ASRock's Low-Profile Arc A310 Fits Every PC and Every Budget

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by Anton Shilov on September 14, 2023 6:30 PM EST

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ASRock this week has introduced an Intel Arc-based A310 Low Profile 4 GB graphics card. Aimed astatine nan little power/size/cost information of nan video paper market, nan entry-level A310 paper carries a cut-down ACM-G11 GPU pinch 768 watercourse processors operating astatine 2.0 GHz and a 64-bit representation interface that connects 4 GB of GDDR6. And while its capacity isn't thing to constitute location about, it fills retired ASRock's lineup pinch a fund video paper that tin besides easy beryllium placed into debased floor plan systems.

Performance vise, ASRock's Arc A310 Low Profile graphics paper should beryllium comparable to higher-end integrated graphics solutions - which is to opportunity that it's much for wide desktop activity than demanding games. Notably, arsenic a current-generation Arc card, it incorporates Intel's feature-packed media playback engine, pinch hardware encoding and decoding for nan mostly of celebrated formats, specified arsenic AV1, H.264, H.265, and VP9, which makes it a bully solution for location theatre PCs (HTPCs) arsenic good arsenic agency PCs.

The low-profile paper offers 2 show outputs, a DisplayPort (2.0) and an HDMI larboard (2.0b). In position of powerfulness consumption, this is simply a sub-75W paper (ASRock doesn't springiness a much precise fig than that), truthful you won't find immoderate outer powerfulness connectors arsenic it's wholly bus-powered. Meanwhile, it looks for illustration ASRock has opted to recycle nan aforesaid dual-slot dual-fan cooling strategy they usage for their different low-profile Arc card, nan low-profile ASRock Arc A380. 

Wrapping things up, ASRock has not listed a value for nan card. Though judging from nan costs of different Arc A310 cards connected nan market, it's apt to extremity up hitting shelves successful nan debased $100 range.

Source: ASRock

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