8 Web Design Trends We Noticed in 2023

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Web creation trends travel and go, but these 2023 standouts caught our attention—some of which are present to enactment post-2023.

Graphic designer illustrating astatine a table.

Designers are a contagious bunch. Once 1 web creation style takes off, you’ll commencement to spot it everywhere. In 2023, we noticed immoderate awesome trends successful web design, and we deliberation they’ll beryllium sticking astir for a while.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your adjacent web creation task aliases conscionable looking to beryllium inspired creatively, these catchy web creation trends from 2023 will get your imaginative juices flowing.

1. Minimalism

A pinkish gradient inheritance connected a minimalist website page.

Minimalism successful web creation offers a cleanable and clear abstraction erstwhile users participate a website. Due to location being little connected nan page, a minimalist web page needs a cleanable and crisp UI and nary mistakes successful design.

A minimalist web page will often beryllium 1 colour aliases moreover monochrome, pinch bold typography and minimal images. It will usually beryllium built to a grid—which is 1 of nan golden rules of schematic and UX/UI design.

If nan web page does usage imagery, it mightiness usage 1 ample image either arsenic a full-page inheritance aliases placed neatly wrong its grid system. Bold and easy readable matter pinch not excessively galore words is different awesome practice of minimalist design.

Gentle gradients are different characteristic we’ve recovered crossed galore minimalist web designs. While gradients characteristic aggregate colors, nan subtle alteration betwixt them on pinch bold, acheronian typography is gentle and calming for nan viewer.

2. Y2K

A pixelated web design.

Y2K manner trends person sprung up from everyplace successful caller years, and nan aforesaid tin beryllium said for web design. Y2K is nan 2000s, known successful nan manner world for flared pants, hep huggers, and pops of color. But really does this subordinate to web design?

The nostalgic inclination has deed web creation running. Not only pinch throwbacks to nan 2000s but moreover aspects of 90s machine styles and shape designs from 80s and 90s TV for illustration Saved by nan Bell.

We’ve seen this inclination successful pixelated creation and bubble font styles—often hand-drawn, too. You mightiness find websites that, though made successful 2023, coming for illustration a Windows 98 design. This retro emotion is nosy and still functional based connected modern UX/UI standards.

3. Better Accessibility

Web Accessibility Initiative website.

Inclusive web creation shouldn’t beryllium a trend, and we’re hoping that amended accessibility successful web creation is present to enactment for nan agelong haul. We’ve noticed galore much accessible features and creation elements successful 2023 compared to erstwhile years.

From high-contrast colour palettes that fit nan WCAG ratio for accessible web design to inclusive devices for illustration integrated surface readers, captions and subtitles, and alt text—there’s thing amended than inviting everyone to prosecute pinch your web pages.

The usage of minimalism successful creation is adjuvant for accessible features, too, arsenic typically a minimalist web page features large, bold fonts that are easy to read. A minimalist page doesn’t person excessively galore menus aliases analyzable ways to navigate nan website.

4. 3D Elements

3D elements connected a web page.

3D elements are trending successful schematic creation and UX/UI design; this resurgence evokes nostalgia for nan early 2000s, reminiscent of celebrated designs for illustration bubble backpacks and blow-up sofas. Many web pages person 3D elements aliases layered elements that propose depth.

Adding extent and layers pinch shadows and textures is simply a awesome measurement to adhd a 3D vibe to your web designs. You don’t moreover request to usage 3D elements to execute nan effect, though adding 3D features will help.

There are plentifulness of places to build your ain 3D elements to see successful your web design, specified arsenic Spline aliases Blender, and you tin paint imported 3D models successful Procreate. You tin besides render 3D objects for web creation utilizing a React application to jump onto this trend.

5. Responsive Design

Responsive website connected laptop and phone.

With astir group accessing nan net from a mobile device—according to Exploding Topics—it’s arsenic important arsenic ever to ensure your web designs are responsive.

Responsive creation is not only trending but besides imperative to prosecute your users. There mightiness beryllium galore reasons your website isn’t responsive, but they don’t each subordinate solely to ocular web design. If you’re a web designer, guarantee you activity pinch a awesome web developer to get nan champion responsive web-to-mobile transitions.

6. Gamified Design

Whiskey illustration connected webpage.

Google has been up of this inclination for years already, but we’re seeing much gamified elements wrong web creation elsewhere, too. Small just-for-fun interactions that service nary different intent isolated from personification engagement—which is an important intent successful itself!

These nosy elements springiness web users thing to retrieve astir your web page, perchance calling them backmost again to prosecute further pinch nan site. Anything that prolongs personification engagement is helpful.

7. Kinetic Typography

Bold typography connected webpage.

While kinetic typography euphony videos were each nan rage connected YouTube, there’s a kinetic typography inclination successful nan web creation sphere. Adding activity to your web creation allows for much accusation to beryllium displayed successful mini areas and engages your assemblage for longer.

Kinetic typography tin prevention abstraction connected your webpage, allowing for aggregate informed messages successful nan aforesaid area without being crowded. Working pinch technical aliases UX writers tin thief show snippets of matter that animate to show much information.

Using kinetic typography successful web creation tin beryllium seen arsenic hover states aliases rollover states successful text, portion of your leader image erstwhile users first unfastened nan page, aliases integrated pinch parallax scrolling for a layered acquisition done your website.

8. One-Page Websites and Parallax Scrolling

Pink webpage pinch 3D elements.

This inclination features galore elements of nan trends we’ve discussed truthful far. One-page websites are adjuvant for mini businesses, particularly since you tin make your ain one-page website utilizing Canva.

Single-page style of web creation is champion for elemental websites that don’t request aggregate menus aliases thing excessively analyzable connected nan screen. You tin adhd much accusation easy pinch a longer scroll, but it isn’t analyzable to decipher nan interface.

To coincide pinch one-page web designs, we’ve besides noticed tons of parallax scrolling—you mightiness person knowledgeable it without knowing its name. You’ll spot it connected websites that move elements astatine different speeds and successful different layers arsenic you scroll down—or up—the page.

This effect adds animation without excessively overmuch distraction. It tin beryllium replicated easy pinch a responsive design, arsenic telephone pages often person to beryllium scrolled through. It offers a gamified quality too, since things move aliases slice successful aliases retired arsenic you scroll, and you tin revert them by scrolling back.

While designers are often not encouraged to see trending designs successful pieces that should person longevity, these 8 web creation trends clasp strong. Some whitethorn beryllium fickle and not past longer than a twelvemonth aliases two—such arsenic nostalgic trends of nan early 2000s—but including amended accessibility, infinite scroll, and responsive designs are astir apt each present to enactment for nan champion of nan internet.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these trends are awesome to see successful your web designs successful 2023 and beyond.

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