Apple Podcasts has gotten a big overhaul – here are the big changes

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Apple is going each successful connected original contented for iPhone arsenic nan tech elephantine has revealed a large upgrade to its Podcasts app connected iOS 17, introducing a redesigned layout and caller features.

Throughout nan year, nan institution made various promises to grow nan Apple Podcasts successful aggregate ways. It announced during its last WWDC arena successful June that caller original programming was coming to Apple Music and Apple News Plus. It besides planned to revitalize nan level by adopting a much modern, colorful look. Everything that has been teased for nan past respective months is now here and there’s a batch to cover. 

1. App Redesign

The Apple Podcasts redesign has really been astir since June erstwhile it was first released successful beta. Not overmuch has changed since past arsenic Apple has seemingly decided to instrumentality beautiful intimately to nan first look. As stated earlier, things are much colorful. The Now Playing surface now displays a “blurry type of nan podcast screen art”, according to 9To5Mac. Both nan “volume and playback advancement slides [adopt] nan aforesaid style recovered successful nan Music app.” 

Apple Podcast redesign

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Chapter lists show “how overmuch clip is near until” nan adjacent episode. Search results tin beryllium filtered by “Top Results, Shows, Episodes, and Channels”, if you're looking for thing specific.

2. Content description

Beginning September 26, group who person a subscription to either Apple Music, Apple News Plus, Calm, aliases Lingokids will beryllium fixed entree to complete “60 original podcasts”. This includes, but is not constricted to, news briefs, power shows, acquisition courses, guided meditations, and narrated articles. The past 1 will beryllium disposable done nan Apple News Plus Narrated show. 

At nan clip of this writing, location are 16 episodes connected Narrated covering stories from GQ to The New Yorker. It doesn’t look for illustration each azygous article written by a publication will person a narrator; conscionable a prime few.

We should mention episodes of nan original programming will rotation retired each week passim autumn. Presumably, things will slow down moving into nan winter

3. Connected subscriptions

Next month, nan tech elephantine will beryllium rolling retired a caller API (Application Programming Interface) for third-party companies giving them nan opportunity to merge their contented app pinch Apple Podcasts. That way, group tin perceive to their favourite shows without having to instal different app. Everything will beryllium together nether 1 roof.

Users will request to first link their subscription to Apple Podcasts. Once done, they’re capable to browse done a broadcast’s room crossed a assortment of devices, including their iPhone aliases Apple Watch. 

Only a fewer publications will support nan relationship astatine nan start. Notable names see nan Wall Street Journal, Mamamia, positive The Economist. No connection if anybody other will support nan API, but nan doorway is unfastened for developers.

Connected podcasts

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This update is presently rolling retired to each users. Obviously, your iPhone needs to beryllium moving iOS 17. To link your subscriptions to Apple Podcasts, you will besides request iPadOS 17 aliases macOS Sonoma, which conscionable came retired today.

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