9 Ways to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint Not Printing Correctly on Windows

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Get PowerPoint printing decently again connected Windows pinch this guide.

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Is your PowerPoint printout not coming retired right? Whether it's distorted, blurry, aliases doesn't lucifer what you spot connected your screen, there's nary request to discarded valuable clip aliases paper.

We’ll spell done immoderate easy fixes that should get Microsoft PowerPoint to people correctly connected your Windows 10 aliases 11 computer.

1. Configure nan Print Options successful PowerPoint

Like different Office apps, Microsoft PowerPoint offers a number of options for customizing nan printing process. For example, you tin usage these options to configure PowerPoint to people inserted objects, specified arsenic Excel charts aliases Word documents, astatine nan printer's resolution.

Or, you tin group PowerPoint to person TrueType fonts into graphics, ensuring that nan printed matter appears precisely arsenic it does connected nan screen.

To configure people options successful PowerPoint:

  1. Open PowerPoint and caput to File > Options.
  2. Select nan Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to nan Print conception and usage nan checkboxes to alteration aliases disable your preferred options.
  4. Click OK to prevention nan changes.
    Print Options successful PowerPoint

After you person configured nan supra options successful PowerPoint, your prints should travel retired arsenic you intended.

2. Modify Print Layout

The Print dialog successful Microsoft PowerPoint provides you pinch a assortment of options for getting nan desired people output. You must spell done these options and guarantee that they are group up appropriately.

Open your PowerPoint position and property Ctrl + P to entree nan Print dialog. Select your preferred people layout. For instance, if you are looking to print your position pinch notes, you will request to prime nan Notes Pages layout. Additionally, if your printed PowerPoint slides are trim off, prime nan Scale to Fit Paper option.

Print Layout successful PowerPoint

After selecting your preferred options, people a trial page and spot if PowerPoint prints correctly.

Another point you tin do is prevention your PowerPoint position arsenic a PDF and past effort to people it. This is much of a workaround you tin usage if you are successful a unreserved and don’t person clip to fig retired what’s causing nan problem.

To prevention a PowerPoint record arsenic a PDF:

  1. Open your PowerPoint position and property F12 to bring up nan Save As dialog box.
  2. Use nan Save arsenic type drop-down paper to prime PDF.
  3. Enter a record sanction and group your preferred location.
  4. Click Save.
    Save PowerPoint arsenic PDF

After redeeming your position arsenic a PDF, unfastened it, and spot if it prints correctly.

4. Open PowerPoint successful Safe Mode

Starting PowerPoint successful safe mode enables you to tally nan programme without immoderate add-ins interfering. This tin thief you find if a faulty add-in is causing problems pinch PowerPoint's printing process.

To motorboat Microsoft PowerPoint successful safe mode, property Win + R to unfastened nan Run tool. Type PowerPnt /safe successful nan matter section and property Enter.

After that, effort printing a descent and spot if it prints correctly. If it does, it intends 1 of your add-ins is to blasted for printing issues. To place it, you will request to disable each of your add-ins and past re-enable them 1 astatine a time. Here are nan steps for nan same.

  1. In PowerPoint, click nan File paper successful nan apical near corner.
  2. Click Options successful nan near pane.
  3. In nan PowerPoint Options window, navigate to nan Add-ins tab.
  4. Click nan drop-down paper adjacent to Manage and prime COM Add-ins.
  5. Click nan Go button.
  6. Clear each nan checkboxes to disable add-ins.
  7. Click OK.
    Disable Add-ins successful PowerPoint

Restart PowerPoint aft completing nan supra steps, and past alteration your add-ins 1 astatine a time. You will request to people a trial descent aft enabling each add-in until nan rumor occurs again. Once you find nan faulty add-in, see removing it.

5. Repair Your PowerPoint File

If nan PowerPoint is failing to people only successful a circumstantial presentation, it whitethorn beryllium corrupted. You tin usage nan built-in record repair action successful PowerPoint to hole nan presentation. To do so, usage these steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint and caput to File > Open > Browse.
  2. Locate and prime your PowerPoint file.
  3. Click nan downward arrow adjacent to Open to prime Open and Repair.
    Repair PowerPoint File connected Windows

PowerPoint will unfastened nan position aft repairing it. After that, you should beryllium capable to people it without immoderate issues.

6. Run nan Printer Troubleshooter

The built-in troubleshooters connected your Windows 10 aliases 11 machine tin beryllium adjuvant erstwhile programs for illustration PowerPoint are not printing correctly aliases astatine all. In this case, you tin tally nan printer troubleshooter to spot if it finds and resolves nan issue.

To tally nan printer troubleshooter connected Windows:

  1. Press Win + I to unfastened nan Settings app.
  2. In nan System tab, click connected Troubleshoot.
  3. Select Other troubleshooters.
  4. Click nan Run fastener adjacent to nan Printer.
    Run Printer Troubleshooter

Wait for nan troubleshooter to do its point and cheque if nan rumor is still there.

7. Update Microsoft PowerPoint

It’s imaginable that printing issues successful Microsoft PowerPoint are because you are utilizing an outdated type of nan program. Hence, it’s a bully thought to guarantee that you are utilizing nan astir caller type of PowerPoint, particularly if you person turned disconnected automatic updates for Office apps.

In PowerPoint, caput to File > Account > Update Options and prime Update Now to instal pending updates.

Update PowerPoint connected Windows

If you are experiencing akin printing issues successful Excel, Word, and different Office apps, location whitethorn beryllium an rumor pinch nan Office installation. In that case, you tin tally nan Office repair instrumentality to hole nan problem. Here are nan steps for nan same.

  1. Press Win + S to unfastened nan hunt menu.
  2. Type control panel successful nan matter container and property Enter.
  3. Click connected Programs and Features.
  4. Locate nan Microsoft Office suite connected nan list. Right-click connected it and prime Change.
  5. Select nan Online Repair action and deed nan Repair button.
    Repair Microsoft Office

Wait for nan process to complete and past cheque if nan rumor still occurs.

9. Fix Issues With Your Printer

If nan supra solutions do not work, nan problem whitethorn beryllium pinch your printer alternatively than PowerPoint. To resoluteness nan issue, you tin effort nan pursuing tips:

  • Update nan Printer Driver: Outdated aliases corrupt printer drivers tin origin printing problems successful PowerPoint. Go up and update nan outdated drivers for your printer and spot if that helps.
  • Remove and Reinstall nan Printer: Another point you tin do is remove your printer from Windows and group it up from scratch. This should thief resoluteness immoderate issues caused by improper setup aliases misconfigured settings.

No More Printing Problems successful PowerPoint for Windows

It tin beryllium frustrating erstwhile PowerPoint does not people correctly, particularly erstwhile you are short connected time. Hopefully, 1 aliases much of nan supra suggestions person helped you resoluteness nan rumor and Microsoft PowerPoint is now printing correctly connected your Windows computer.

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