Amnesia: The Bunker will take away your only happy place this Halloween

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Pointing weapon down nan bunker
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If you already find moving astir nan claustrophobic confines of Amnesia: The Bunker difficult, brace yourself – scary maestro Frictional is introducing a caller Shell Shocked mode, and it's astir to make an already unsettling acquisition moreover much terrifying. 

Releasing conscionable successful clip for Halloween – because of people it is – Frictional's imaginative lead Fredrik Olsson has been drip-feeding teasers astir Shell Shocked mode connected social media, confirming that "vacations are over" and nan squad is "working connected a bunch of cool worldly for nan upcoming Halloween update of Amnesia: The Bunker".

The first illustration Olsson shares is that immoderate of nan lockers successful Mission Storage – lockers that usually tease and tantalize, keeping cardinal items hidden successful plain show of players – person been placed astatine random locations passim nan sub-levels, and nan Admin Office – a uncommon sanctum of information for our wounded worker – will beryllium safe nary much acknowledgment to nan determination to switch its sturdy alloy doorway pinch a woody one. 

But there's more. As spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, there'll now beryllium "sweet rewards" secreted successful boxes astir nan place, truthful we'll person to measurement up nan risks of a noisy break-in pinch nan threat of nan monster proceeding us, and for 1 peculiarly utmost challenge, nan weapon is stowed distant successful 1 of nan lockers from nan off. Corpses, canine tags, and bunker rats will spawn successful caller and randomized locations, too.

"None of these features will beryllium exclusive to nan Shell Shocked trouble since these are besides disposable successful what we telephone Custom Mode," Olsson explained. "That mode fundamentally fto you customize your acquisition pinch tons of different options wherever astir of these features will beryllium available. 

"Some features and improvements will, however, beryllium portion of nan basal crippled arsenic good arsenic caller game+. So I conjecture it's a operation of things but pinch attraction connected letting players take their poison."

We thought Amnesia: The Bunker was "an incredibly well-made and entertaining crippled pinch fantabulous world-building, narrative, and atmospheric audio that is sadly fto down by psychological scary that borders connected harassing". 

Adding that it was "not for nan faint of heart", we praised nan scary game's impeccable sound acting, atmospheric audio, and thorough world-building, but thought nan "frustrating physics" and "overstepped nan mark" scary held it back. Nonetheless, Frictional's latest scary secured four retired of 5 stars successful our Amnesia: The Bunker review.

Horror isn't conscionable for Halloween, you cognize – here's our database of nan very best scary games.  

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