Best Microsoft Total PC Cleaner Alternative in Windows 10/11

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By Ariel | Follow | Last Updated September 18, 2023

A batch of users are confused astir nan Microsoft Total PC Cleaner utility. Is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner safe? How to usage it connected Windows 10/11? Now, this station from MiniTool explains these questions successful item and provides a Microsoft Total PC Cleaner alternative.

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What Is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

What is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner? It is simply a free disk cleaner that tin beryllium downloaded from nan Microsoft Store aliases nan charismatic website. With this tool, users tin cleanable up disk space, cleanable memory, and speed up nan Windows 10 system.

It tin thief users amended their PC capacity by clearing each unnecessary aliases junk files, including strategy caches, app caches, browser caches, representation caches, and more. It supports Windows 10 and higher versions. To get Total PC Cleaner downloaded/installed connected Windows 10, unfastened nan Microsoft Store, type Total PC in nan hunt box, and click Get to commencement downloading and installing nan program.

download Total PC Cleaner

Is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner Safe

Is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner safe? Of course, nan reply is yes! Total PC Cleaner is wholly safe and free to download and instal if you get it from nan charismatic website. This programme was developed and released by Microsoft successful 2021 to cleanable up nan disk space. It’s very easy to usage and lightweight. Let’s support reference to cognize really to usage Total PC Cleaner.

How to Use Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

How to usage Microsoft Total PC Cleaner connected Windows 10/11? Now, you tin travel nan elemental guideline below:

Step 1. Launch nan Total PC Cleaner and this package will inquire you to corroborate your strategy disk. Click connected Continue.

click Continue connected Total PC Cleaner

Step 2. In nan pop-up File Explorer window, prime your strategy thrust and click Select Folder to continue.

Step 3. Click connected Start Scan to scan each junk files connected nan strategy drive.

click Start Scan

Step 4. Wait for nan scanning process to complete. Then you will spot a database of unnecessary files and really overmuch they return up your disk space. Here you tin support nan default caches selected and click connected Clean to delete these files. It whitethorn return you a while to cleanable up nan disk space. Once cleaned, click connected Done to exit nan program.

click Clean connected Total PC Cleaner

Best Microsoft Total PC Cleaner Alternative

Sometimes, however, nan Total PC Cleaner whitethorn not activity decently aliases get stuck connected immoderate errors. Is location a Microsoft Total PC Cleaner alternative? MiniTool Partition Wizard is simply a powerful disk cleanup instrumentality that cannot only what’s precisely taking up your disk space but besides free up disk space. Besides, it tin thief you hunt for a peculiar record according to its record sanction and delete it.

It’s besides an expertized partition head that tin extend/resize/move/copy/format partitions, person FAT to NTFS without information loss, check SD paper health, alteration cluster size, recover mislaid data, and more. Here’s really to cleanable up disk abstraction utilizing nan MiniTool software.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch nan MiniTool package to get its main interface and click Space Analyzer from nan apical toolbar.

Step 2. Select nan C thrust from nan drop-down paper and click on Scan.

Step 3. Wait for nan scanning process to complete. Then right-click nan record that you want to cleanable and prime Delete (permanently).

clean up disk abstraction utilizing MiniTool

Here comes nan extremity of this post. Do you person immoderate different opinions aliases questions astir Total PC Cleaner? If you have, please stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing remark area.

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