8 Things You Should Know About the 2023 Subaru Solterra EV

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Key Takeaways

  • The Subaru Solterra offers 3 trim levels pinch varying scope numbers, starting astatine $44,995. The Premium trim provides 228 miles of range, which is capable for regular commuting.
  • The Solterra comes modular pinch a dual-motor setup and all-wheel drive, giving it nan traction and capacity that Subaru is known for. It's cleanable for adventurers and provides bid of mind successful sticky situations.
  • With 8.3 inches of crushed clearance and X-Mode for off-road capability, nan Solterra tin conquer ray trails. While not nan champion for dense off-roading, it offers decent capabilities for those seeking off-road adventures.

Subaru has built its estimation by making fantabulous all-wheel-drive vehicles that tin travel you connected astir of your adventures, and now it is taking that aforesaid accuracy and applying it to electrical vehicles. The Subaru Solterra is nan Toyota BZ4X's EV twin, and moreover though location are evident similarities, nan Subaru has its ain unsocial characteristic (and features).

Let's research what Subaru's first foray into nan world of electrical crossovers has to offer!

1. Three Trims With Varying Range Numbers

The Subaru Solterra is disposable successful 3 trim levels, which see Premium (which starts astatine $44,995), Limited ($48,495), and top-of-the-line Touring ($51,995). The astir affordable trim level is nan Premium, and it besides happens to connection nan astir range.

The Premium will do 228 miles connected 1 charge, which admittedly is not overmuch successful today's world of EVs pinch tons of range. Regardless, nan 228 miles of scope should beryllium much than capable to usage daily, particularly if you're conscionable commuting to activity and past recharging astatine night. If your commute isn't very long, you won't moreover request to complaint your Solterra each day.

The Limited trim has a claimed scope of 222 miles, and nan Touring is besides bully for an identical 222 miles. Honestly, nan quality is negligible, and if you want to spell for nan higher trim levels but are acrophobic of losing range, you tin return nan plunge without worrying excessively much.

The higher trim levels besides nett you goodies for illustration 20-inch wheels and tile rails. The wheels you tin unrecorded without, but a Subaru without tile rails seems a spot retired of character. Upgrading to nan Limited and Touring trims besides nets you nan Panoramic View Monitor, which is simply a 360-degree field-of-view camera system.

2. Standard AWD Dual-Motor Is Great for Adventures

Subaru Solterra successful a snowy mountainImage Credit: Subaru

Subaru has ever been celebrated for its vehicles that are tin connected some paved and unpaved roads, particularly nan rally-inspired STI statement of enthusiast vehicles equipped pinch nan company's celebrated Symmetrical AWD system.

The Solterra comes modular pinch a dual-motor setup to springiness it nan benignant of traction that Subaru buyers expect, and it's 1 measurement successful which it differs from its Toyota cousin, which has a single-motor front-wheel thrust layout.

Although nan Solterra is by nary intends a rally car, it's nan benignant of EV that. All-wheel thrust besides ensures that you tin get retired of sticky situations pinch ease, an expertise that will travel successful useful while you're retired connected an adventure.

3. Great Ground Clearance for Light Off-Roading

Subaru Volterra off-roadingImage Credit: Subaru

The Subaru Solterra astir apt won't position itself among nan champion EVs for off-roading, pinch nan likes of nan Rivian R1T (and its crazy 15 inches of crushed clearance), but pinch 8.3 inches of crushed clearance, it tin decidedly thief you conquer immoderate beautiful decent trails.

Subaru besides includes X-Mode connected nan Solterra, which is an off-road mode that you tin activate astatine nan touch of a button. It helps you tackle situations wherever location mightiness beryllium instrumentality slippage by braking whichever instrumentality is slipping, ensuring you don't get stuck successful heavy mud aliases sand.

The Solterra should person nan off-road chops to tackle ray trails, but for immoderate dense off-roading, you'll request to look elsewhere.

4. EyeSight Driver Assist Technologies Provide Increased Safety

Subaru includes its EyeSight driver assistance exertion connected each trim levels, which is simply a bully summation to an already compelling EV. EyeSight includes nan Pre-Collision System, which tin bring nan conveyance to a afloat extremity if it detects an imminent collision.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) are 2 technologies that are modular connected nan Solterra and thief support you safe connected roadworthy trips arsenic they return immoderate of nan strain retired of long-distance driving.

Electric vehicles are expected to beryllium astatine nan forefront of autonomous driving, truthful it's bully to spot Subaru has included exertion that's not afloat autonomous but makes your regular driving little frustrating and safer.

5. Safe Exit Assist Is Standard

Subaru has a cool exertion called Safe Exit Assist, and it monitors your vehicle's surroundings erstwhile you're opening nan door. The conveyance will emit a beeping sound to pass you (as good arsenic make a informing successful nan driver accusation display) that you're astir to unfastened your doorway successful beforehand of different roadworthy user. This characteristic is designed to chiefly protect bicyclists.

This is simply a ace cool information characteristic that should beryllium mandatory connected each caller cars, and it's particularly useful successful crowded cities wherever uncovering parking (and getting retired of your vehicle) is simply a hassle.

6. Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Subaru Solterra interior pinch Apple CarPlayImage Credit: Subaru

Subaru offers modular wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay successful nan Solterra, which is simply a awesome summation to an already inviting interior, and you tin moreover brace that pinch an optional 12.3-inch show if you're a instrumentality of ample touchscreens successful your cars.

7. Subaru StarTex Fabric Is Great for an Active Lifestyle

Subaru's StarTex cloth is cleanable if you lead an progressive lifestyle. The durable cloth is perfect for those off-the-beaten-path moments afloat of ungraded and mud that you whitethorn brushwood arsenic a Subaru owner.

The worldly is synthetic, truthful it's besides a awesome action for those who are opposed to animal-based interior materials. StarTex is besides a water-repellant, which intends you tin easy cleanable nan seats of immoderate ungraded aliases mud, making judge your interior stays pristine aft a day-long adventure.

Subaru says StarTex will support you cooler during nan summertime and warmer during nan winter, and it's besides much durable than leather seating surfaces. It's not disposable successful nan guidelines trim vehicle, truthful you'll person to measurement up to nan Limited and Touring models if you want it successful your Subie.

8. Based connected nan Toyota bZ4X

Subaru Solterra pinch mountains successful nan backgroundImage Credit: Subaru

The Subaru Solterra is based connected nan Toyota bZ4X, and moreover though they person galore differences, it's still evident by simply glancing astatine these 2 broadside by broadside that they're very intimately related. The creation is very akin betwixt nan 2 vehicles successful a measurement that's very reminiscent of Subaru and Toyota's different collaborations: nan Subaru BRZ and nan Toyota GR 86.

The rear of nan Solterra appears to person a batch of Toyota Highlanders successful it arsenic well. Its interior is almost identical to what you will spot successful a bZ4X, and this is wherever nan Toyota power starts to go much visible.

You see, Subaru makes vehicles pinch tons of character, and while Toyota is an awesome marque that makes reliable vehicles, it's not known for its quirkiness. The interior lacks immoderate emblematic Subaru touch, and alternatively its sedate, all-gray interior conscionable screams bZ4X.

Even though nan interior has bully soft-touch surfaces and an disposable 12.3-inch touchscreen, it would person been bully to spot immoderate much adventure-specific features disposable successful nan interior. Overall, nan Toyota relationship is not a bad point (especially if nan Subaru inherits Toyota's reliability and value finish), but it does sap immoderate characteristic from nan Subaru.

The Subaru Solterra Is nan Adventurous Brother of Toyota’s bZ4X

The Subaru Solterra isn't a game-changer by immoderate agelong of nan imagination. In a competitory EV SUV conception that's getting much heated each day, having a derivative conveyance for illustration nan Solterra whitethorn not beryllium to beryllium a bully semipermanent strategy for Subaru.

But it's still a very competent SUV that will comfortably get you to your destination, and it should besides beryllium reliable, acknowledgment to nan truth that it's heavy based connected Toyota's bZ4X electrical SUV.

If you're looking for a applicable Subaru (that besides happens to beryllium electric) pinch eight-plus inches of crushed clearance, look nary further than nan Solterra.

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