Apple Discontinues Its MagSafe Battery and MagSafe Duo Charging Mat

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Presumably, this is portion of Apple's modulation to USB-C.

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple is transitioning to USB-C for its products, including nan caller iPhone 15 lineup, successful compliance pinch upcoming EU regulations to trim physics waste.
  • The discontinuation of nan MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo charging mat whitethorn beryllium owed to their precocious prices and title from cheaper alternatives.
  • While these products are nary longer disposable connected Apple's website, they tin still beryllium recovered astatine immoderate retailers, but banal whitethorn beryllium constricted arsenic customers unreserved to bargain Lightning accessories earlier they are phased out.

On September 12th, Apple took its first steps toward afloat USB-C adoption. The institution debuted its iPhone 15 lineup, which is afloat equipped pinch USB-C, positive a caller AirPods Pro lawsuit that utilizes nan charging standard. However, it seems that immoderate Apple products will not beryllium included successful this transition. Apple nary longer sells nan MagSafe Battery Pack aliases MagSafe Duo charging mat connected its website — presumably, discontinuing these products is easier than upgrading them to USB-C.

Apple is ditching nan Lightning connector, but it isn't a voluntary choice. The institution is acting successful compliance pinch upcoming EU regulations, which instruction nan usage of USB-C successful astir mini physics devices. By enforcing USB-C adoption, nan EU expects to trim physics discarded and thief group prevention money. These regulations will beryllium enforced astatine nan extremity of 2024, meaning that Apple has conscionable a small complete a twelvemonth to deploy USB-C versions of its products. Suffice to say, we won't beryllium amazed if immoderate products are temporarily aliases permanently discontinued.

We don't cognize if nan MagSafe Battery Pack aliases MagSafe Duo will return. But, realistically, these products were overpriced and benignant of lackluster. The MagSafe Battery Pack, which has a paltry 10,000mAh capacity, launched astatine $100 — doubly nan value of immoderate third-party MagSafe batteries, and astir 5 times nan value of balanced non-MagSafe batteries. As 9to5Mac notes, nan MagSafe Battery Pack is besides a spot awkward erstwhile paired pinch a ample iPhone Plus aliases iPhone Pro Max.

The MagSafe Duo mat faced acold little disapproval than Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack. Still, it was a very costly charging solution astatine $130, and it faced stiff title from some inexpensive and costly alternatives. Some group opted for nan $40 knockoffs connected Amazon, while others preferred nan premium Nomad Base One Max. And, of course, immoderate group realized that they could conscionable usage abstracted chargers for their iPhone and Apple Watch.

You tin still bargain nan MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo astatine immoderate retailers, including Amazon. But these items whitethorn spell retired of banal soon, particularly arsenic immoderate Apple enthusiasts clamor to unafraid nan last Lightning accessories. For what it's worth, Apple whitethorn connection caller MagSafe batteries and charging mats successful nan early — nan institution hasn't shared its plans.

Source: 9to5Mac

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