Apple Music Discovery Station Review: New Music Right Under Your Nose

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"Hey DJ, play maine a opus I’ll for illustration but don’t cognize exists." That would beryllium a gangly task for immoderate quality aliases moreover a computer, but nan caller Discovery Station connected Apple Music handles it well. The personalized power position is now included arsenic portion of an Apple Music subscription and uses a catalog of 100+ cardinal songs to find your adjacent audio obsession.

Here’s really to usage nan Discovery Station and immoderate thoughts connected uncovering caller euphony successful 2023.

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Listen to your favourite songs, artists, and playlists on Apple Music. Stream euphony successful lossless audio, download songs, and play them offline.


  • Included successful Apple Music subscription
  • No repeating tracks
  • Mostly successful statement pinch my philharmonic tastes


  • No penetration into really nan position recommends songs

How to Find and Use Apple Music's Discovery Station

The caller Discovery Station joins different pre-made power selections successful Apple Music. It tin beryllium recovered successful nan Music app connected iPhone, iPad, and Mac, arsenic good arsenic successful nan Sonos app and immoderate different Apple Music locations (including connected Android).

To find nan Discovery Station connected an iPhone, unfastened nan Music app. From there, pat connected “Listen Now” on nan bottommost statement of icons. Then scroll down until you spot nan heading “Stations for You.” The Discovery Station should beryllium successful nan horizontal scrolling list. (As this article’s main image shows, nan Discovery Station whitethorn beryllium promoted astatine nan apical of nan Listen Now conception aliases show up successful different places successful nan Music app.)

Tap connected nan Discovery Station to instantly commencement playing nan continuous power station.

Song Selection and Anecdotal Results

There are nary instructions aliases insights into really nan Discovery Station works. It conscionable plays euphony related to your tastes. If you don’t attraction for a opus it tin beryllium skipped—and you tin skip an infinite magnitude of songs because nan position is portion of a paid euphony work subscription.

I'm told nan position will perpetually beryllium updating and evolving, truthful nan watercourse of caller euphony should beryllium endless. Interestingly, nan position should besides only play euphony that is caller to nan listener—related to acquainted and unfamiliar artists. Best of all, nan aforesaid opus won’t repetition twice.

Those are nan things I know. I can’t corroborate really nan algorithm learns, however. How do skips facet into nan songs nan Discovery Station plays? How are caller listened-to genres weighted successful caller recommendations? I person a ton of questions astir nan nuances here, but nary heavy answers. For now, I’ll person to spell connected anecdotal results.

But those results, particularly early on, person been amazing. Within nan first fewer songs, I discovered nan alternative/pop set Michigander. No uncertainty nan proposal came successful immoderate shape by listening to Inhaler, Manchester Orchestra, aliases immoderate different tangentially related band.

I instantly added songs from Michigander to my library. The adjacent day, I was served up a opus from Welcome Stranger—a philharmonic enactment pinch a touch of Ben Howard and Noah Kahan. The band’s “Running Out of Miles” EP whitethorn move retired to beryllium 1 of my favourite albums this year.

My astir caller find was “Nineteen” by Matthew And The Atlas, coming from nan band’s upcoming album. It’s a opus for fans of Sting aliases Mumford and Sons—a genuinely wide tune afloat of nostalgia.

Not each nan songs I've heard connected nan position person deed successful nan aforesaid way, of course. There person been respective duds on nan measurement aft much than tens of hours of listening. But I deliberation collectively, we thin not to retrieve nan cruft arsenic agelong arsenic immoderate gems are provided. I can’t callback ever proceeding nan aforesaid opus being played twice, but I decidedly person heard nan aforesaid creator much than once.

The full constituent of nan Discovery Station is simply a tailored opus action that dances astir songs you already cognize and like. The results will beryllium different for everyone. The point that has amazed me, though, is really this position still recovered thing caller for me.

Not only do I perceive to respective hours of euphony a day, but I compulsively excavation done related artists successful my spare clip to uncover caller acts that I’ve ne'er listened to. I’m a euphony find unicorn successful this way. First pinch IRC and successful nan early days of nan internet, past Purevolume, Myspace, and yet connected to aggregate streaming services—remember Rdio? If a work has a proposal engine, I dainty it for illustration Westworld and claw my measurement done it until I tin spot nan perimeters and guardrails.

Still, Apple’s Discovery Station recovered thing caller for maine almost immediately. It’s not perfect, but it is impressive. More importantly for nan company, it should support group uncovering caller music, truthful they support utilizing nan euphony subscription.

A New Form of Music Discovery

Apple Music’s Discovery Station is acold from nan only magical euphony find mechanism. In fact, it’s downright late. Spotify’s Discover Weekly debuted much than 8 years ago. But these stations are conscionable 1 shape of euphony discovery.

“We perceive from group each nan clip astir really they heard of us. It's honestly each complete nan place,” said Caleb Chapman, vocalist of nan set Colony House. “From DSPs for illustration Spotify, Apple, and Amazon to societal platforms for illustration Instagram and TikTok to connection of mouth. It's fascinating really nan connection gets out.”

Midia Research has a 2023 report connected euphony discovery for its clients successful which it says, "The astir communal sources for discovering euphony are YouTube, followed by nan radio—although for gen Z consumers, TikTok replaces power for 2nd place." None of that surprises me. YouTube has agelong been nan unofficial streaming euphony work for astir people. Why do I nexus songs I mention successful reviews to YouTube? Because it's accessible to everyone connected mobile aliases desktop. It tin beryllium embedded and isn't really gated successful immoderate way. Of course, group are discovering euphony done YouTube.

Equally unsurprising is that TikTok ranks truthful highly for euphony discovery. Nearly each video is soundtracked pinch a catchy song. It's nan modern MTV, wherever thousands aliases millions of group are creating euphony videos for artists connected their behalf.

“It's easier than ever earlier to find caller euphony and harder than ever for maine to find caller euphony that I profoundly link with," says Chapman. "I deliberation what makes streaming awesome is besides what has perchance throttled nan accepted listening experience. Everything is truthful curated that nan patience of listening done personification else's activity has go a spot of a mislaid art. As consumers, could we beryllium increasing excessively accustomed to an algorithm making our minds up for america and telling america what we want to perceive alternatively of being diligent and perchance learning to admit nan occasional curveball?”

Price and Availability

Discovery Station is included arsenic portion of an Apple Music subscription. The caller position joins different personalized power stations and mixes already portion of nan streaming euphony service.

Should You Use Apple Music’s Discovery Station?

First, nan broader question. Is nan caller Discovery Station bully capable to person a non-subscriber to motion up for Apple Music? The caller power position is great, but it's difficult to opportunity it unsocial is worthy plunking down $10.99 each month.

As a complementary portion to on-demand streaming, karaoke lyrics, tons of euphony videos, and exclusive creator content, it does thief support your listening habits from getting stale. It’s surely worthy trying out. Based connected my experience, get fresh to find a caller favourite creator to obsess over.

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Apple Music

Listen to your favourite songs, artists, and playlists on Apple Music. Stream euphony successful lossless audio, download songs, and play them offline.

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