À la carte processing units could be the future of computing — and this 192-core RISC-V processor with built-in accelerators could be AMD and Intel's most formidable rival yet

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Ventana has launched its Veyron V2 RISC-V processor creation that’s targeting information halfway operators and hyperscalers successful a bid to thief them creation their servers pinch overmuch much precision and connected a overmuch faster scale.

Shortly aft launching its Veyron V1 chiplets earlier this year, nan patient has travel retired pinch a successor that tin connection an IO hub and accelerators that are collaborated pinch nan UCI-Express chiplet connectivity modular to connection 192 cores per socket.

In 1 conceptual example, six 32-core V2 chiplets were connected pinch nan IO hub done  UCI-Express and were augmented pinch domain-specific acceleration. The IO hub could besides link pinch representation and components done DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 controllers. However, nan patient says organizations tin switch retired DDR5 controllers for HBM3 controllers if they truthful choose, according to Next Platform.

Hyperscalers are paying attraction to Ventana

The logic Ventana has put retired its adjacent procreation aft launching Veyron V1 only earlier this twelvemonth is nan truth this type utilized nan Bunch of Wires (BoW) modular for interconnecting chiplets – which was nan champion disposable astatine nan time.

But Intel past launched nan UCI-Express modular successful March past year, which proved nan superior action for connecting chiplets, and Ventana wasted nary clip successful integrating this exertion into nan adjacent type of its spot technology.

One of nan astir promising aspects of this constituent is benchmarking, pinch nan company’s figures showing nan 192-core Veyron 2 RISC-V CPU beating respective competitors rather easy connected throughput.

These see nan 64-core Arm Neoverse V2, 56-core Intel Xeon SPR 8400+, 96-core AMD EPYC Genoa 9654, and 12-core AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 CPUs. 

The Ventana Veyron V2 processor boasted 23% much integer passim than AMD’s Bergamo CPU, which is 1 of nan fastest processors retired there, making this a highly competitory action for businesses.

The guidelines exemplary of nan Veyron V2 creation comes pinch 4 chiplets for 128 cores and 8 DDR5 RAM channels, and will participate accumulation successful nan 3rd 4th of adjacent year. This is because accumulation is relying connected nan UCI-Express 1.1 PHY modular to go available. 

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