9 Amazon Alexa Skills for Pregnancy and Beyond

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If you're expecting a baby, congratulations. You're astir to embark connected an escapade for illustration nary other. Pregnancy tin beryllium an overwhelmingly joyful yet confusing time, and this doesn't extremity erstwhile your babe is born. We person recovered immoderate awesome Amazon Alexa skills that tin thief make judge your gestation is simply a affirmative experience, arsenic good arsenic immoderate skills to thief pinch your newborn erstwhile they arrive.

Here are our apical Alexa skills for gestation and beyond.

1. Pregnancy Countdown

pregnancy countdown accomplishment for alexa

Just opportunity ''Alexa, inquire Pregnancy Countdown for nan size of my baby.''

Pregnancy Countdown is nan perfect first accomplishment for you to usage to get acquainted pinch utilizing Alexa arsenic portion of your gestation journey. You tin inquire Pregnancy Countdown what nan size of your babe is and really galore weeks you person near by mounting your owed date.

2. My Pregnancy from BabyCenter

My gestation from babe halfway accomplishment for alexa

Just say, ''Alexa, inquire My Pregnancy for my play update.''

My Pregnancy from BabyCenter counts down to your owed day and tin supply you pinch weekly, medically-reviewed updates astir really your babe and assemblage are changing.

Ask My Pregnancy for adjuvant tips, spot unthinkable fetal improvement images (for Alexa devices pinch a screen), count down nan weeks and days until your baby's commencement and study what to expect arsenic your babe grows and your assemblage changes, each successful 1 place.

3. A Baby Quiz

A Baby Quiz Skill for Alexa

Just say, ''Alexa, unfastened A Baby Quiz.''

A Baby Quiz is simply a awesome measurement for parents pinch a caller babe (or for parents who person 1 connected nan way) to brushwood up connected immoderate babe knowledge and to person a small light-hearted nosy whilst doing it. This Alexa accomplishment covers a scope of newborn babe topics from feeding and sleeping to wellness attraction and dressing your baby. The purpose is to thief caller parents consciousness much assured erstwhile looking aft their brand-new bundle of joy.

Each clip you unfastened nan Skill, you will beryllium asked 4 questions that each subordinate to taking attraction of your newborn baby. The accomplishment has a slope of questions to inquire truthful unfastened nan accomplishment aggregate times, and you will get a substance of different types of questions. A Baby Quiz is designed to thief you study much astir taking attraction of your newborn babe successful a nosy measurement that nan full family tin get progressive in.

4. Relaxing Music: Pregnancy Music

relaxing euphony gestation euphony accomplishment for alexa

Just opportunity ''Alexa, unfastened Pregnancy Music.''

Put your feet up and let Alexa to support you and your babe relaxed and surrounded by soothing classical gestation euphony pinch nan Relaxing Music: Pregnancy Music skill. You can't skip aliases prime a way pinch this Skill, only launch, perceive and enjoy.

5. Baby Names

baby names (1)

Just say, ''Alexa, commencement Baby Names.''

Choosing nan cleanable sanction for your babe tin beryllium a difficult decision, but Alexa tin thief you to determine utilizing nan Baby Names skill. You tin move betwixt boy and woman names successful groups of seven. If you want to perceive to much aliases less names, conscionable say, ''Alexa, springiness maine 10 babe woman names'' or, ''Alexa, springiness maine 3 babe boy names,'' and this Alexa accomplishment will springiness you a action of nan hundreds of babe names it has to take from.

6. The Positive Birth Company Affirmations

the affirmative commencement institution affirmations alexa skill

Just say, ''Alexa, unfastened The Positive Birth Company Affirmations.''

The Positive Birth Company Affirmations Skills uses Hypnobirthing techniques to hole you for nan labour and commencement of your baby, which focuses connected empowerment and relaxation. Some affirmations are designed to beryllium informative, truthful you consciousness prepared and knowledgeable astir what to expect during nan birth.

The affirmations are accompanied by soothing euphony to thief you consciousness calm, successful control, and relaxed, and they're played continuously arsenic a full way alternatively than one-off affirmations.

7. Baby Sound

baby sounds accomplishment for alexa

Just say, ''Alexa, motorboat Baby Sound.''

Once your babe is born, return advantage of nan Alexa skills that tin thief to calm your babe and get them to sleep. A awesome measurement to do this is by utilizing sound. The Baby Sound accomplishment plays a continuous hairsbreadth dryer sound to thief your babe consciousness relaxed. A hairdryer sound is simply a type of sound called achromatic sound and is known to thief babies settee down.

As your babe grows into a toddler location are much ways to usage your Echo Device to get kids to sleep utilizing different music-themed skills, audiobooks, aliases bedtime timers.

8. Baby Music

baby euphony alexa skill.

Just say, ''Alexa, motorboat Baby Music.''

If you want thing a small much than conscionable achromatic noise, Baby Music has a action of beautifully arranged lullabies and nursery rhymes that your small 1 tin perceive to erstwhile they're fresh to slumber aliases to play. Choose a soothing lullaby to thief them relax and drift disconnected to slumber aliases play a nursery rhyme successful nan inheritance arsenic they play. The euphony features existent instruments specified arsenic guitars, pianos, and drums.

The Skill is easy to use, conscionable say, ''lullaby'' or, ''rhyme'' erstwhile nan Skill is unfastened to take what benignant of euphony you want to hear.

9. Joe Daddy

Joe daddy alexa skill

Just say, ''Alexa, motorboat JoeDaddy.''

JoeDaddy is simply a Skill created by a caller dad, and its intent is to thief caller parents consciousness assured successful handling their baby. JoeDaddy offers fantabulous proposal connected really to calm your babe erstwhile they are crying, what to do erstwhile they person gas, and a rhythm to spell done erstwhile your babe is irritable, and you don't cognize what to do.

To get circumstantial babe advice, conscionable say, ''Alexa, inquire JoeDaddy really I grip my crying baby'' or, ''Alexa, inquire JoeDaddy what nan rhythm is.''

As your small 1 gets older you whitethorn not request JoeDaddy immoderate longer but a measurement to use Alexa to negociate your kid's routine by doing things for illustration mounting alarms and reminders aliases creating lists.

Alexa Skills for You and Your Baby

Pregnancy is an breathtaking time. And you tin harness nan powerfulness of Amazon Alexa and these awesome skills to person a affirmative effect connected your parenting journey.

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