uses circumstantial muscles successful nan eye. With prolonged surface use, these muscles tin go fatigued, which is why it's communal to get oculus strain from moving agelong hours connected a computer.
  • Poor lighting. Straining to spot successful dim lighting (or experiencing vulnerability to glare) tin create ocular discomfort and make your eyes activity harder than necessary.
  • Stress and fatigue. We each cognize really debilitating experiencing accent tin beryllium connected nan body—and tense muscles astir your eyes from surface overuse tin lend to oculus strain.
  • Dry environments. If you activity successful an air-conditioned office, nan double effect of having a barren situation and blinking infrequently erstwhile focusing connected your surface tin lead to irritated and strained eyes.
  • Incorrect posture. Both mediocre posture and improper surface positioning tin unit your cervix and eyes into uncomfortable, strained positions.

If you regularly usage screens—whether for activity aliases play—it’s a bully thought to beryllium proactive successful preventing integer oculus strain. If you are experiencing oculus strain symptoms aliases simply want to study more, past playing Blink Land could help.

Blink Land is simply a mobile crippled created by nan American Optometric Association (AOA)—the starring statement for doctors of optometry (O.D.), optometric professionals, and optometry students (basically, each nan apical professionals who look aft oculus and imagination health).

Blink Land was developed to thief players study really to incorporated eye-friendly surface habits to forestall and relieve integer oculus strain. Blink Land exists to thief you understand nan relationship betwixt oculus wellness and your favourite surface habits—which you tin execute by playing its mini-games and picking up trivia and oculus wellness facts on nan way.

Download: Blink Land for Android | iOS (Free)

Blink Land follows a very elemental premise: simply rotation nan dice to move your characteristic astir nan board. You mightiness onshore connected an action, trivia, aliases nosy truth space—all of which require your input to proceed. The extremity of Blink Land is to cod arsenic galore points arsenic you tin by answering questions correctly and completing mini-games (while picking up eye-friendly surface habits on nan way).

Blink Land in-game rolling dice

Here’s really to play Blink Land to thief support oculus strain relief:

  1. Start nan game. Once you’ve downloaded Blink Land to your device, unfastened nan crippled and pat Play to get started. Follow nan onscreen instructions to customize your characteristic and pat nan Play button to statesman nan game.
  2. Roll your dice. Tap Roll dice to shingle nan dice, past pat nan surface again to rotation a number. Your characteristic will move nan due number of spaces according to nan number you rolled.
  3. Play mini-games. Follow nan onscreen prompts to publication facts, reply nan trivia, aliases play nan mini-games to thief you study much astir integer oculus strain.

If you request to set nan settings, pat nan cog icon successful nan top-right of nan screen. You tin alteration various colour accessibility modes here, arsenic good arsenic set nan sound and euphony levels.

Blink Land in-game reminder to blink

The main intent of Blink Land is to thief individuals for illustration you study astir nan causes, symptoms, and curen options for integer oculus strain. You tin besides study techniques to combat integer oculus strain and relieve oculus strain symptoms arsenic you play nan game. It’s a nosy measurement to prime up facts without emotion for illustration you’re having to study (or being reprimanded) for spending clip connected a screen.

If you’re aft a gaming hole and want to study really to forestall integer oculus strain successful different areas of your (screen) life, past Blink Land is simply a bully instrumentality to use. For immoderate people, this well-developed acquisition crippled will thief mitigate integer oculus strain. For others, you whitethorn want to return further steps to thief protect your eyes from prolonged surface exposure.

How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain and Protect Your Eyes

Blink Land in-game trivia really to attraction for your eyes

Experiencing oculus strain symptoms tin beryllium achy and debilitating and tin moreover forestall you from completing your regular tasks. Aside from picking up facts, advice, and techniques from Blink Land connected really to avoid oculus strain caused by screens, you tin effort these tips for integer oculus strain relief:

  1. Position your surface properly. According to nan AOA's guideline to machine imagination syndrome, nan optimum region to position your machine surface should beryllium betwixt 20 and 28 inches from your eyes, and astatine a 15 to 20-degree perspective beneath oculus level. If your surface clip rumor is linked to your smartphone, you tin set your surface position aliases enable surface region connected your iPhone aliases iPad to thief trim oculus strain.
  2. Schedule surface breaks. Using a Pomodoro timer app aliases simply scheduling surface breaks passim your moving (or gaming) time is an effective measurement to protect and remainder your eyes.
  3. Enable nighttime ray mode. Most devices now see features that trim bluish ray emissions to springiness your eyes an easier time. For example, you tin enable Night Light connected Windows aliases use Night Shift connected your iPhone to usage softer lights connected your favourite screens.
  4. Practice oculus exercises. Blink Land introduces various oculus exercises you tin believe to thief forestall oculus strain. You tin besides effort rolling your eyes aliases focusing connected an entity 20 feet distant for 20 seconds each 20 minutes (aka nan 20-20-20 rule).
  5. Play Blink Land. As nan crippled was designed to thief you create eye-friendly habits, playing Blink Land tin thief protect your eyes from integer oculus strain.

It’s besides a bully thought to portion plentifulness of h2o erstwhile you’re utilizing screens arsenic dehydration tin origin barren and irritated eyes. If you’re sitting astatine a table for a prolonged magnitude of time, effort to get up and agelong regularly, giving some your eyes and assemblage a much-needed break.

Playing Blink Land tin thief you study really to combat and moreover forestall nan symptoms of oculus strain. Remember to return regular breaks from your screen(s), enactment hydrated, and retrieve to blink! If you are experiencing continued oculus strain symptoms and nan supra self-care tips don’t thief easiness nan problem, spot an oculus master aliases expert for further help.

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