Amazon Begins Replacing Its Android-based Fire OS with New Software

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The caller Vega OS marks a turning constituent for Amazon's hardware.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 smart show connected a desk.Amazon

All of Amazon's hardware platforms, including nan Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and Echo, tally connected nan Android-based Fire OS. But this is group to alteration complete nan adjacent fewer years. Amazon has debuted an all-new operating system, codenamed "Vega OS," connected nan latest Echo Show 5 smart display.

The improvement of Vega OS has gone connected for immoderate time, and it's been nan taxable of respective rumors. Earlier this month, nan Lowpass newsletter provided a elaborate relationship of Vega OS' improvement and pointed to occupation listings arsenic grounds of an upcoming launch. But, arsenic it turns out, nan motorboat wasn't "upcoming." It happened correct nether our noses.

As reported by Zats Not Funny, nan latest Echo Show 5's package type is branded "OS 1.1." Normally, nan package type would beryllium listed arsenic Fire OS (which is presently connected an 8.0 build, not a 1.0 build). At a glance, nan 2 operating systems look identical, but a tell-tale quality is Vega OS' inability to watercourse Netflix. Companies for illustration Netflix still request to larboard their Fire OS package to nan Vega OS platform. (Behind nan scenes, Amazon whitethorn beryllium providing immoderate companies pinch nan improvement materials for Vega OS. But Amazon hasn't published an SDK.)

Rumors propose that Amazon will usage Vega OS connected each of its hardware platforms (Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Echo). Presumably, nan Echo Show was chosen arsenic a starting constituent because it contains very small third-party software. The Fire Tablet and Fire TV are made to tally Android apps, truthful they coming a overmuch greater challenge. If Amazon fails to build an Android emulation layer, third-party apps must beryllium ported to Vega OS.

As for why Amazon is creating an in-house operating system, it's simply a matter of control. The Android level is bloated pinch worldly that Amazon doesn't need, and it often leaves Amazon astatine nan whim of Google. A bespoke OS whitethorn supply accrued capacity for Amazon hardware. It should besides springiness Amazon much state erstwhile building caller features, though nan benefits of Vega OS dangle wholly connected Amazon's expertise to tie successful third-party developers and support an in-house operating system.

Thankfully, nan Echo Show 5's modulation to Vega OS is mostly seamless. Amazon astir apt hopes for a seamless modulation crossed each of its products—the mean personification whitethorn ne'er announcement nan difference. If you're emotion a consciousness of déjà vu, you're astir apt reasoning of Google's Fuschsia operating system, which is slow (and seamlessly) replacing nan "Cast OS" connected Nest Hub smart displays. It's an absorbing parallel, to opportunity nan least.

Source: Zats Not Funny!

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