Android 14 Update Might Break Music Playback in Your Car

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If you usage Android Auto, hold a small spot earlier installing Android 14.

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The Android 14 update is slow making its measurement to Samsung Galaxy devices and different non-Pixel phones. But immoderate users person encountered a glaring problem pinch Android 14—it tin break Android Auto euphony playback. If you usage Android Auto, you whitethorn want to hold earlier installing nan Android 14 update.

This problem has been reported by respective users connected Google's support forum. An app for illustration Spotify will opportunity that it's playing music, but Android Auto won't play immoderate audio done nan car's speakers.

For immoderate people, this is an intermittent problem that tin beryllium solved by restarting a song. Other group can't get Android Auto euphony playback to activity astatine all. The bug appears to impact each euphony apps and each smartphones moving Android 14 (though astir reports travel from Pixel owners, arsenic they're first successful statement for nan Android 14 update).

Thankfully, this bug doesn't look to beryllium excessively widespread. It whitethorn beryllium constricted to circumstantial infotainment systems aliases definite versions of Android Auto. It could moreover beryllium nan consequence of a mediocre relationship method (USB aliases wireless). Unfortunately, immoderate group whitethorn not moreover cognize that they're affected by this bug, arsenic they whitethorn blasted playback problems connected their streaming app aliases compartment signal.

In immoderate case, Android 14 seems to beryllium nan only communal variable. Before Google rolls retired a fix, it needs to constrictive down nan problem, truthful it's asking affected users to capable retired a bug report. If you've already installed Android 14 and usage Android Auto, you whitethorn want to cheque if things are moving properly. Those who haven't installed nan Android 14 update should hold for nan bug to beryllium patched. Thankfully, nan Android 14 rollout is beautiful slow, truthful this bug should beryllium resolved earlier Android 14 is disposable connected a mostly of smartphones.

Note that you whitethorn beryllium capable to circumvent this problem pinch a Bluetooth connection. Instead of utilizing Android Auto, conscionable link your telephone to your car's infotainment strategy complete Bluetooth. A wired AUX relationship should besides work, assuming that your infotainment strategy has an AUX input.

Source: Google Support Forum & Reddit via 9to5Google

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