Blackmagic finally goes full-frame with 6K video camera that has Sony-rivaling features

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K connected an orangish background
(Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

Blackmagic is hugely celebrated sanction successful nan video manufacture and pinch bully reason, arsenic it makes immoderate of nan best video cameras for pros, astatine competitory prices. Now nan caller Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K, marks 2 breathtaking firsts for nan company; it uses a full-frame sensor and L-Mount lenses. 

Design-wise, nan Cinema Camera 6K looks a batch for illustration nan existing Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and different Pocket models, astir of which sprout onto a smaller Super35 sensor (APS-C). On nan inside, however, is simply a different story. 

Ditching nan Pocket name, nan latest exemplary packs a 6048 x 4032 pixel ‘open gate’ full-frame sensor for 6K video up to 36fps, pinch 400 and 3200 dual autochthonal ISO. Open gross intends nan camera tin grounds from nan afloat width and afloat tallness of nan 3:2 facet sensor, truthful you’re not throwing distant detail.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K value and merchandise date

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K assemblage only database value is $2,595 / £2,119 / AU$4,245, which is decent worth fixed what it’s tin of and that nan smaller sensor Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro costs astir that much, too. Accessories see nan compatible Pocket ‘Pro EVF’ – a tilt-EVF for waist level viewing that costs $495 / £459 / AU$809, positive nan Pocket ‘Pro Grip’ which will group you backmost $149 / £125 / AU$249. In a property release, Blackmagic Design says that nan camera is disposable now, though presently astir retailers database it arsenic pre-order.

And nan inclusion of nan L-Mount is an breathtaking choice, because location are loads of existing Leica, Panasonic and Sigma lenses successful nan L-Mount family to take from, positive it’s an easy lens equine to accommodate different lenses from, including celebrated lens mounts for illustration Canon EF (that’s nan equine that nan 'Pocket' type uses), and full-frame Cooke anamorphic.

We don’t get in-body image stabilization aliases phase-detect autofocus for illustration successful nan Sony FX3 aliases Panasonic Lumix S5 II, this is simply a Blackmagic camera aft all. No, it is simply a camera to equine to a support aliases a gimbal to summation soft footage, and attraction propulsion for seamless manual focusing – this is what astir video manufacture pros do. And if you’re a pro video shooter, there’s plentifulness much to nan Cinema Camera 6K that elevates it supra nan likes of Sony and Panasonic.

Rear tilt LCD and viewfinder of nan Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K

(Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

Built specifically for video creatives

An expanding number of hybrid mirrorless cameras battalion an awesome array of video solution and framework rates options, together pinch soul ProRes earthy signaling to sphere nan astir imaginable detail. So what makes a dedicated video camera for illustration nan Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K guidelines out? 

The rear tilt touchscreen is simply a patient 5 inches, overmuch bigger than nan 3 inch units recovered successful astir mirrorless cameras. The show is truthful large that you mightiness not moreover request an other outer show for clear viewing, though you tin still connect 1 via nan afloat size HDMI. It besides has relationship ports connected nan broadside that spell beyond what hybrid models offer, including 2 XLR inputs. If you’re utilizing a Sony rival, chances are you’ll request an costly adaptor for those audio inputs. 

Add nan earnestly awesome looking specs for anamorphic video pinch 6:5 4838 x 4032 output, seamless workflow for Blackmagic earthy video files to DaVinci Resolve Studio package (included), USB-C powerfulness and signaling to outer SSD, 12V DC Power, cooling vents, tally lamp, CFExpress memory, rudimentary 24MP still images, and nan Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is an fantabulous action for video, astatine an fantabulous price, that has really stuck it to Sony and Panasonic. We'll beryllium conducting an in-depth reappraisal soon. 

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