Backbone One revision with improved D-pad announced alongside a new carrying case

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New Backbone One revision
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The Backbone One, comfortably 1 of nan champion mobile controllers connected nan market, is receiving a mini revision that features a fistful of invited improvements.

Unveiled successful a property release, this caller type of nan Backbone One controller uses USB-C and is truthful compatible pinch nan best Android phones and nan caller iPhone 15 statement of devices.

While nan wide ergonomics and look of nan controller stay mostly unchanged, this revision boasts a revised D-pad that nan institution says “enhances immersion crossed aggregate genres of gameplay.” 

There person besides been changes to nan measurement nan instrumentality attaches to nan telephone acknowledgment to all-new “magnetic adapters” that should thief nan controller fresh a small amended connected a broader scope of devices. This revision will beryllium disposable successful some existing colour options: nan original achromatic type and nan achromatic BackBone One PlayStation Edition colorway.

This news comes alongside nan uncover of a caller charismatic carrying case, which will beryllium disposable successful some achromatic and white. While nan achromatic type sports nan Backbone logo, nan achromatic exemplary uses PlayStation branding making it much suitable for owners of nan PlayStation Edition. 

In summation to moving pinch nan caller model, this lawsuit is besides compatible pinch older Backbone devices and, arsenic personification who often ends up having to propulsion my Backbone One into a rucksack while retired and about, I’m peculiarly excited by this news successful particular. 

The institution is besides updating nan Backbone app, which functions arsenic a mobile crippled launcher and allows you to usage features for illustration nan surface signaling fastener connected nan controller. This update focuses connected improving its wide look and feel, successful summation to providing much elaborate accusation connected your games.

All Backbone users are besides going to person 3 months of Apple Arcade for free. While this mightiness not mean a batch for Android users, it is awesome news for iPhone gamers arsenic nan subscription work has a fistful of fantabulous exclusive titles for illustration Hello Kitty Island Adventure and Fantasian.

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