Apple reveals more details about the new iPhone 15 USB-C port

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iPhone 15 pinch AirPods
The iPhone 15 tin complaint mini devices for illustration AirPods (Image credit: Apple)

When Apple revealed nan marque caller iPhone 15 bid earlier this week, location was a cardinal quality to nan iPhones that had travel before: a USB-C larboard alternatively of Lightning. Now, we cognize a small spot much astir nan spec of this port.

As per an Apple support document (via MacRumors), nan USB-C larboard connected each iPhone 15 models is going to output up to 4.5W of powerfulness – that intends there's capable juice to complaint up an Apple Watch, an AirPods case, aliases different mini gadgets.

The Lightning larboard connected erstwhile iPhones offered a measly 0.3W, arsenic 9to5Mac points out, which intends location are a batch much possibilities for accessories. An external, portable, USB-powered difficult thrust could theoretically beryllium connected complete nan port, for instance.

Another cardinal spot of accusation revealed successful nan archive is that nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are going to support USB 3.2 Gen 2 for information transportation speeds up to 10 Gbps. As nan USB-C cablegram included pinch these phones only supports USB 2 speeds, you'll request to get different 1 to maximize information transportation rates.

Spec gaps

As had been antecedently reported, nan archive besides confirms that each iPhone 15 models support DisplayPort output for up to 4K HDR surface mirroring connected an outer display. However, there's not nan extended show mode recovered connected immoderate iPads.

With preorders now being processed and nan phones going connected waste successful stores connected September 22, these nuggets of accusation capable successful immoderate of nan remaining spec gaps. Only yesterday we sewage confirmation of nan artillery capacities of each 4 iPhone 15 models.

The move to USB-C is undoubtedly 1 of nan biggest changes to deed nan iPhone bid since it made its debut each nan measurement backmost successful 2007. If you're wondering really it'll impact Apple's smartphones going forward, we've written up everything you request to know.

TechRadar was connected nan crushed arsenic Apple unveiled nan iPhone 15 range, and we've published our early, hands-on impressions of nan handsets already: cheque retired our iPhone 15 review, iPhone 15 Plus review, iPhone 15 Pro review, and iPhone 15 Pro Max review.

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