Anker Soundcore Motion X600 Review: Unbelievable Spatial Audio Speaker

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Move your spatial euphony from room to room pinch this Bluetooth speaker.

angled position of nan beforehand of nan anker soundcore mobility x600 speakerHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Excellent spatial audio reproduction (wide soundstage), gives added extent to your favourite music.
  • Portable and h2o resistant, allowing you to return nan speaker pinch you to astir places.
  • Big, afloat sound for a decently compact speaker, providing a satisfying listening experience.

Spatial audio euphony isn’t a gimmick, but not a batch of group person really knowledgeable it retired loud. Sonos Era 300 is 1 option, but now nan Soundcore Motion X600 Bluetooth speaker is different spatial audio speaker, and it’s highly impressive, not to mention portable.


Soundcore Motion X600

Immersive Spatial Audio: Inspired by theatre acoustics, Motion X600 has 5 drivers and 5 amplifiers that are positioned to present sound each astir you. Feel for illustration you're successful nan room pinch your favourite artist, each clip you property play.

Maximum output power 50W full output

Weight 5.18lbs (2.35kg)

Dimensions 12.24 × 6.73 × 3.19in (31.09 x 17.09 x 8.1cm)

Battery 12 hours of playback

Water and particulate resistance IPX7


  • Excellent spatial audio reproduction (wide soundstage)
  • Portable and h2o resistant
  • Big, afloat sound for a decently compact speaker


  • Rigid grip adds bulk
  • Battery life was okay but could beryllium better

A New Type of Spatial Audio Speaker

buttons connected nan apical of nan anker soundcore mobility x600Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

I’ll effort not to crib excessively overmuch from my reappraisal of nan Sonos Era 300 Wi-Fi speaker, but that speaker really requires buying into and playing spatial audio music. Because nan Motion X600 retails for a fraction of nan Era 300, you don't needfully person to spell each successful connected listening to spatial audio—though it is still a cardinal portion of this speaker.

The Motion X600 speaker uses a 5-driver speaker array to play backmost Dolby Atmos songs and makes it look that sound is coming from a overmuch larger speaker than it really is. One of those drivers is up-firing, which is important for a much convincing spatial experience.

I really liked that this Soundcore speaker included a fastener correct connected apical to move disconnected nan spatial audio speaker array. Personally, I didn’t find myself reaching for that fastener often isolated from to demo nan differences betwixt stereo sound and spatial audio. That on-and-off fastener was ace adjuvant for nan A-B testing.

Personally, I’m each successful connected spatial audio. I don’t request euphony to swirl astir me, and astir songs won’t do that, but location is overmuch much extent and clarity successful songs mixed for Dolby Atmos. This speaker opens moreover much places to person that better, spatial, listening experience.

The Sound of nan Soundcore Motion X600 Speaker

front of nan anker soundcore mobility x600Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Apple Music connected iPhone and Android supports streaming its Dolby Atmos songs complete Bluetooth. This is existent of wireless headphones arsenic good arsenic this Motion X600 speaker. Amazon Music and Tidal besides person spatial audio mixes available, if you subscribe to 1 of those services.

If you don’t subscribe to 1 of those streaming services aliases perceive to non-spatially mixed songs, nan euphony still sounds awesome from nan speaker. I recovered stereo-mixed songs didn’t sound weird, either. The speaker handled nan different formats pinch a batch of grace.

Overall, nan euphony sounded full, crisp, and meticulous connected nan speaker. Across each genres, euphony was pleasant to perceive to. Of course, location were reasonable limitations to what nan Soundcore Motion X600 speaker could do. If needed, it could get large capable pinch 50W of powerfulness to capable a communal surviving room. I recovered it sounded nan champion erstwhile it was person to a 30-50% measurement level, indoors. The drivers didn’t sound stressed astatine that level, but it was still capable to push retired plentifulness of wide ambiance.

Throughout it all, nan mid-range was cleanable and clear. The vocals were audible and strumming guitars were distinct. There was mostly capable low-end bass to supply a thump, particularly compared to nan speaker’s size.

charging nan anker soundcore mobility x600 pinch a usb-c cableHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

With a imperishable grip and an IPX7 waterproof rating, nan Motion X600 speaker is good to recreation outside. Listening to euphony extracurricular still sounded awesome too. Without walls to bounce disconnected of, location was overmuch little favoritism betwixt spatially mixed songs than stereo-mixed ones. The extent was still coming and sounded good, but nan spatial-ness thrives much pinch walls astir it.

Turning nan measurement up to astir 60% successful my backyard yielded a coagulated sound. Pumping up nan measurement past 80% really stressed nan drivers and nan euphony suffered, but nan Motion X600 could do it if you want it to.

Additional Benefits of nan Motion X600 Bluetooth Speaker

At nan clip of testing, nan Motion X600 speaker was supported successful nan Soundcore app (available for iPhone/iPad and Android) but did not support turning connected aliases disconnected nan spatial mounting remotely. EQ for nan speaker could beryllium adjusted done nan app, nan "Bass Up" fastener could beryllium toggled remotely, and nan speaker could moreover beryllium unopen disconnected done nan app, but location was nary consciousness of nan speaker’s spatial sound.

It would beryllium awesome if nan app were updated to prosecute spatial audio remotely. Even better, it would beryllium awesome if location were EQ settings for spatial audio aimed astatine different-sized rooms. The app was only fine, but it was astir connected par pinch a bulk of different Bluetooth speakers. The package wasn’t a woody breaker because I mostly forgot it existed.

On nan backmost of nan Motion X600 is an aux input to link a non-wireless playback device. I connected an Audio Technica turntable arsenic an experiment, and it worked. It’s not really I would urge utilizing nan speaker aliases nan turntable, but it did activity without immoderate hiss aliases distortion.

Should You Buy nan Soundcore Motion X600 Speaker?

soundcore logo connected nan grip of nan anker soundcore mobility x600Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

If you’re successful nan marketplace for a mini to mid-sized portable Bluetooth speaker, nan Anker Soundcore Motion X600 is nan 1 to buy, unequivocally. It gets large enough, and nan euphony sounds bully capable to warrant its $200 unit price. But moreover better, nan spatial audio reproduction sounds great, it’s besides fundamentally waterproof and has an aux input for various devices.

Of course, location are plentifulness of needs that mightiness autumn extracurricular of those considerations, and truthful it mightiness not beryllium nan perfect speaker for everyone. But aft spending immoderate clip pinch nan Motion X600, it’s difficult to hit for a batch of uses.


Soundcore Motion X600

Immersive Spatial Audio: Inspired by theatre acoustics, Motion X600 has 5 drivers and 5 amplifiers that are positioned to present sound each astir you. Feel for illustration you're successful nan room pinch your favourite artist, each clip you property play.

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