Amazon's new Wi-Fi 7-ready eero Max 7 mesh router has the super-fast internet you deserve

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Amazon’s Big Devices arena 2023 revealed nan latest successful gadgets, caller tech, and smart devices from nan tech giant, but 1 of nan biggest announcements was nan eero Max 7, its first Wi-Fi 7-ready mesh router system.

A mesh router is meant for larger spaces that require moreover Wi-Fi coverage, arsenic it consists of a main router and respective nodes that tin beryllium placed passim your abstraction of choice. The eero Max 7 will surely beryllium 1 of nan best mesh Wi-Fi systems you tin get, arsenic it supports 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz power bands, wireless speeds up to 4.3 Gbps, wired speeds up to 9.4 Gbps, and features 2 10 and 2 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports for said wired connections.

And if you’re wondering really overmuch scope nan eero Max 7’s Wi-Fi has, a azygous router provides 2,500 quadrate feet of sum and a three-pack (a router and 2 extender nodes) has up to 7,500 quadrate feet of coverage. It will besides activity pinch awesome IP work plans, and beryllium backward compatible pinch erstwhile eero devices truthful you tin operation and lucifer them.

Currently, nan eero Max 7 is disposable for preorder successful nan US and UK. There are listings for it connected nan Australian Eero website, but not nonstop mention of pre-orders. While we would expect it to get dowwn nether eventually, we don't yet cognize erstwhile that will be. Pricing successful nan US and UK is group astatine $599.99 / £599.99 (one-pack), $1,149.99 / £1149.99 (two-pack), and $1,699.99 / £1699.99 (three-pack) done, Amazon, and different retailers and net work providers.

Is Wi-Fi 7 moreover necessary? 

Since Intel announced it was bringing Wi-Fi 7 to commercialized markets backmost successful 2022, we’ve slow been seeing a trickle of devices coming retired to support it. Amazon’s eero Max 7 mesh router is nan latest one, promising to harness nan connective imaginable and supply users pinch blisteringly accelerated net speeds.

While this could beryllium a great move for businesses that require nan fastest net speeds, individuals request to cautiously see whether nan upgrade is worthy nan steep value of entry. There are galore questions that you request to inquire yourself earlier investing successful Wi-Fi 7-ready devices, for illustration what are you utilizing it for? For instance, if you’re a master aliases hardcore gamer who needs nan fastest and astir accordant imaginable connection, it would beryllium a worthwhile investment.

However, if you looking to update to a stronger relationship that’s besides wide disposable now, past Wi-Fi 6 aliases Wi-Fi 6E are fantabulous options to put in. They besides person nan added use of cheaper routers compared to nan highly costly Wi-Fi 7 ones which, depending connected if you’re getting a azygous aliases mesh, tin costs astir $2,000.

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