9 Programming Languages That Are Heading for Extinction

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Key Takeaways

  • R is losing its footing successful nan programming world of information analytics and is improbable to climb higher successful ranking.
  • Visual Basic is nary longer favored by Microsoft and is being replaced by Visual Basic .NET for processing Windows apps.
  • Haskell, while erstwhile a celebrated functional programming language, has dwindling liking owed to slow consequence clip and title from Go and Python.

Technology perpetually evolves, and nan programming languages that we usage are nary exception. With nan increasing fame of artificial intelligence and really it governs nan usage of these languages, there’s an moreover greater attraction connected which ones will beryllium pinch america successful nan future, and which won’t.

Versatile programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, are ruling nan roost, while others are much niche and look to beryllium falling retired of favor.

Since alteration is nan only constant, you should move distant from these 9 languages, which astir apt won’t beryllium awesome players immoderate clip soon.

1. R

Code snippet from an online connection compiler pinch a statement of codification showing R execution

The R programming connection came rushing successful pinch an intent to conquer nan programming world of information analytics. With a booming span of galore years, it's precocious begun to suffer its footing to nan Python programming language.

As a programming language, R offers a assortment of valuable features to coders, but it’s presently debased down successful nan pecking order. It ranks successful 18th position successful nan TIOBE index, and it’s improbable to climb immoderate higher.

Despite this, nan connection is still successful usage and you tin install R connected your Mac aliases Windows machine if you want to effort it out.

2. Visual Basic

Snippet from an online connection compiler showing Visual Basic codification and output

Visual Basic is an aged language, having arrived connected Windows machines successful 1991. But it looks for illustration Microsoft's programming connection is improbable to relive its glory days.

Since Microsoft nary longer favors Visual Basic, its decease is beautiful overmuch inevitable. Visual Basic .NET, different object-oriented programming language, has mostly taken its place, and you should familiarize yourself pinch it if you’re willing successful processing Windows apps.

You mightiness deliberation that Visual Basic .NET will suffer nan aforesaid consequences arsenic its predecessor, but Microsoft doesn’t look for illustration pulling its support immoderate clip soon. After all, Visual Basic .NET is nan superior constituent down nan Windows ecosystem.

3. Haskell

Haskell sample codification and output connected an online compiler window

Haskell has its champion years down it, which is simply a shame; galore programmers wish they knew really to codification successful this glorious, functional programming language. The connection became a go-to, arsenic galore group began to codification ample financial programs utilizing its autochthonal monads and algebraic information types.

Borrowing elements from Miranda, Clean, HOPE, and a fewer different languages, Haskell had tons to offer. However, its slow consequence clip made it an unpopular prime among developers. This inefficiency astir apt led to dwindling liking which has resulted successful a deficiency of caller updates; nan past applicable 1 was 9 years ago.

Haskell has besides suffered successful comparison pinch much relevant, elastic languages for illustration Go and Python, which continued to situation nan connection from nan 2000s pinch their spot and utility. After all, Go programming has reclaimed its position successful nan TIOBE index for a reason.

4. Visual Basic Applications

Visual Basic for Applications, commonly known arsenic VBA, is an fantabulous automation connection that nan MS Office suite of products uses. From automating Excel tasks to creating MS Word and PowerPoint documents, there’s a batch VBA and its macros tin thief you accomplish.

If you judge nan rumors, Microsoft mightiness switch VBA pinch JavaScript, fixed its fame and flexibility.

So erstwhile mightiness Microsoft shape retired its programming language?

Considering that galore organizations trust connected nan VBA exemplary to automate their repetitive tasks, it whitethorn not beryllium for immoderate time. Problems pinch nan JavaScript API and Microsoft integration whitethorn mean nan connection will bent astir for immoderate clip yet, but it’s very overmuch a one-trick pony.

5. Fortran

Fortran sample codification and output connected an online compiler window

Fortran (Formula Translation), a 62-year-old programming connection is, surprisingly, still going. Its usage mightiness person decreased complete nan years, but it continues to outlive immoderate of its adjacent languages.

However, Fortran is obscure, to opportunity nan least. You will astir apt trust heavy connected this IBM-developed connection if you are into numerical computations aliases technological models. You mightiness usage it for tasks for illustration numerical upwind predictions, computational physics, and computational fluid dynamics.

Despite its constricted usage, it has a rock-solid base, and it mightiness beryllium a while earlier Fortran developers lavation their hands of this connection completely.


Code snippet from an online connection compiler showing COBOL's execution and output

Common Business-Oriented Language, aliases COBOL, dominated programming successful nan 1960s, on pinch 3 different languages: ALGOL, LISP, and FORTRAN. Developed arsenic a connection for creating a section betwixt business and technological computing, it's died a earthy death.

It offered minimal integration pinch different languages and exerted small power connected developers. Its debased floor plan has made this connection niche, contempt its associated national and governmental requirements. It's safe to opportunity that only a fistful of developers maestro COBOL.

7. Perl

Perl codification and output from an online compiler

Despite being a general-purpose programming language, Perl was peculiarly celebrated for web development, web programming, matter manipulation, and GUI development.

It consists of 2 connection variants: Perl 5 and Perl 6 (Raku). On nan whole, Perl offers a batch of versatility and boasts an fantabulous characteristic set. However, each this comes astatine nan costs of higher CPU usage and representation requirements.

The title is slow eroding Perl's usage stock of nan market, arsenic developers move to much accessible, businesslike web improvement alternatives.

8. ActionScript

A adjacent comparative of nan ever-famous JavaScript, ActionScript is Adobe's type of ECMAScript. Since it's autochthonal to Adobe's tools, you won't really find it anyplace different than Adobe Flash.

ActionScript was an object-oriented connection commonly utilized for making Flash apps interactive. With nan diminution of Flash and each its associated versions, location has besides been a diminution successful ActionScript's usage complete nan years.

However, erstwhile Apple decided to region support for Flash connected its iOS devices, nan penning was connected nan wall for ActionScript too.

9. Pascal

Pascal sample codification and output connected an online compiler window

Created successful 1970 by Niklaus Wirth, Pascal captures nan principle of ALGOL-60. Since it was a procedural language, Pascal served arsenic an fantabulous learning instrumentality for budding programmers.

Slowly and steadily, Pascal roseate done nan ranks, but it ne'er offered thing caller to nan programming world. While nan connection grounded to really evolve, its successors were rather innovative.

Pascal led to Turbo Pascal, Object Pascal, and Delphi, a visual, object-oriented connection that overshadowed its predecessor.

Programming Languages Slated to Die Sooner aliases Later

Developers usage a assortment of programming languages these days, arsenic nary 1 connection tin service each purposes. With changeless evolution, languages travel and spell arsenic requirements go much complex, and demands change.

The languages listed present suffered nan consequences of competition, and usually grounded to supply modern, applicable features. With nan advent of time, slow and steadily, amended languages took over, pushing nan others into their graves.

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