Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) vs. Apple Watch Series 9: Which Is Better?

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The Apple Watch SE has almost each nan essentials astir group would need. So, who's nan Apple Watch Series 9 for?

Key Takeaways

  • The Apple Watch Series 9 offers amended hardware and a much premium build pinch stainless alloy options, while nan Apple Watch SE is much affordable pinch an aluminum build.
  • The Apple Watch Series 9 has a larger and brighter display, pinch a modern edge-to-edge creation and amended readability successful sunlight.
  • The Series 9 has a faster S9 spot pinch capacity improvements and further features, but nan SE's S8 spot already handles astir tasks well. Both person basal wellness monitoring features and a akin group of information features.
  • The Series 9 has accelerated charging and much storage, but some models connection up to 18 hours of artillery life. Prices scope from $249 to $529, pinch further options for stainless alloy models starting astatine $699. Choose based connected your fund and desired features.

If you're looking to bargain an Apple Watch without breaking nan bank, you person 2 options: nan Apple Watch SE and nan Apple Watch Series 9. The second is newer and packs amended hardware, but is it worthy nan other money? Let's find out.

Design and Build

Apple Watch Series 9 designImage Credit: Apple

Apple Watches mostly look nan same. It's existent moreover for nan Apple Watch Series 9 and nan Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)—at slightest pinch nan surface turned off. Both models characteristic a boxy creation pinch a powerfulness fastener and a Digital Crown connected nan correct broadside of nan case.

However, nan differences go evident erstwhile you facet successful nan size and nan build quality. Apple offers nan Series 9 successful 41mm and 45mm sizes, whereas nan affordable SE comes successful somewhat smaller, 40mm and 44mm cases.

While you tin get nan Apple Watch Series 9 successful aluminum and stainless steel, nan SE comes successful conscionable aluminum, which isn't bad, but it's not arsenic premium arsenic stainless steel, which whitethorn matter to some. For instance, nan stainless alloy variants of nan Apple Watch person sapphire crystal glass, which is much resistant to scratches.

Another notable build quality is that nan Series 9 has IP6X particulate resistance, which nan SE misses retired on. Both watches, however, are water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Display Comparison

Apple Watch Series 9 displayImage Credit: Apple

Display is 1 area wherever you'll announcement a immense quality betwixt nan Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) and nan Series 9.

The Apple Watch Series 9, pinch its larger lawsuit sizes, houses somewhat bigger screens than nan SE. Part of this is owed to nan smaller bezels, which besides make nan Series 9 a much modern-looking smartwatch. Likewise, nan edge-to-edge surface creation provides much surface property for contented and, successful turn, makes utilizing nan surface a small easier.

Besides a bigger screen, nan Apple Watch Series 9 has a importantly brighter display. Compared to nan Apple Watch SE, which tin spell up to 1000 nits, nan Series 9 tin scope 2000 nits of highest brightness, making it easy to publication nan surface successful agleam sunlight. Not only that, but it tin spell down arsenic debased arsenic 1 nit erstwhile it's dark.

Even though some watches usage an LTPO OLED display, nan 1 connected nan Series 9 supports nan always-on feature. As such, you tin quickly cheque nan clip without raising your wrist.

Performance and Features

S9 SiP wrong Apple Watch Series 9Image Credit: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 9 runs connected nan S9 chip, nan aforesaid spot that powers nan top-of-the-line Apple Watch Ultra 2, and promises capacity improvements and support for further features. A awesome item of nan S9 is simply a 4-core Neural Engine that allows nan Apple Watch Series 9 to process instrumentality learning tasks up to doubly arsenic accelerated arsenic nan S8 spot successful nan Apple Watch SE.

However, nan Apple Watch SE's S8 spot should beryllium capable to grip astir tasks without a hitch, considering it's nan aforesaid spot that powered nan Apple Watch Series 8 and nan original Apple Watch Ultra.

One of nan standout features of nan Series 9, acknowledgment to nan S9 chip, is nan double-tap feature, which allows you to power your wearable pinch conscionable 1 manus by tapping nan scale digit and thumb together. Fortunately, you tin use a akin double-tap motion connected immoderate Apple Watch, including nan SE.

Double Tap motion connected Apple Watch Series 9Image Credit: Apple

The Series 9 packs a second-gen Ultra Wideband spot that unlocks features for illustration Precision Finding for iPhone 15 users and HomePod integration. Besides nan newer processor, nan Series 9 besides gets 64GB of soul storage, which is doubly that of nan Apple Watch SE.

As for different hardware differences, nan Series 9 includes a bunch of further sensors for illustration a humor oxygen sensor to show humor oxygen saturation and an electrical bosom sensor that lets you return an ECG.

While it's bully to person these features, not everyone needs them. The Apple Watch SE has each nan essentials you'll need. This includes heart-rate monitoring, slumber monitoring, and rhythm tracking, which will thief you comfortably support way of your wellness goals. It doesn't trim backmost connected nan emblematic Apple Watch information features either, truthful you get Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, and Crash Detection features, conscionable for illustration nan Series 9.

Battery Life and Charging

Apple Watch charging connected a table adjacent to AirPods and iPhone

Apple claims up to 18 hours of artillery life connected nan Series 9 and nan Apple Watch SE. However, your mileage pinch nan Series 9 whitethorn alteration depending connected really often you usage its always-on display.

One area wherever Series 9 gets nan precocious manus complete nan SE is accelerated charging. Apple says you tin complaint nan Apple Watch Series 9 from 0-100% successful astir 75 minutes (using Apple's USB-C Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C cable). In comparison, nan aforesaid would return astir 2 and a half hours connected nan SE.


Both nan Apple Watch Series 9 and nan Apple Watch SE travel successful 2 sizes and person 2 connectivity options: GPS and GPS + Cellular.

The GPS-only Apple Watch SE costs $249 for nan 40mm version and $279 for nan 44mm variant, whereas nan cellular version will group you backmost astatine $299 and $329 for 40mm and 44mm sizes, respectively.

Likewise, nan GPS-only Apple Watch Series 9 costs $399 for nan 41mm size and $429 for nan 45mm size. If you request cellular connectivity, nan 41mm and nan 45mm versions will group you backmost by $499 and $529, respectively.

Don't hide that you tin besides prime nan Series 9 successful stainless alloy (with different set options), which starts astatine $699 for nan 41mm exemplary and $749 for nan 45mm version. These stainless alloy models travel pinch cellular connectivity arsenic standard.

Buy nan Right Apple Watch for Your Needs

Both nan Series 9 and Apple Watch SE are fantabulous options pinch semipermanent package support and tin easy past you respective years. That said, if you want nan latest offering pinch nary discuss connected features and don't person fund constraints, nan Apple Watch Series 9 is nan 1 you should get.

The Apple Watch SE is much suited to personification who's looking to bargain their first Apple Watch and isn't judge whether a smartwatch is simply a bully semipermanent finance for them.

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