9 Unprofessional Mistakes When Hosting Video Calls for Work

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Many professionals still underestimate virtual meetings. They do small to nary mentation since these calls hap complete video conferencing platforms, positive they could move disconnected their camera and microphone.

Although virtual meetings are much convenient than in-person gatherings, they aren’t little important. Being ill-prepared could origin delays, impede collaboration, aliases muddle messages. To guarantee professional, businesslike virtual meetings, travel these tips erstwhile hosting and attending video calls for work.

1. Overlooking Security Measures

Unfiltered Zoom Call With Too Many Random Participants and UsersImage Credits: Stefan Kühn/Wikimedia Commons

Neglecting privateness measures earlier jumping connected work-related video calls is unprofessional and unsafe. You’ll put your meetings astatine consequence of intrusion attacks wherever 3rd parties hijack random video-conference calls, e.g., Zoom bombing. Note that intruders person varying motives. Some are conscionable net trolls looking to annoy people, but others are skilled cybercriminals executing information theft.

The champion attack is to safeguard meetings by:

  • Setting Passwords: Set a unsocial password for each meeting—ensure you nonstop them to participants privately.
  • Enabling Waiting Rooms: They’ll fto you surface and corroborate participants earlier joining.
  • Limiting Participants: It’s easier to negociate virtual meetings pinch constricted participants.

It's worthy reference up connected ways to keep your privateness intact erstwhile utilizing video conferencing platforms.

2. Leaving Your Microphone connected Throughout Meetings

Stop leaving your microphone connected passim video meetings. It will prime up random noises from adjacent people, your pets, and moving appliances, which participants mightiness find distracting. In worse cases, nan sound from your extremity mightiness drown retired others’ voices.

To guarantee sound and sound clarity, utilize nan shut up usability judiciously. Turn connected your microphone erstwhile you’re talking, shut up yourself erstwhile you’re listening, and click nan on-screen emojis if you request to interrupt speakers.

Admittedly, toggling your microphone connected and disconnected could get annoying during agelong meetings. But it’s a elemental yet effective measurement to show respect for others’ contributions and attentiveness during conversations.

3. Setting Bad Video Call Backgrounds

Scrolling Through Different Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Employees should find a neat, master go-to inheritance for virtual meetings—it will amended nan belief you time off connected others. They’ll spot you arsenic an organized individual who’s ever connected apical of things. Alternatively, a messy, soiled situation makes you travel crossed arsenic personification who hardly attends online meetings aliases collaborations.

Of course, this isn’t to opportunity you should build room shelves successful your location office. A plain, cleanable wall pinch minimal obstructions looks elemental and minimalistic, positive it doesn’t see distracting elements.

But if you’re moving pinch constricted space, edit your background. Let’s opportunity you often usage Zoom. You tin scroll done Zoom’s virtual backdrops aliases blur your surroundings conscionable earlier your Zoom telephone starts. You whitethorn besides want to study how to creation your ain Zoom background.

4. Using Private Chat Functions for Personal Conversations

Avoid utilizing nan backstage chat usability connected video-conferencing apps for individual conversations, particularly erstwhile sharing non-work-related matters. There’s a chance that your supervisors mightiness spot these messages. While hosts can’t spot backstage chats successful existent time, immoderate apps show them successful post-call gathering records. It’s safe to presume that employers person full power complete company-provided accounts.

But moreover if your managers don’t manually reappraisal backstage conversations, making disparaging comments during activity calls is inappropriate. You could get penalized if anyone sees your messages. Focus connected maintaining a respectful, productive atmosphere—save your banter for nan due channels.

5. Attending Online Meetings successful Improper Settings

Man successful Polo Working and Using Laptop astatine nan BeachImage Credit: AbhiSuryawanshi/Wikimedia Commons

While remote and hybrid activity models connection flexibility, you should still be virtual meetings successful due settings. Stop participating successful activity calls while driving, traveling, aliases eating. You’ll simply distract others if you spout haphazard, mindless responses erstwhile your attraction is divided.

The champion attack is to pass your situation. Either reschedule meetings to your adjacent readiness aliases opt retired of participating altogether—both are much due than joining them to feign attendance. If you don't person a suitable mounting to behaviour calls astatine home, you whitethorn besides want to see joining a coworking space. If you do, make judge that you consider various factors earlier picking your coworking space.

Write a professional, civilization OOO email earlier going connected leave. Ensure that your coworkers cognize who to interaction for urgent requests and messages, aliases other they’ll interrupt your break.

6. Joining Online Meetings Late

Punctuality is important for in-person and virtual meetings alike. It’s inconsiderate to get connected calls excessively precocious and origin delays. You’ll discarded everyone’s clip waiting for you.

Also, astir video-conferencing apps show alerts erstwhile users participate aliases time off nan room, which others mightiness find annoying. Take Zoom arsenic an example. It creates large bubble sounds whenever personification joins nan call—you can’t conscionable sneak into meetings unnoticed. You mightiness moreover interrupt nan main speaker’s train of thought.

To debar these delays, schedule reminders connected almanac apps. Set your alarms to spell disconnected 5 minutes earlier appointments, past sync them crossed each your activity and individual devices.

7. Failing to Prepare Your Device for Screen Sharing

Sharing Screen of Desktop connected Zoom Call

Prepare your device/s beforehand if you’ll usage nan screen-sharing characteristic for a activity call. Ideally, you should clear each nan folders you’ll navigate. Hide confidential files, individual files, and inappropriate content, among different non-work-related items, for seamless presentations. Nothing’s much embarrassing than having your coworkers spot thing private.

Professionals who often springiness presentations should inquire for designated activity devices; otherwise, you’ll discarded clip clearing and restoring files.

8. Not Putting Any Thought Into Your Appearance

Stop assuming that virtual meetings are camera-optional. Your business partners aliases supervisors mightiness occasionally inquire you to move connected your camera—you should return attraction of nan measurement you look. Wash your face, comb your hair, and put connected a work-appropriate top. Also, position your camera adjacent a ray root truthful that your look is clear and visible.

9. Carelessly Engaging successful Casual Conversation

It’s communal for labor to prosecute successful mini talk while waiting for different participants to subordinate activity calls. Pleasantries break nan awkward soundlessness earlier meetings start. Although you tin bring up non-work-related topics a bit, please limit yourself to work-appropriate comments. Don’t get excessively excited conscionable because your friends are besides connected nan call. Imagine really embarrassing it would beryllium if your business partners, clients, colleagues, and supervisors abruptly joined.

If you’re hosting nan call, alteration nan waiting room truthful that you tin surface participants and springiness different users a heads-up. Make judge everyone composes themselves earlier letting successful group of authority. Meanwhile, attendees should salary attraction to nan sound notifications for caller participants.

Host Work Calls Like a Business Professional

With much companies adopting hybrid and distant work, virtual meetings will gradually go nan norm. You should extremity treating them immoderate little than in-person gatherings. Seemingly insignificant errors for illustration turning disconnected your camera, looking unkempt, and utilizing a messy inheritance are unprofessional. Your deficiency of mentation mightiness yet offend coworkers.

Create a elemental regular earlier hopping connected video calls. Make a wont of changing into activity clothes, testing your devices, and mounting up decent backgrounds.

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