8 Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps Worth Using

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For galore of us, nan blemishes and imperfections that travel pinch shooting movie are a distant memory. While nan fundamentals of shutter velocity and aperture settings persist, nan process of shooting and sharing an image has changed massively.

It makes sense, then, that a subset of vintage camera apps exists designed to recreate nan acquisition of shooting film. So, let's look astatine immoderate of nan champion iPhone movie camera apps.

1. Huji Cam

Huji Cam is simply a religious recreation of a disposable camera from 1998, correct down to nan day stamped connected your images. It's 1 of nan champion disposable camera apps, and utilizing it is simply a great measurement to get a film-style photo.

The movie simulation is reasonably convincing, pinch ray leak effects, colour fringing, and an wide contrasted look reminiscent of a rotation of inexpensive ISO 400. Note that nan free type is simply a camera and only a camera.

In bid to process an image pinch Huji, you request to sprout nan image pinch Huji. You can't import your ain images and process them, nor tin you reprocess images you've already taken without a $1 in-app purchase.

You tin set nan day format truthful that it sounds correctly aliases dress for illustration it's 1998 pinch nan default settings. It's up to you whether aliases not you alteration aliases disable ray leaks, group a timer, opt for low-quality images, aliases sprout pinch nan front-facing camera.

Download: Huji Cam (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Gudak Cam

If you're hopeless to recreate nan full shooting process pinch disposable movie cameras, Gudak is nan champion movie camera app for you. Unlike nan different apps connected this list, this 1 limits what you tin do pinch a strict group of rules, mimicking nan aged days of how cameras worked.

Gudak shoots virtual rolls of film, and you get 24 exposures connected each roll. When you decorativeness a roll, you person to hold an hr earlier you tin load different and statesman shooting again. To spot your images, deed nan Develop fastener and hold 3 days.

The 3-day waiting play allows nan app to reintroduce nan long-lost constituent of surprise. By nan clip your photos are ready, you astir apt won't retrieve what it is you were shooting. The developers person gone to sizeable lengths to extremity you from cheating by changing your device's day and clip too.

The photos are fine, but it's nan acquisition that really shines. Gudak limits your position to a mini viewfinder, removes attraction and vulnerability controls, and strips photography backmost to its point-and-shoot basics.

Download: Gudak Cam ($0.99)


If Gudak and Huji Cam are nan champion apps for imitating disposable movie cameras, CALLA is nan champion app that imitates a inexpensive 35mm point-and-shoot camera. The app itself is heavy stylized and a spot confusing owed to its unconventional fastener placement alongside a substance of Korean and English languages.

CALLA includes a fewer different types of films, but you only get 1 for free. The images changeable pinch presets are beautiful good. There's a softness to nan image reminiscent of inexpensive integrative lenses. The colors are warm, and there's a adjacent magnitude of atom but nary ray leaks.

There's a complete group of photograph controls, including touch-to-focus and expose. You tin besides manually power your attraction utilizing nan ringing adjacent nan shutter fastener (it's a batch of fun). Additionally, nan app supports importing iPhone images into CALLA and processing them.

There are in-app purchases to unlock much looks, pinch nan action of watching ads alternatively (but that will return a while).

Download: CALLA CAM (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. KD Pro Disposable Camera

Not only is KD Pro free, but it besides includes 3 wholly abstracted film-like looks: Kudak (Kodak), Kuji (Fujifilm), and a black-and-white preset. You tin besides alteration nan day stamp and ray leaks if you want.

This iPhone movie camera app allows you to take your improvement time, whether it's instant, an hour, aliases a day. While a bully idea, this is simply a small pointless because astir group are impatient and will ever take nan instant option. You whitethorn for illustration Gudak's method of forcing you to wait, particularly if you person small self-control.

Overall, KD Pro does a awesome occupation of creating immoderate heavy stylized photos. You tin simply operation movie styles successful a rotation by changing nan select successful your app's settings. Unless you upgrade to premium ($0.99), you can't reprocess thing aft you've taken it, nor tin you import images from your Camera Roll.

Download: KD Pro Disposable Camera (Free, premium type available)

5. Hipstamatic X

One of nan champion apps for illustration Huji is Hipstamatic X. It's packed pinch filters, presets, and camera settings that make your images look vintage, arsenic though they originated successful nan 1980s aliases 1990s.

Although this iPhone movie camera app chiefly targets beginners, pro photographers will find plentifulness to fulfill themselves too. For example, there's an all-new editing darkroom feature, nan expertise to tweak gear, light, color, and focus, and moreover a atom tool.

Make judge you besides cheque retired nan Passport feature. It lets you support a log of your photographic history utilizing gamification features for illustration regular stamps, photograph streaks, and more. Overall we deliberation this is 1 of nan champion camera apps for iOS.

Download: Hipstamatic X (Free, subscription available)

6. Retro Camera +

Still haven't recovered nan cleanable app to make photos look for illustration film? Try Retro Camera +. Some of nan app's cardinal features see unrecorded camera filters, much than 40 effects, a timer, a flash mode, and support for nan selfie cam.

Mainly geared towards Instagram users, nan app's scope of filters will move caller photos into thing that looks decades old. Therefore, Retro Camera+ is simply a useful app if you're going for vintage arsenic your aesthetic to make your pictures guidelines retired connected societal media.

Retro Camera + besides makes it easy to stock your pictures straight onto your preferred societal media network. In total, much than 30 networks are available.

Download: Retro Camera + (Free, premium type available)

7. Darkr

Darkr's vintage camera imitates nan acquisition of utilizing an analog camera. When you want to return a closeup, you'll person to really locomotion towards your subject—no zooming successful allowed!

Darkr offers 3 types of cameras: large-format, medium-format, and pocket. All pictures taken connected this movie camera app will beryllium black-and-white, evoking a vintage consciousness to nan photographs.

Once you person taken your photo, caput to nan darkroom to create your image. If you're not judge what's a trial portion aliases really to dodge and pain erstwhile you process your photo, Darkr has tutorials to guideline you done nan process. The app besides has articles that thatch you how to return amended photos connected your iPhone.

Download: Darkr (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Dazz Cam

The last vintage camera app connected our database is Dazz Cam. Like nan different entries, it's designed to recreate nan analog movie look of nan 80s.

Dazz Cam tin reconstruct color, texture, and sound to an image, and it has a big of ray leakage effects to springiness photos an moreover much authentic look.

Some different noteworthy features see nan expertise to superimpose 2 images complete nan apical of each other, a self-timer, a fisheye lens, flash colors, and vulnerability adjustment. There's moreover a quadrate frame—ideal for group who want to upload their creations to Instagram.

Download: Dazz Cam (Free, subscription available)

These vintage movie camera apps are arguably toys, but there's thing incorrect pinch that. They connection not conscionable filters and styles but nan chance to measurement retired of your comfortableness area and attack photography from different perspective.

Give a mates of these iPhone movie camera apps a effort and spot what creations you tin travel up with.

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