8 Things That Make the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV a Great EV Buy

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Key Takeaways

  • The US-made Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV offers luxury, tech, and capacity successful a much compact package than nan larger EQS SUV.
  • With a scope of 253 to 279 miles, nan EQE SUV provides ample driving scope for regular use. It offers some single- and dual-motor options, providing versatility and prime to imaginable buyers.
  • Owners of nan EQE SUV will bask 2 years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions pinch Electrify America, making nationalist charging easier and enabling agelong roadworthy trips astatine nary further cost.

Mercedes-Benz has been hitting it retired of nan parkland pinch its EQ statement of electrical vehicles. If you're looking for 1 of nan astir luxurious experiences you tin find successful an electrical vehicle, Mercedes EQs are conscionable what nan expert ordered.

The EQE SUV is simply a somewhat much compact return connected nan full-size EQS SUV, but it's not short connected luxury aliases tech. The interior is 1 of nan strongest points of each EQ vehicles, and nan EQE SUV is nary exception.

It's difficult to hit nan high-riding EQE arsenic an electrical regular driver that's comfortable, practical, and safe. Let's analyse what makes it truthful good!

1. Made successful Alabama, USA

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is made successful nan United States, and this shouldn't travel arsenic overmuch of a daze to astir Mercedes-Benz aficionados. The German carmaker has a agelong history of making SUVs successful nan United States that dates backmost to nan original ML320 (which was made successful Tuscaloosa, Alabama).

The EQE is besides made astatine Mercedes-Benz's Tuscaloosa plant, while nan batteries utilized for nan SUV are manufactured adjacent to nan Tuscaloosa works successful Bibb county. It's understandable that Mercedes-Benz has a beardown beingness successful nan United States erstwhile it comes to its SUVs, because ample (and luxurious) SUVs are a basking commodity successful nan US, and Mercedes-Benz builds immoderate of nan astir celebrated ones.

2. 279 Miles of Range

The EQE SUV family has 3 different models to take from, and each 1 of them offers capable scope that makes it an fantabulous regular driver.

The EQE SUV can't compete pinch nan Lucid Air for nan title of EV pinch nan astir range, but nan single-motor EQE 350+ SUV's 279 miles of scope will decidedly get nan occupation done arsenic your regular driver; it's a bully number compared to different akin premium electric SUVs.

The dual-motor EQE 350 4Matic SUV has somewhat little scope than nan single-motor model, but it tin still screen a very reasonable 253 miles connected 1 charge. The top-of-the-line EQE 500 4Matic has 269 miles of range, which is somewhat amended than nan little powerful dual-motor EQE 350 4Matic.

3. Two Years Complimentary Charging With Electrify America

Mercedes-Benz will see 2 years of free (30-minute) charging sessions pinch Electrify America, 1 of the largest charging networks successful nan US, pinch immoderate caller EQE SUV purchase. This should put caller EV owners astatine easiness since it makes nationalist charging easier and enables owners to spell connected agelong roadworthy trips wholly for free.

Free EV charging is simply a awesome perk to have, particularly if you unrecorded successful an area pinch a reliable web of chargers nearby.

4. Single- and Dual-Motor Options for More Versatility

Mercedes-Benz offers some dual-motor and single-motor options for its EQE SUV. Many group wonderment if 2 motors are amended than one, and nan truth is, it depends connected what you request your conveyance for.

The single-motor EQE 350+ is nan astir affordable option, and it besides offers nan astir range. The dual-motor options are much expensive, and nan scope drops successful some configurations successful comparison to nan single-motor model.

The dual-motor versions of nan EQE connection nan advantage of all-wheel thrust (which makes nan conveyance much tin successful low-grip conditions) and much torque (which makes driving nan EQE consciousness much effortless). The EQE 350+ has 417 lb-ft of torque, while nan EQE 350 4Matic ups nan torque to 564 lb-ft. The EQE 500 4Matic has nan astir torque of nan bunch, 633 lb-ft, a large measurement up from nan guidelines model's torque figures.

If you really want AWD and added power, going for nan dual-motor EQE SUV is simply a must.

5. One of nan Best Luxury EV Interiors

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV interior pinch HyperscreenImage Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Many group kick astir Tesla's build value and issues pinch fresh and finish, truthful if you're looking for EVs that consciousness premium inside, you'll beryllium pleased to cognize that nan Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV has nary specified problems.

The interior is highly upscale and modern, and nan fresh and decorativeness are impeccable, arsenic you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz. Surprisingly, nan interior looks classier without nan Hyperscreen. The modular portrait-oriented, centrally mounted infotainment surface looks very elegant, and nan wood accents surrounding nan smaller infotainment surface look consecutive retired of a luxury boat.

If you spell pinch nan optional Hyperscreen (comprised of 3 screens nether 1 elephantine pane of solid that create a monolithic 56-inch array), it's simply stunning and 1 of nan coolest pieces of tech successful nan full car industry. The inclusion of a driver's show successful nan non-Hyperscreen conveyance is besides a invited sight.

Mercedes-Benz does ambient lighting amended than immoderate different automaker, and it doesn't disappoint pinch nan EQE SUV's interior, wherever you'll find immoderate of nan coolest ambient lighting you've ever seen.

There's besides a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) select to support nan cabin's aerial clean. The interior is truthful luxurious that Mercedes-Benz moreover developed a typical aroma exclusive to nan EQE SUV, which smells for illustration hibiscus and lemongrass. It doesn't get immoderate classier than that. Needless to say, nan seats are besides beautifully designed and supremely comfortable.

6. Awesome Ambient Lighting That You Can Personalize

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV interior astatine nightImage Credit: Mercedes-Benz

When you unlock your EQE SUV, you're greeted by an awesome ray show that projects nan Mercedes-Benz EQ logo onto a adjacent wall. You'll besides beryllium treated to tremendous Mercedes-Benz logos projected onto nan crushed courtesy of nan puddle lamps, and nan doorway handles (which popular out) are backlit successful a futuristic manner.

Once inside, you whitethorn beryllium near successful awe by nan ambient lighting, which is initially achromatic and past turns greenish erstwhile you move connected nan car. After nan conveyance turns on, nan light's colour switches backmost to nan colour you've chosen successful your ambient lighting settings, and you tin moreover get really adventurous pinch multicolor lighting choices that tin thief complement your mood.

Mercedes-Benz's ambient lighting is caput and shoulders supra nan title astatine nan moment.

7. Eight Wheel Choices for Added Personalization

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 8 instrumentality optionsImage Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Tesla needs to return notes connected what Mercedes is doing erstwhile it comes to personalization and options for its customers. If you're successful nan marketplace for a Model X, you're constricted to two-wheel choices. The EQE offers 8 instrumentality choices! No, that's not a typo.

There are instrumentality choices ranging from 19 inches each nan measurement to 21 inches. There's moreover nan action to spell pinch AMG wheels, which adhd a touch of sportiness to this different executive-looking SUV.

The wheels characteristic aero covers, but they're immoderate of nan best-looking retired there, and galore group mightiness confuse them for normal wheels because of really good executed nan covers are.

Speaking of wheels, nan EQE SUV offers rear-wheel steering, which tin move nan rear wheels up to 10 degrees. This characteristic greatly reduces nan EQE SUV's turning radius, which is simply a invited prize successful a ample SUV for illustration this because it helps nan conveyance consciousness much maneuverable.

8. Digital Light Headlights Offer a Unique Experience

The Digital Light action connected nan EQE SUV's headlights offers innovative features for illustration nan expertise to task warnings onto nan pavement (in lawsuit you're astir to tally a extremity sign) aliases shake hands you pinch an elaborate ray show that's dissimilar thing immoderate different car offers.

Digital Light besides distributes ray precisely wherever it needs to spell connected nan roadworthy without blinding oncoming traffic, courtesy of nan matrix LED headlights (with galore individually controlled pixels) that tin digitally power wherever ray should beryllium directed.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Is a Great Package

The Mercedes-Benz EQE mightiness not beryllium nan champion SUV astatine immoderate 1 thing, but it's decidedly awesome astatine astir things. This equilibrium (along pinch its best-in-class interior) really helps this luxurious SUV guidelines retired successful a crowded conception filled pinch immoderate of nan champion electrical SUVs.

The EQE SUV is simply a awesome SUV if you're a loyal Mercedes-Benz customer, but you don't request an tremendous SUV for illustration nan EQS SUV for your regular driving needs. In a marketplace filled pinch fantabulous gangly EVs, you really can't spell incorrect pinch nan EQE SUV and its awesome blend of qualities.

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