Amazon announces Alexa AI – 5 things you need to know about the voice assistant

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Amazon Alexa connected Echo Show
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During nan large Amazon September 2023 instrumentality event, nan tech elephantine revealed that Alexa will beryllium getting a awesome upgrade arsenic nan institution plans connected implementing a caller ample connection exemplary (LLM) into nan tech assistant.

The tech elephantine is seeking to improve Alexa’s capabilities by making it “more intuitive, intelligent, and useful”. The LLM will let it to behave likewise to a generative AI successful bid to supply real-time accusation arsenic good arsenic understand nuances successful speech. Amazon says its developers sought to make nan personification acquisition little robotic.

There is simply a batch to nan Alexa update too nan LLM, arsenic it will besides beryllium receiving a batch of features. Below is simply a database of nan 5 things you perfectly request to cognize astir Alexa’s future.

1. Natural conversations

In what whitethorn beryllium nan astir impactful change, Amazon is making a number of improvements to Alexa’s sound successful an effort to make it sound much fluid. It will deficiency nan robotic intonation group are acquainted with. 

You tin perceive to nan immense quality successful value connected nan company’s Soundcloud page. The first sample showcases nan sound Alexa has had for nan past decade aliases truthful since it first launched. The second clip is what it’ll sound for illustration adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile nan update launches. You tin perceive nan robot sound enunciate a batch better, pinch much evident emotion behind.

2. Understanding context

Having an AI that understands discourse is important because it makes nan process of issuing commands easier. Moving forward, Alexa will beryllium capable to amended understand  nuances successful speech. It will cognize what you’re talking astir moreover if you don’t supply each infinitesimal detail. 

Users tin rumor vague commands - for illustration saying “Alexa, I’m cold” to person nan adjunct move up nan power successful your house. Or you tin show nan AI it’s excessively agleam successful nan room and it will automatically dim nan lights only successful that circumstantial room.

3. Improved smart location control

In nan aforesaid vein of knowing context, “Alexa will beryllium capable to process aggregate smart location requests." You tin create routines astatine circumstantial times of nan time positive you won’t request a smartphone to configure them. It tin each beryllium done connected nan fly. 

You tin bid nan adjunct to move disconnected nan lights, little nan blinds successful nan house, and show nan kids to get fresh for furniture astatine 9 pm. It will execute those steps successful that order, connected nan dot. Users besides won’t request to repetition Alexa’s sanction complete and complete for each small command.

Amazon Alexa smart location control

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4. New accessibility features 

Amazon will beryllium introducing a assortment of accessibility features for customers who person “hearing, speech, aliases mobility disabilities.” The 1 that caught our liking was Eye Gaze, allowing group to execute a bid of pre-set actions conscionable by look astatine their device. Actions see playing euphony aliases sending messages to contacts. Eye Gaze will, however, beryllium constricted to Fire Max 11 tablets successful nan US, UK, Germany, and Japan astatine launch.

There is besides Call Translation, which, arsenic nan sanction suggests, will construe languages successful audio and video calls successful real-time. In summation to acting arsenic an interpreter, this instrumentality is said to thief deaf group “communicate remotely much easily.” This characteristic will beryllium disposable to Echo Show and Alexa app users crossed 8 countries (the US, Mexico, and nan UK conscionable to mention a few) successful 10 languages, including English, Spanish, and German.

5. Content creation

Since nan caller Alexa will run connected LLM technology, it will beryllium capable of ray contented creation via skills. 

Through nan Character.AI tool, users tin prosecute successful “human-like sound conversations pinch [over] than 25 unsocial Characters.” You tin chat pinch circumstantial archetypes, from a fittingness coach to celebrated group for illustration Albert Einstein. 

Music accumulation will beryllium possible, too, via Splash. Through sound commands, Splash tin create a way according to your specifications. You tin past customize nan opus further by adding a vocal way aliases by changing genres.

It’s chartless precisely erstwhile nan Alexa upgrade will launch. Amazon says everything you spot present and much will travel retired successful 2024. We person reached retired for explanation and will update this communicative if we study thing new.


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