Apple tipped to update its catalog of accessories with USB-C ports by next year

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Apple MagSafe artillery pack
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Apple pinch its proprietary Lightning charging cablegram has agelong been nan outlier successful nan smartphone market. That's apt to alteration pinch nan iPhone 15 series, arsenic each 4 models are rumored to adopt a USB-C port to abide by European Union regulations. And pinch that transition, Apple's reportedly readying to refresh galore of its accessories pinch USB-C ports to match. 

That's according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who outlined Apple's plans successful nan astir caller section of MacRumors' podcast. He said nan iPhone shaper is aiming to move to USB-C ports crossed its catalog of accessories by adjacent year, a speedy turnaround that's a akin timeline to its modulation to Lightning connector aft its preamble successful 2012. Some of nan accessories topping nan database see its statement of AirPods, Mac accessories, and MagSafe artillery pack.  

"They're going to request to do a caller MagSafe Duo pinch USB-C," Gurman told nan outlet, adding that Apple "certainly tin update nan ‌MagSafe‌ artillery pack" to adhd USB-C. 

Whether we'll spot immoderate of these refreshed accessories astatine Apple's "Wonderlust" showcase adjacent week remains unclear. Gurman said he is "not expecting immoderate curveballs aliases immoderate marque caller types of accessories" to beryllium announced astatine nan event. The closest point will apt beryllium nan new AirPods Pro featuring a USB-C larboard connected nan charging case.

New MagSafe Battery Pack successful nan works

Though we aren't apt to spot it astatine adjacent week's showcase, Apple is cooking up an upgraded type of its MagSafe Battery Pack, Gurman said. Most interestingly, this next-generation artillery battalion will apparently fto you wirelessly complaint respective devices astatine nan aforesaid clip by placing them connected either broadside of nan artillery pack, allowing you to "daisy-chain" aggregate artillery packs together. And, of course, whenever Apple does denote it, you tin beryllium judge it'll beryllium connected nan database of accessories receiving nan USB-C larboard refresh.

Next week, Apple is expected to unveil galore of its astir highly anticipated caller products, including nan iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and nan latest AirPods. You tin cheque retired how to watch Apple's large arena here; it kicks disconnected astatine 10 a.m. PT connected September 12.

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