Can’t Insert New Cells in Microsoft Excel for Windows? Try These Fixes

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The inability to insert caller cells successful Excel tin bring your planned activity to a screeching halt. Here's really to hole it connected Windows.

A female utilizing Excel connected a Windows laptop

When moving connected an Excel workbook, you whitethorn request to insert cells to accommodate caller information aliases modify your existing spreadsheet. However, this seemingly uncomplicated task tin sometimes time off you disappointment if Excel does not let you to insert caller cells.

If you are facing a akin problem, don’t fret. This guideline will locomotion you done immoderate effective solutions that should hole nan problem successful nary time.

1. Disable Cell Protection

A communal logic why you whitethorn not beryllium capable to insert caller rows aliases columns successful an Excel expanse is if nan existing cells are protected. In that case, you won't beryllium capable to make immoderate changes unless you disable nan compartment protection characteristic utilizing these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + A to prime each nan cells wrong your Excel sheet.
  2. Under nan Home tab, click nan Format fastener and prime Format cells from nan resulting menu.
  3. Switch to nan Protection tab and uncheck nan container that sounds Locked.
  4. Click OK to use nan changes.
    Disable Cell Protection successful Excel

After disabling nan compartment protection feature, effort to insert caller cells again.

2. Unfreeze nan Panes

Microsoft Excel lets you frost circumstantial parts of your expanse truthful that they stay visible moreover arsenic you scroll done nan sheet. However, this characteristic tin sometimes origin problems and forestall you from adding caller cells.

You tin effort unfreezing panes successful your worksheet to spot if that helps. Here are nan steps for nan same.

  1. Open your Excel worksheet.
  2. Click nan View tab astatine nan top.
  3. Click nan Freeze Panes option.
  4. Select Unfreeze Panes from nan resulting menu.
    Unfreeze Pane successful Microsoft Excel

Once you unfreeze nan panes, Excel should fto you insert caller cells.

3. Unmerge nan Cells

Excel mightiness not let you to insert cells if you are trying to adhd them into cells that person been merged. To resoluteness this, you will request to unmerge nan cells successful your Excel worksheet.

Excel will unmerge each nan selected cells and you should beryllium capable to adhd caller cells aft that.

4. Delete Entries From nan Last Row and Column

Another logic why you mightiness not beryllium capable to insert caller cells successful an Excel expanse is if nan past file aliases statement of your expanse contains data. If that’s nan case, you whitethorn brushwood nan "Microsoft Excel can’t insert caller cells because it would push non-empty cells disconnected nan extremity of nan worksheet" error.

Select immoderate compartment successful nan first statement of your Excel expanse and past property nan Ctrl + Right arrow cardinal to quickly navigate to nan past file of your sheet. Now click nan file header to prime nan full column. In nan Home tab, prime Editing > Clear > Clear All.

Clear Excel Last Column

To clear entries from nan past row, prime immoderate compartment successful nan first file and property nan Ctrl + Down arrow cardinal to quickly navigate to nan past statement of your sheet. Click nan statement number to prime nan full past row. Then, move to nan Home tab and prime Editing > Clear > Clear All.

Clear Excel Last Row

5. Repair nan Corrupted Excel Workbook

If you still can’t adhd caller cells, it's apt that your Excel workbook has go corrupted for immoderate reason. Fortunately, Excel includes an action to repair corrupted aliases damaged files. Here’s really you tin usage it to repair a problematic Excel workbook.

  1. Open Excel and caput to File > Open.
  2. Click nan Browse action successful nan correct pane.
  3. In nan Open dialog box, find nan corrupted record and prime it.
  4. Click nan arrow beside nan Open fastener and prime Open and Repair.
    Repair Excel File

Wait for Excel to hole immoderate issues pinch your worksheet and past unfastened it. After that, cheque if nan rumor is still there.

6. Copy Your Data to a New Workbook

If repairing your Excel workbook proves ineffective, your adjacent champion action is to transcript your information to a caller sheet. To do this, travel these steps:

  1. Open your Excel workbook and prime nan information you want to copy.
  2. Press Ctrl + C to transcript nan selected data.
  3. Press Ctrl + N to unfastened a caller Excel workbook.
  4. In nan Home tab, click nan Paste fastener and prime your preferred action from nan resulting menu.
    Paste Option successful Excel

After completing nan supra steps, you should beryllium capable to insert caller rows and columns without immoderate errors.

7. Update Microsoft Excel

Have you disabled automatic updates for Office apps connected Windows? If so, you whitethorn beryllium utilizing an outdated type of Excel, which tin sometimes origin problems. Try updating Microsoft Excel manually connected your PC and spot if that fixes nan problem.

To update Microsoft Excel connected Windows:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and click nan File paper successful nan apical near corner.
  2. Select Account from nan near sidebar.
  3. Click Update Options > Update Now.
    Update Microsoft Excel

Wait for Microsoft Office to update Excel on pinch different Office apps and cheque if that fixes nan problem.

If nary of nan supra solutions help, you tin see moving nan Office Repair instrumentality arsenic a past resort. Here's really to tally it.

  1. Press Win + R to unfastened nan Run dialog box.
  2. Type control successful nan matter container and property Enter to open nan Control Panel.
  3. Use nan drop-down paper successful nan apical correct area to alteration nan position type to Large icons.
  4. Click connected Programs and Features.
  5. Locate and prime nan Microsoft Office suite connected nan list.
  6. Click nan Change action astatine nan top.
  7. Select nan Quick Repair action and deed nan Repair button.
    Repair Microsoft Office

Wait for nan instrumentality to repair your Office apps and past cheque if you tin insert cells successful Excel. If you still get errors, repetition nan supra steps and prime nan Online Repair option. This will let nan instrumentality to execute a thorough repair cognition and download immoderate missing files from nan internet.

Insert Cells successful Your Excel Spreadsheet Without Errors

It is annoying erstwhile Microsoft prevents you from performing basal tasks specified arsenic inserting cells. Hopefully, 1 of nan suggestions supra has resolved your rumor and you are now capable to insert cells successful your Excel workbook.

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