8 Ways to Fix the “Your PC Did Not Start Correctly” Error

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You whitethorn sometimes travel crossed an correction connection that sounds “Your PC did not commencement correctly,” correct aft you footwear into Windows. While this correction isn’t sedate arsenic a one-off, you should salary attraction to it if you brushwood it repeatedly.

Various causes, specified arsenic a caller hardware upgrade, a caller aliases updated driver, aliases record strategy corruption, tin trigger this error. If it’s nan first clip you spot nan error, effort to restart your PC and spot nan correction appears again. If it does, support reference to cognize each nan imaginable fixes for resolving nan "Your PC did not commencement correctly” issue.

Startup Repair is simply a built-in Windows inferior that tries to diagnose and hole immoderate PC problems. If your PC is not booting correctly and landing connected nan aforesaid Automatic Repair surface repeatedly, effort nan Startup Repair instrumentality once.

Here's really you tin tally nan Startup Repair instrumentality connected your Windows PC:

  1. First, trigger nan "Your PC did not commencement correctly" screen, past prime Advanced options alternatively of Restart.
    PC Did Not Start Correctly Error Screen
  2. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options and click connected Startup Repair. A caller surface will appear, telling you that Windows is now trying to hole nan footwear issues pinch your device.
    Windows Advanced Options
  3. If, moreover aft nan supra step, you still witnesser nan aforesaid bluish screen, click nan Restart button and fto nan process complete.

The Startup Repair tool, successful astir cases, should do nan job, but if it's not working, move to nan adjacent fixed method.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

Safe Mode allows you to troubleshoot Windows by starting your PC successful a constricted state. If you request to retrieve important information from a malfunctioning computer, you tin usage Safe Mode and transportation your information to a flash drive. Plus, booting into Safe Mode and restarting your PC usually mightiness hole nan “Your PC did not commencement correctly” error.

Follow these steps to footwear your machine into nan Safe Mode:

  1. Click connected Advanced Options when nan bluish surface appears.
    PC Did Not Start Correctly Error Screen
  2. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings.
    Windows Advanced Options
  3. Click connected Restart. When nan PC restarts, you’ll spot a database of startup options.
  4. Press nan 4 or F4 key connected your keyboard, which should footwear your PC successful Safe Mode.
    Windows Startup Options

If you request to transportation immoderate data, now is simply a bully time. Restart nan PC to return to nan modular Windows OS erstwhile you're done. If things spell well, your correction will disappear.

Besides nan Safe Mode, you'll find galore different things nether nan Startup Settings. To cognize much astir their usage cases, publication our complete guideline connected Windows Startup Settings.

3. Perform a System Restore

If you’ve precocious made immoderate changes to nan system, it could person caused nan correction to statesman appearing. However, if you’re unsure what changes you could person made, you tin person your strategy time-travel to a constituent wherever it useful fine. It whitethorn sound for illustration magic, but it's not; it's nan System Restore feature, 1 of Windows' astir powerful betterment tools.

However, you tin only usage System Restore erstwhile your strategy has created a reconstruct constituent successful nan past. Fortunately, if System Restore is enabled connected your PC, Windows will create a reconstruct constituent each clip you make a captious change, specified arsenic a driver installation aliases a Windows update. As such, there's a bully chance you already person immoderate reconstruct points fresh to use

If you're ready, travel these steps to execute a strategy restore:

  1. Click connected Advanced options > System Restore. At this point, you whitethorn request to take and log successful to an administrator relationship you want to reconstruct if you person aggregate administrator accounts.
    Windows System Restore Option
  2. Click Next to spell to nan main surface for strategy restore.
  3. Select a reconstruct constituent created erstwhile your strategy worked fine, and click Next.
    System Restore Points
  4. If you’re concerned that this whitethorn region a captious exertion you’ve installed recently, click connected Scan for affected programs on nan adjacent screen, and you’ll spot nan programs that will spell missing aft nan restoration.
  5. Click Finish to proceed and fto Windows decorativeness nan process.
    System Restore On Windows

Hopefully, you tin footwear into Windows again erstwhile nan process is done.

4. Check for Missing aliases Corrupt System Files

Windows whitethorn person problem booting if 1 aliases much strategy files are corrupt aliases missing. You tin hole nan rumor pinch nan System File Checker (SFC) utility.

Here's really to usage nan SFC inferior utilizing nan Command Prompt:

  1. From nan correction screen, navigate to Advanced options > Command Prompt.
  2. First, tally nan DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) instrumentality connected nan Command Prompt model to download Windows's strategy files for booting correctly. Here's nan bid for that: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
    Run DISM Command
  3. Next, tally nan System File Checker inferior utilizing this command: sfc /scannow
  4. The SFC instrumentality scans your PC for missing aliases corrupt strategy files. Once it finishes scanning and repairing nan strategy files, usage this bid to restart your PC automatically: shutdown /r
    Shutdown Command On CMD

5. Repair nan Boot Configuration Data

In Windows parlance, BCD stands for footwear configuration data. It’s nan accusation that nan Windows runtime situation relies connected to instruct nan Windows footwear loader astir wherever it needs to hunt for nan footwear information.

If nary of nan erstwhile fixes worked for you, fixing your system's BCD mightiness beryllium worthy a changeable successful lawsuit 1 aliases much files person go corrupt aliases gone missing.

You tin repair nan footwear configuration information utilizing nan beneath steps:

  1. Go to Advanced Options > Command Prompt from nan correction screen.
    Windows Advanced Mode Options
  2. In nan Command Prompt, tally nan pursuing command: bootrec /rebuildbcd
    BOOTREC Command On CMD
  3. If nan bootrec bid identifies 1 aliases much Windows installations, property Y aliases A to adhd each of them to nan footwear list. Next, tally each nan pursuing commands:
bcdedit /export c:bcdbackup
attrib c:bootbcd -h -r -s
ren c:bootbcd bcd.old
bootrec /rebuildbcd

If you look an correction pinch nan commands, guarantee to type each of them 1 by one. Once done, property Y and Enter. At last, erstwhile nan footwear configuration information is fixed, restart nan PC.

6. Repair nan Master Boot Record

Master Boot Record (MBR) is nan first assemblage connected your HDD. Simply, it helps your strategy place your OS's location truthful that it tin footwear into your PC’s random entree memory. If it's corrupted, your machine will find it difficult to footwear normally.

To hole nan MBR, spell to Advanced options > Command Prompt and usage nan pursuing bid to initiate nan repair process:

chkdsk /r

If this doesn’t hole nan error, tally nan pursuing commands 1 by one:

bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Restart your machine and spot if this fixes nan “Your PC did not commencement correctly” error.

7. Delete Recent Windows Updates

If you commencement to brushwood an correction pursuing an update, you’ll request to uninstall nan caller updates. We presume you can't footwear into nan desktop because of nan bluish screen. So, we urge booting into nan Safe Mode first. Once you're successful Safe Mode, travel nan steps connected how to uninstall nan caller updates article.

Alternatively, you tin besides spell to Advanced Options > Uninstall Updates. Select nan updates that are nan astir caller ones and past uninstall them.

Uninstall Updates Option

If you've managed to hole nan "Your PC did not commencement correctly” issue, cheque retired our explanation of each nan Advanced Startup options for early troubleshooting purposes.

8. Reset Your PC

As a past resort, you mightiness effort resetting your PC. Resetting nan PC fundamentally reinstalls nan full OS. After nan reset, you'll request to reinstall each third-party apps, and each settings will revert to default. That's precisely why it's a past resort. If you've tried everything else, spot how to reset a Windows computer to hole nan error.

Got Your Windows Up and Running?

Hopefully, 1 of these fixes worked for you, and your PC usually boots into Windows. If you’re still having problem booting into Windows, don’t gloom; each you request to do is walk immoderate much clip troubleshooting.

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