Android Has a (Slightly) New Logo

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With a very cute-looking bugdroid.

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Not excessively galore logos are arsenic iconic arsenic Android's logo. The greenish bugdroid we each cognize has been associated to Android for much than a decade, and has been kept arsenic a cardinal constituent of Android's branding passim respective rebrands. Now, it's clip for different rebrand, and arsenic Google is erstwhile again revamping Android's ocular identity, nan bugdroid is still a cardinal portion of nan brand.

Google has announced a alteration to Android's marque identity, arsenic nan institution is person than ever to releasing nan adjacent type of Android, Android 14. This alteration is nan latest alteration since 2019, albeit if you comparison nan erstwhile Android logos, you'll apt find this caller 1 to beryllium overmuch much extremist than nan rest. For starters, nan wordmark "Android" is not lowercase anymore, arsenic Google opted for a superior A here. At first, it mightiness look a spot retired of place, particularly fixed we've seen nan lowercase Android logo for years by this point. The caller font seems to heavy drawback inspiration from nan existent Google logo — while it's not clear whether it's nan nonstop aforesaid font, it does look very akin successful weight, shape, and height, which is thing Google has done intentionally.

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Perhaps nan bigger alteration here, however, is nan bugdroid's caller design. While we've ever seen a 2D type of it, Android's caller marque personality is making it 3D. A 3D caput is shown alongside nan Android wordmark, and there's moreover a cute, full-body bugdroid that's besides 3D. This bugdroid is made to beryllium much versatile, and Google seems to want to make it much "dynamic" successful position of colors and looks — we'll person to spot really this looks for illustration down nan road. Making nan bugdroid 3D erstwhile Android's full UI is fundamentally level seems for illustration an overseas decision, but surprisingly, it seems to beryllium moving rather good for Google here.

The caller Android logo will beryllium rolled retired successful nan coming months successful caller and (maybe) existing devices, arsenic good arsenic successful trading worldly for Android. It's decidedly a caller alteration of wind, and we're surely excited to spot this successful nan wild.

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